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Prototype 2 Complete Walkthrough

Seek Bloody Revenge with James Heller and destroy everything and everyone that stands in your path. Murder Your Maker with our complete walkthrough of Prototype 2...

Murder Your Maker...

The Airbridge

Green Zone - Page 2
Red Zone - Page 3






Meet Your Maker

After Heller tries to kill Mercer a few times Mercer move away slowly and then you get control of Heller. Just follow Mercer as he moves away and you are bound to see some action in a little while. First though, you get a copter warning but then the copter goes down and you need to dodge it - W + Shift to dodge your way out. Then a Goliath - your first, comes behind you - just sprint by holding the Shift button. Then as if all that was not enough, a brawler comes in and you need to attack it by hitting the LMB continually. After a while though you will come up to Mercer and then get infected....



Well, being a lab rat for the Gentek scientists can be a bit adventurous. Some mutants are releases at you in the beginning. Just keep hitting them using the LMB. For a punch just click and for a kick, hold the button. You get into combos while punching continuously. After a while you will learn how to consume a target.
To consume anything in front of you, you will need to hold the person or mutant by hitting E and then right click to consume. Consuming something will allow you to take its form and also gain health. So as you keep losing health just keep consuming the targets to heal back.
Just keep going at it and try to bring you health up as much as possible in the beginning since another blast will take out half of your health. After the blast, move to the center of this area and you will see a machine which you can grab and then hit R to aim. Throw it out the glass above you to break it and then move ahead and hold Space to make a high jump to get out.


The Strong Survive

As Heller peacefully moves among the populous a Blackwatch commander comes in and starts deciding whether to kill the guys painting the walls. As soon as he comes near Heller, just hit him once and then consume him. This will give you the Commander form but for now you will need to concentrate on getting the hell out of sight. Just start sprinting and running like hell. If you are in air then hit space again to glide ahead. Just keep running far away and jump onto the ground to escape the sight of the copter and then take on the commander form. You will be able to see a marking on a high building, go to it. Heller remembers Father Guerra and a new location is shown. Go to the father for some help. Now, next stop is the Hospital, go there and you get a new power.
Hit the Q button to send a hunt pulse and you will see your main target in red for a second.
Get to the target and hit E and right click to consume him and then you can stay and kill everyone or just haul butt out of here to a place far away where you get the next target. Everything is similar here but now you will need to glide across the broken bridge to get to the target. To glide, just sprint and jump and hold the sprint button again. When you reach the target, consume him and then run away from the two attack copter which are coming at you. You may not be able to totally evade them by just running so just keep sprinting and look out for the shapeshift prompt. Hit the button to shift and then wait for the cooldown to happen.
NOTE: After this mission you can free roam around the whole city. You can get collectibles and also do any blacknet missions which are available.


Operation Flytrap

Go to the G spot on the map and you will start this mission. As soon as you get there you will see the clowns releasing a Brawler. The most important thing you need to remember here is to use dodge when you are directly facing one. Hit it from behind. You ought to dodge, hold kick and then continue with combos and when it faces you again, repeat.
After you bring down it's health you can consume it and get the CLAWS power.
One more Brawler follows this one. Take it out and a host of RPG's come at you. Kill them quickly, it's best if you just keep consuming them one by one so that you can get health as you lose it and if you consume enough you will unlock their DNA and get a bonus of 1000 exp. After you kill all of them a tank comes in. There ought to be a Launcher on the ground, take it by hitting E and launch at the tank a few times to take it down. After that, you will need to get back to the church and tell the Father that you can do it and he joins your cause.
NOTE: You may have leveled up after this mission. You can choose one of the attributes presented to increase one of your several abilities.


Orion's Belt

Get to the marked location and shapeshift into a Blackwatch form and use the terminal here to get the name. Head there and then consume the guy and head onto the Blackwatch base. Consume the patrol guy in front of the gate and using his form, enter the facility. Once inside, move to the shown location and consume the scientist and move to the door to go inside. You will come to another target but he is being watched so just kill the guard first - to stealth kill, hit E and Right Click behind the targets - just do it fast. Then grab the scientist and head up the stairs and use the scanner. Move inside and target and scan the main guy and you will see that he is being watched by two guards. Stealth Consume them and then him and get out of this area.


Operation Black Tulip

This is in two parts. First, reach the place and you will get the name of CPL Jeffrey Fasolo. Go on top of a building and find him. After you rip him, get to the location and use the hand scanner to release the Brawler. Then after it kills for a bit, run behind it and kill it. After this, go to the next Blacknet van and you get the name of CPL Tino Antonelli. Find him and open him. Then head to the place and you will see a weird entrance. Go on top of the entrance and hit the interact to go inside the facility. After that you can start killing everything or just find the guy marked and consume him and then use the hand scanner to release the beast. You can get a bonus if you hit it with an explosive. There are some grenade launchers if you look around and also you can use the large red crates to make an explosion. Kill it and consume it and then get out of this place.


Brain Drain

Reach the point and consume the guard nearby. Then walk into the military zone and consume the personnel who is doing the rounds - make it quick and wait for him to be behind some cover so that no is seeing and you can stealth consume him. Use the hand scanner to go inside the facility and you will get to Colonel Rooks. After Heller decides his fate, you will come outside again. Now, you should be able to see four or five scientists nearby and you will have to consume all of them. You will get a bonus if you pounce grab one of them. To do that, first target one of them using R and then jump up and hold E to grab - you need to be a bit close to the target to get this done. After you take out all of them you will need to get the location of the Head Scientist Shaffeild. He is a bit far away so move onto one of the buildings and locate him, get near him and he gets into an armored vehicle. Walk ahead and you will see some guards with launchers, kill one of them and take the launcher and target and destroy the vehicle to get the Scientist out. Then get near him and consume him. Get out of the alert area to end this.

Project Long Shadow

First, use disguise to get by the hand scanner. Then you will next see targets with the DNA icon on them. Consume all of them and head inside the lab. You will now come across your first boss - HYDRA.
The Hydra has only two attacks - one is smash which can be modified into grab and smash if you are far away. Then next is a swipe attack. I found the best and easiest way to kill it is to first target it using R and then get close in and start slashing, whenever it is about of smash you will see a dodge prompt, just jump away or move far and while in the air hold the attack button to make a power hit and also get close again and continue the slashing. It will get ripped soon and you get the...
You can use the tendrils but right click. One click will get the smash option and if you hold it you will get the mega smash. You can use the Mega Smash to even take out armored vehicles and the mega smash does half the damage of a rocket launcher but is still extremely effective. After you kill and consume it, move to the exit and you will come across an entire squad of enemies. Now, use the Black Hole attack (the Mega Smash) - which is to hold the right click and see what happens. Exit the base and also the alert area to end this mission.


Operation Manticore

The first part just involves consuming all the scientists. The second part needs you to get inside a lair and then kill everyone inside. Pretty straightforward...

The Lab Rat

This one is the G icon. Get there to start this. Firstly, you are instructed by Rooks to escort Bellamy out of the zone. He is on the other side of the city so get there and you will see a copter. Move to the highest building nearby and jump onto the flyover road near the copter. When it is close to you, switch to Tendrils and keep using black hole till the copter is destroyed and then get out of the alert zone. Then you will need to move to another area where three armored vehicles are a convoy. Get there and destroy all three and Belammy finally comes out. Consume him and exit the alert to finish this.

Feeding Time

It seems that Gentek is throwing in civilians to large mutants for their sick experiments. Move to the area and you are asked to destroy all the enemies in this place to gain access. Kill all of them and also take out the APC and some more come out of the locked door and you can go in. Consume the head scientist inside the facility and use the hand scan to get to the Juggernaut. Now, this can be really easy. Firstly get a Launcher and target the Juggernaut using R. Then keep moving in one direction and hitting it. When it lifts a piece of cement just dodge out of the impact area. You can kill it within two launchers and without even being hit once. This is the kind of enemy which you ought to take out from a distance, but after a while it will keep deflecting the rockets so you will need to get in and destroy it yourself. Consume it after the health is low and you get a new power. Now, when the enemies come in, click CTRL just before a missile hits you to deflect the rocket straight back to them. Kill all of them and change form and get out of the area.


One of my favorite missions in the game... It's boom boom pow all the way. Your first task is to get to the church as soon as possible. Once there, destroy the troops and vehicles. You will also unlock a new ability here.
This can be extremely useful as the TOW rockets can destroy a vehicle with ease and with speed. Jump on top of an APC and hit E. Then continuously hit left click to pull out the TOW and target your enemies using R and unleash hell on them. 
Take out the first two waves and an assault force comes in from the distance. Go near them first and pull out a TWO and take out the helicopters above you, only then hit the two APC's below. Kill the rest of the enemies and go into the church.


Clean Sweep

Go to the location and you will see a new icon on top of a soldier nearby, consume him and you will get to know CPL Stanley Carter. Then move out if there's an alert and use the Balcknet vehicle. This is going to be a fun mission. You need to get to the spot and then jump on building roofs from one roof to the other to get the packages which are on the ground. This can be a little bit challenging if you did not upgrade any of your speed or jumping powers while leveling up. Just be sure to use the double jump and then glide.

The Mad Scientist

Head to Koenig's facility and get inside somehow. Once you are inside you will see that you can get a bonus if you do not raise alert as you go inside the facility. You can do this by stealth killing everyone nearby. Target them and scan to see who is watching them and so kill the watchers and so on. Kill as many guys as you can but do not touch the monster cages yet. Use the next scanner to get to Koenig and when you come back out, you can release and kill the Brawlers here to upgrade your claws. Now, Koeing says he wants to help you can gives you the location of Burk.
Go to where Bruk is and you will need to first destroy the comm-arrays on top of the roofs so that no backup is contacted. Kill the nearest enemy with the launcher and use the launcher to destroy all three arrays and go to ground level. You will immediately come across an Orion Punk. Target him and then use anything you want to. If you want to get away without a scratch then target him and sprint and jump and when you are in the air hold left click to power claw him and keep doing that. After you consume him you will need to destroy the power grids around the facility. Destroy them and while you are at it, two more Orions come at you. Repeat your attacks and give them their fate and consume them. Destroy all of the power generators and move out of the area to end this mission.


Orion Phase Two

Head towards the Proving Grounds and after you get there you will get in contact with Phase Two almost immediately. If you want to make short work of it, just rip the TOW launcher off the nearby APC and use it on the Orion. You can also target it and jump and power slash if you want to. Either way, after you Consume it, some more Phase Ones come at you and also some Brawlers.
You will get this power immediately after you consume the phase two. You should be able to see the new bar under your health bar which represents mass. You gain mass when you consume someone and when the bar is full, you can detonate the mass to cause an explosion. In the final levels of this power you will be able to kill brutes with an explosion.
Use any combination of the attacks at your disposal and after you clear out the area, you can spot Burk. Jump to him and consume him to get a new twist in the plot.


Natural Selection

Two helicopters show up as soon as you start this mission. Use your black holes to take them down and head to the location of the convoy. Destroy the APCs and consume the commander and you will know the location of that snake. Once to get to his location (Base Seven) you will need to destroy all the fuel cells which are around to open the facility. You can use the rocket launchers which are on the ground somewhere or just keep slashing the things. You can also progress faster if you rip out the TOW from the APC below but if you want to, you can save it later for a boss. After you take out all the cells Koenig calls in an attack copter and you will need to destroy it. Simply target it and do what you want, but after you take out the copter, you will unravel a secret.
Koenig is very very fast and you will need to constantly move to avoid him and also, time your blocks (CTRL) carefully to get him on the rebound. After his health is low enough, consume him.


The Airbridge

This is a simple mission. Just get to the marked locations and consume the commander. Move away from the area if you alerted the place and come back. Get to the marked location in the commander's disguise and move the map using the direction keys into the green zone to the right and mark near the H symbol to land there.
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