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Pokémon X & Y Cheats: How to obtain Scizorite to get Mega Scizor

Mega Scizor

Mega stones! You want 'em! We know where to find 'em! 

First, keep in mind that you won't be able to find these Mega Stones until you beat the game and complete a slew of quests to unlock this ability. You can find the tutorial on how to start hunting for Mega Stones here.

This is one of those easy to get, yet annoying to get to Mega Stones. First you'll want to Fly to Dendemille Town and head north to the Frost Cavern. Be sure to bring some Max Repels if you want to avoid getting into unnecessary Battles with wild Pokemon.

Once you head all the way down to the floor where you saved the Abomasnow, you'll find the Scizorite directly behind him.

This Mega Stone won't appear unless you've touched the Sundial in Anistar City and are looking for it between 8PM and 9PM.

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