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Pokémon X & Y Cheats: Where to obtain every single O-Power from Mr. Bonding

Fennekin Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

One of the more social aspects of Pokemon X and Y are the O-Powers (get your mind out of that gutter). O-Powers allow you to boost certain stats or rewards on yourself or others you meet locally or through wifi.

The benefit of using them repeatedly is that they also level up and become more potent, making the Capturing O-Power allow you to catch wild Pokemon more easily and effectively for example. However, you aren't given all of the O-Powers from the outset, and have to find most of them by meeting Mr. Bonding in various places around Kalos.

Here are all of the locations where you'll find Mr. Bonding and the O-Power he gives. You meet Mr. Bondind on Route 5 regardless, where you'll get four O-Powers, Attack Power, Defense Power, HP Restoring Power and Capture Power.

Exp. Point Power: Raises the XP gained in battle.
Location: Anistar City Pokemon Center

Prize Money Power: Raises the money gained from trainer battles.
Location: Cyllage City Hotel

Sp. Attack Power: Raises your Pokemon's Special Attack during battles.
Location: Camphier Hotel

Sp. Defense Power: Raises your Pokemon's Special Defense during battles.
Location: Ambrette Hotel

Accuracy Power: Raises your Pokemon's Accuracy during battles.
Location: Dendemille Town Pokemon Center

Speed Power: Raises your Pokemon's Speed during battles.
Location: Geosenge Hotel

Befriending Power: Raises your Pokemon's Happiness more by a certain amount.
Location: Courmarine City Pokemon Center

Encounter Power: Increases the chance of encountering wild Pokemon in tall grass, flowers and caves.
Location: Laverre City Pokemon Center

Stealth Power: Decreases the chance of encountering wild Pokemon in tall grass, flowers and caves.
Location: Couriway Town Hotel

PP Restoring Power: Raises your Pokemon's Power Points (the amount of uses of an attack) during battles.
Location: Snowbelle City

Bargain Power: Makes items from vendors cheaper.
Location: Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City

Critical Power: Increases the chance of landing critical hits during battle.
Location: Shalour City Pokemon Center

Hatching Power: Decreases the amount of time it takes for an egg to hatch.
Location: Max Style in Lumiose City

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