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Playback - Trailer impressions


Christian Slater -- how far you've fallen since... nothing?  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the best movie of his that I can think of.  And here he gives us Playback, a new horror/thriller due out March 2012.  I don't have a lot of good things to say about it, as it mostly looks like a crockpot of ideas and elements stolen from other horror movies and refurbished for this one. 

So Christian Slater is a police officer and he pops in a tape that shows a first-person account of a guy murdering his family in 1994.  For some reason, teenagers also watch the tape.  One particlar teenager that watches it has the tape interact with him when he watches it.  Like, the guy that murdered his family comes at the screen and possesses him.  Okay, this is kinda like The Ring, right?

So now this kid is going around and abducting people and making videos of killing them.  He drives a creepy purple rapist van and abducts teenage girls playing soccer.  He can also see people through webcams; he calls them and he's able to place his hand on the screen he's watching them through and force push them to the ground.  Yea, he f**king force pushes people.

Oh, and there's a black guy that works in the local video store that acts as a Yoda-type character, explaining that some people believe that when a picture is taken of you, the photograph steals part of your soul -- and some people still believe that.

So now I guess Christian Slater is trying to solve this Ring scenario and he has seven days to find this possessed kid.  Oh, and other people are getting possessed, like the hot brunette that's giving Christian a lapdance while her head rolls back in a possessed form.

I'm passing on this one, but here's the trailer -- decide for yourself.

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