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Portable dreams: Ten games that should come to PS Vita

Packing ridiculous graphics horsepower, a stunning OLED screen, dual analog sticks, and two touch control panels, the Playstation Vita offers a portable game experience no other handheld can. We know the launch games, the prices, and the GameZone team's thoughts on the platform. Now I'd like to think about the future, and ten games that I think deserve a home on Sony's portable.



I did not expect to become hopelessly addicted to Catherine's puzzle gameplay. Wrapping your head around Vincent's block-pushing nightmare takes time, and in the opening hours it can be downright frustrating. But once you get a handle on it, the experience changes completely. I came for the mature plot, but ended up sticking around for the puzzles, making for a game that would be perfect for handhelds. The Vita is up to the task, and Atlus is already bringing Persona 4 to the device, so this one could actually happen.

super meat boy

Super Meat Boy

Perhaps Super Meat Boy isn't the best use of the Vita's graphics muscle, but that screen may be sharp enough to turn the tiny, pinpoint accurate platformer into portable bliss. There are few games with short enough levels to play in a subway ride, but Meatboy is perfect for a bite-sized challenge. With one of the developer's latest games, The Binding of Isaac, planned for a 3DS release, the possibility for a Vita release of one or both of these games isn't that big of a stretch.

deus ex: human revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The new Deus Ex may seem a bit unnecessary on the Vita, but hear me out. With dual analog sticks, the Vita's FPS potential is hard to deny, and the slower, stealth/RPG-pace of Human Revolution may be the perfect way to ease into those kind of controls. Better yet, the game is full of computers and security panels with interactive interfaces -- perfect for the Vita's touch screen.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus

The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

I don't have a very good Vita-specific reason for including this one on the list, but it's a great collection, and it's one of the finer examples of something you can only get on a Sony platform. With Metal Gear Solid HD Collection already in the works, the precedent is set, so why not? The more people that get to play these games, the better.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame

I swear I thought of this one before the 3DS augmented reality spinoff game Spirit Camera was announced. Either way, the Vita is far more suited to capture the atmosphere of a horror game than the 3DS. This franchise is ripe for some augmented reality gameplay, or, at the very least, gyroscopic controls for the first-person photography sections. If this ever happens, I'll give $20 to anyone who plays it in their nearest abandoned psychiatric ward.

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls

Maybe not Skyrim...that's probably asking a bit much. An open-world RPG in the same style, perhaps exploring yet another province of Tamriel? Sign me up. The Elder Scrolls series is capable of multi-hour, battery-draining adventures as well as bite-sized, ten-minute mini-quests. A game that offers plenty of both and some touch screen menu navigation could be a portable gamer's dream come true.

the witness

The Witness

Braid developer Jonathan Blow's next game seems perfect for the Vita. First-person exploration combined with touch screen-friendly puzzles could make the Vita the ideal platform for The Witness. Unfortunately, we don't yet know if the game will even come to the 360 and PS3, let alone a riskier platform like the Vita.

from dust

From Dust

From Dust was billed as an exciting return for Eric Chahi, creator of Another World. What we ended up with was a compelling, but flawed, strategy game that fell below the radar for most people. So why excitedly incorporate it into a list of Vita dream games? Because the Vita's bizarre rear touch screen may actually add a lot to this game about raising and lowering the earth. Touching the top screen to dig, and the back panel to elevate the land, for example, could make a lot of sense.



Portable versions of long-revered PC strategy games are usually dumbed down beyond recognition, but games like Civilization Revolution proved you can make a controller-friendly strategy game without losing the soul and depth of its PC counterpart. The Vita would be a perfect destination for such a game, and a smart developer could leverage the device's myriad control options to provide a more complete experience.

A Portable MMO

With the almost-PS3 graphics power, large storage medium, and wireless online capabilities of the Vita, it would be realistic, if not incredibly ambitious, to build a portable MMO with the platform in mind. We could all hope for World of Warcraft or The Old Republic, but that's a bit too pie-in-the-sky. Final Fantasy has a good home on Sony platforms, so perhaps a portable version of Final Fantasy XIV could be the refresh that game needs to succeed. Or better yet, stick with what works and make a Monster Hunter MMO.


Even if you don't agree with my choices, you have to admit the Playstation Vita has the potential for completely different portable experiences from what we're used to. What game or franchise would you like to see on Sony's new portable? Let us know in the comments below.

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