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Pokémon X & Y Cheats: Get all three elements as your starter Pokémon

Froakie Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

If you like your Pokémon team to be as balanced as it possibly can, then this strategy/technique is definitely for you. The downside is that you won't get access to Mega Charizard, but ultimately you'll end up with a balanced set of starting Pokémon with all three base elements, Leaf, Fire and Water.

The game hands out more freebie Pokémon than you're probably used to, and this is exactly how you'll end up with a balanced team.

First thing's first. When you choose your very first Pokémon, go with either Froakie or Chespin. The reason you want to stay away from Fennekin is because you'll be getting a free Torchic in a bit. After you get your Pokédex, make sure to connect online through the little WiFi icon on the top of your touchscreen, then save your game and exit. Once you boot the game up, you'll get an option to pick up a Mystery Gift, which will be a special Torchic carrying a Mega Evolution stone. Keep in mind though, this strategy will be outdated by January 2014, since that's when the Torchic Promotion ends. Lastly, once you beat the first Gym and you reach Professor Sycamore, he'll challenge you to a battle using Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. After he's defeated, you'll be able to choose one. If you chose Froakie, then Bulbasaur should be your choice. If you picked Chespin, then Squirtle will round out your team.

Here is the TL;DR list:

  1. Choose either Froakie or Chespin
  2. Connect online, reboot your game and claim Torchic through the Mystery Gift
  3. Beat the first Gym leader and go to the next town
  4. Defeat Professor Sycamore and choose either Squirtle (if you chose Chespin) or Bulbasaur (if you chose Froakie)

And there you have it. With the EXP Share tool, you'll have each of them leveled pretty close to each other.

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