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Possible Enderman Inspiration?


If you haven't heard, Minecraft is adding a new enemy known as the Endermen. Notch describes the new enemy as “possibly too creepy”.

Aside from the few screenshots that have been released, we have yet to see much else from Notch regarding this “creepy” enemy. That is until now.

Recently, SSLithuania released a fanmade video on youtube showing the supposed Minecraft 1.8 Endermen in action. Although there is much debate in the Minecraft community as to whether the video is real or fake footage, the video does feature the same movement that Notch has described.

“I made the Endermen freeze and turn towards you when you look at them,” he said. “As long as you look straight at them, they stand perfectly still and look straight at you. As soon as you look away, they will run (very fast) towards you.” Plus, to close long distances, they can teleport.”

Creepy, to say the least. It's even creepier in the fanmade film, if it is indeed real. Between the sneaking and eery sound effects it had my skin crawling.

Then I got a little curious. What inspired Notch to think of such a creepy, creative enemy? An enemy that freezes when you look at it and sneaks up on you when you look away. Where have I seen this before?

And then I remembered: Ninja Cat. The Endermen display that same exact movement and creepiness that the cat has in that popular Youtube video. Even if you don't believe the released Minecraft footage is real, Notch's description perfectly describes the cat's action in that video.

If you don't believe me I have put together a side by side comparison of Ninja Cat and SSLithuania's Minecraft clip. Watch this video and tell me they aren't similar.

Bam! That's a Ninja Cat, motherf***er!

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