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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale adds two more characters: Nariko and Sir Daniel


Fresh off of unveiling two characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, SuperBot and Sony have announced two more playable characters: Nariko and Sir Daniel.

You may recognize Nariko from 2007's Heavenly Sword. Below is a brief description of her abilities:

During Nariko’s combo attacks, players can trigger different actions during key poses within her offense. This opens up defensive options such as dodging, jumping, or parrying mid-combo, or offensive options such as continued combo attacks or juggle starters. She also has several projectile attacks to harass opponents with from a distance. During her level 3 super, Nariko uses the full power of the Goddess to devastate the battlefield with attacks inspired from her Level 3 Super Style attacks from Heavenly Sword.

"Nariko has proven to be a strong female lead, and was a prime candidate for inclusion in the roster," SuperBot Entertainment's Daniel Maniago explained.

The second announced character today may only be known by some of the older PlayStation fans: Sir Daniel Fortesque from SCE Cambridge Studios' MediEval series.

"It’s been 14 years since Sir Daniel’s video game debut, and he’s ready to shake the rust off his armor to do battle with the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars cast," Maniago said of Sir Daniel. As for Sir Daniel, he was described as a crowd-control character who is able to build heavy amounts of AP while in the middle of the action.

He brings several weapons to the battle including his axe, chicken drumstick, crossbow, and even his various skeletal appendages, all taken directly from the MediEvil series. He also has his trusty broadsword and shield, the latter which can be equipped during battle to absorb damage and strengthen his charge attacks. His super attacks are more magical in nature, summoning the power of his lightning orb, Golden Chalice, and even Zarok’s Anubis Stone to KO opponents.

If you are attending PAX Prime this weekend, you can have some hands-on time with not only these two characters, but the previously announced Raiden and Evil Cole, as well. All four characters will be playable along with some cross-play PS3/PS Vita matches.

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