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Pokémon X & Y Tour Guide: Your guide to Lumiose City

Lumiose City

Lumiose City is a rather big place, at least for a Pokemon game. After you get access to the entire city, you might find yourself a bit confused about what's where, and how to get there. Fear not, with this handy Traveler's Guide to Lumiose City, you'll be navigating it like a pro in no time.

Seriously, Lumiose is no joke. Even prior to writing this guide, I had no idea there were this many shops, stores and locations available. Hopefully this guide will get you going where you need to.

South Boulevard

Office Building - Starting at the West side of South Boulevard, the first building is just a plain Office Building. Nothing much happens inside, however, talking to the rollerblader inside will teach your Trainer a new skating trick, the Parallel Swizzle.

Pokemon Catching Research Center - Going east, the next office building researches catching Pokemon. It's also relatively pointless, but you do get some items for visiting. Talking to the girl on the left on the 1st floor will get you the move Quick Claw. After you go to the 2nd floor, talk to the two guys sitting at their desks, they will give you Timer Balls and Quick Balls.

Shutterbug Café - A quaint shop that's located directly across the street from the Catching Research Center. Talking to the professional photographer will net you the Wide Lens. The cashier will also give you some handy tips on using the Camera, whenever you call Phil the Camera Guy over at a photo spot.

Café Soleil - Next to Shutterbug is Soleil, one of Lumiose City's more premiere spots, since movie star Diantha visits it often. It's entirely devoid of items, however Diantha will trade you a Pokemon after you beat the game and visit her here.

Coiffure Clips - Directly next to Soleil is the Barbershop where you can change your Trainer's style and color for a fee. You don't directly get to pick the hairstyle, instead of give an idea of what you want (medium, short, etc).

Pokemon Center - Moving along East you'll come across a Pokemon Center. There is an important NPC here which will trade you good items for Poke Miles. You gain Poke Miles by interacting and meeting other players either locally or through wifi, as well as trading pokemon with others. Basically, be social, earn Poke Miles.

PR Video Studio - You'll find this facility directly across the Pokemon Center. This place will allow you to make and customize a 10 second long video showcasing your Trainer as well as your favorite Pokemon. Other players can view your PR Video when they pass by or view you online. You can also touch yourself up with the barber that's in a separate room to the left. Also make sure to pick up your Lens Case from the girl walking around the green screen. This will enable you to change your eye color in a fitting room inside any Pokemon Center.

Sycamore Pokemon Lab - You'll need to travel here at some point during the main storyline. You can get two items on the 2nd floor, depending on when you go there. On your first visit, you will get Luxury Balls from the female scientist to the left of the elevator. After you complete the game, you'll get a Poke Radar from the male scientist on the right. Professor Sycamore can be found on the 3rd floor. He'll assess your Pokedex on each visit. The female scientist also gives you the amazingly handy move, False Swipe which never kills a Pokemon, but rather leaves them with 1HP, making them easier to catch.

Lumiose Transportation Office - Continuing along East, this building will give you information on the various transportation methods of Lumiose City; the Gogoat Shuttle, Lumi Cab and the high speed TMV which takes you to Kiloude City after you beat the game.

Café Introversion - Located directly across the Transportation Office. A rather useless facility which gives you slight info about Poke Miles. Not worth visiting. Also, everyone in there is shy and creepy.

Restaurant Le Nah - These facilities are interesting. They allow you to eat a three course meal, which just amounts to participating in various battles (double, triple, rotational) and have some sort of rule associated with them, like take at least two turns to win the battle. Your prize for winning these are Mushrooms.

North Boulevard

Lumiose Station - Starting East, the first building on your right will be the Lumiose Station. Not worth visiting until you've beaten the game. The TMV there will take you to Kiloude City.

Café Bataille - A rather useless place with no items. However, you are told a gem of a joke in there. "What do martial artists serve at a party? All kinds of punch..."

Battle Institute - A facility which will test your mettle as a Trainer. You choose three Pokemon for a Single Battle Test and four for a Double Battle Test. All Pokemon will be level 50, as to level the playing field, and no duplicates are allowed. Also, Legendary Pokemon seem to be banned from participating. You then battle five Trainers in a row without pause and gain Battle Points as reward. These points can then be traded in for various prizes.

Café Action - Another rather useless facility that just talks about PR Videos. The gentleman by the bar will evaluate you and give you a few phrases you can use in your PR Videos.

Café Ultimo - This facility houses Super Training enthusiasts. Get some more info on ST but don't expect any items from anyone here.

Office Café - An office building that's really a cafe? Who knows! You do get a Prism Scale from the little girl on the 4th floor however.

Hotel Richissime - A luxurious hotel home to the richest of Kalos folk. You can stay for a 100,000 a night, however you can also take up a part-time job. You can either make beds, lost and found or room-service. Room-service will have you memorize an order and then repeat it. Making beds will have you race around four rooms to make the beds in a given time. Lost and found will have you looking for hidden items in rooms, though you can't step on them. You can perform all three jobs once in a single day.

Lumiose Museum - Get cultured in the museum and look at some pretty art. You can purchase an audio guide for 200 which will explain each painting to you upon viewing it. A boy on the first floor will give you the TM Dragon Tail.

Pokemon Center - Heal your Pokemon. Yeah!

Unknown Office Building - Not sure what this office building is for, and apparently neither does the secretary. The 2nd floor will give you an encounter with the elevator ghost girl. On the 3rd floor, you'll get an Expert Belt from the girl to the right of the elevator, as well as a Protein from the girl next to her.

Lumiose Bakery - This quaint little kiosk will sell freshly baked goods depending on the time of day you visit it, 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm.

Café Triste - A depressing and barren shop.

Photo Shoot Office Building - Hey! It's a Mamoswine being photographed. Yay!

Magenta Plaza

Pokemon Center - Get your heal on.

Lysander's Cafe - You'll have to come here for the main story quest. Housed underneath is Lysander Labs.

Estival Avenue

Loto-ID Center - A lottery center of sorts, which randomly selects an ID number and then matches it up to any of your Pokemon to see if you win a prize. You can do this once a day.

Café Rouleau - A rollerskating cafe. Here you can learn the 360 move from the girl skater at the back of the cafe.

Lumiose Press - You can visit the reporter who gave you the EXP Share. She'll also give you handy tips on hotspots around the city. But you don't need her, you have this handy guide right here.

Café Gallant - Not very exciting. Just a bunch of handsome people.

Vernal Plaza

Stone Emporium - Here you can buy specialized evolution stones, Fire Stone, Water Stone, Leaf Stone for 2,100 each. A man on the left will also sell you a Mega Charizardite stone in case you didn't pick Charmander from Professor Sycamore. The price for it is 500,000.

Boutique Couture - A high-end clothing shop that will only allow you to shop there if you're stylish enough.

Herboriste - You can buy various herbs and medicines. Pokemon don't like them much because they're mostly bitter. Yuck.

Café Classe - This cafe will give you the lowdown on boutiques found around Kalos, and describe what type of clothing you'll be able to get from each city.

Friseur Furfrou - This is where you can get your Furfrou groomed and styled.

Café Woof - Naturally, next to the dog grooming place is a cafe for dogs, although oddly enough, not a Furfrou to be seen inside.

Vert Plaza

Café Cyclone - A cafe where everyone likes tips. Tip the Furfrou, he needs it.

Jaune Plaza

Residence - Not much to do here, you can skip entirely

Hibernal Avenue

Restaurant Le Wow - You can take part in a Double Battle, Triple Battle and Rotational Battle. It works the same as the other restaurants. Although, since this is a three-star restaurant, it costs 100,000 to dine there.

Café Kizuna - Nothing to see here, except some Pokemon roaming the restaurant, and people who like to take vacations.

Rouge Plaza

Sushi High Roller - A restaurant that only allows access if you become famous.

Rented Apartment - Was recently rented. Too bad.

Autumnal Avenue

Poke Ball Boutique - A shop that sells all the specialized Poke Balls, like Quick Balls, Timer Balls, Heal Balls, etc.

Restaurant Le Yeah - A place for Triple Battles and Rotational Battles where each meal costs 15,000. This is a 2-star restaurant.

Café Pokemon-Amie - Here you'll meet enthusiasts that love to play with their Pokemon through Pokemon-amie. Touch a Pikachu's cheek and you'll get ZAPPED!

Juice Shoppe - Here you can either make a juice from two separate berries that you're holding or you can buy the Colorful Shake for 1,100.

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