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Pirates of Black Cove Developer Diary #2 'Land Battles'


Ahoy again me mateys! Arrr you guessed it, spot on! Aye, it be time for another bit of the Pirates of Black Cove dev diary, from the Pirates here at Nitro Games – har, har, har! This be the time to speak on landlubber fightin’ – fightin’ on dry land.

Arrr, quite early in development and we reckoned that landlubber fights would be worth more than a few pieces of eight in this game, so we figured on creating true variation in levels, rather than just copying Colony 1, changing a few buildings and calling it Colony 2. Nay, in this game, every one of ‘em be unique. And there be several routes ye can follow that be leadin’ to the mission target. Aye, and the colonies have banks and other buildings that ye can destroy for extra doubloons! Ah, it does this heart good to think on all that mayhem and destruction.

I’d be wary if I were ye, ‘cause fighting the landlubber way is a far sail from fighting on open seas where there be no hiding places for them blasted colonials or Black Cove pirates. On land ye be needin’ to use tactics to separate yer enemies, and strike while they be running ‘round like dogs.

By the powers! Keelhaul us, but we almost forgot! There be a variety of them melee and ranged units to choose from. Ah and o’ course there be wacky special weapons -- we couldn’t just be havin’ these on ships now could we? Nay me mateys! So we thought we’d add some wackiness to the landlubber fights as well. With the rocket launching Buccaneers, stink bombing Corsairs and of course the regular Pirates, equipped with, well, Cannons of course… Well, rest assured, ye’ll be havin’ a whale of a time, doing what Pirates do best – aye ye know what I mean, spot on!

If ye read the 1st dev diary, ye be knowin’ that there be 3 main player characters to choose from. Arrr, and the character ye select can hire up to 3 units to join them in landlubber fights. As yer character gets more reputation and power among us seadogs of the Caribbean, ye be havin some heroes wantin’ to join the cause. These hero units can be hiring 3 units as well. What this means fer ye, me mateys, is that ye can choose a wide variety of unit combinations to bring to the battle.

Ah yes, there also be a few ways to increase yer chances of a fine pirate outcome against the more powerful opponents, such as the ones ye might encounter on the mythic Forgotten Island. The first one, and me personal favorite, is to stock up on grog-bottles -- not just fer getting’ loaded to the gunwales, though that never hurts! Nay, grog be health for yer troops. Another trick, me hearties, is a right bit risky, so keep a man on the crow’s nest: the lily-livered colonies be havin’ ratcasltes all about, and destroying ‘em will release whatever they hold. Sometimes ye can release colonials or other trouble, but sometimes ye might release pirates or other sprog reinforcements! But be warned, cause if your luck be down, a Black Cove pirate or two might emerge from a ratcastle, and attack ye on the spot!

The one thin’ we wanted to stay true to, in the landlubber fights, was that the fight’n had to be pirate-like: fast “skirmishes”, a wee bit tactical, and most of all – fun!

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