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Pirates of Black Cove Dev Diary #3: Character Profiles


Ahoy me mateys! We be talkin’ about player characters in this here dev diary from the makers of Pirates of Black Cove. As ye can see, we be havin’ two Jacks and a lovely Jane that ye can choose as yer player character--each with their own unique skills and strengths.

Walker, for his part, is a true-born Pirate, and a fine fellow in melee. Jack is more of a Buccaneer, if you will. A right deadly shot with his musket! Jolie is more akin with the Corsairs of the islands. She be swift and deadly in any battle.

All characters gain new skills and improved stats as they advance in their piratical careers. They can also find artifacts along the way that will improve their abilities--and there have even been some rumors about magical potions …

Let’s introduce you to our 3 characters o’ fortune

Character Name: Walker de Planc

Walker de Planc Background

Poor baby Walker -- abandoned on the steps of a Parisian orphanage, wrapped in a Jolly Roger, a bottle of vintage grog clutched tightly in his tiny hands. Seems his destiny was set from that day forth. At the tender age of twelve, Walker slipped on board an old merchant ship bound for the West Indies. He was soon discovered, and his dreams of piracy roundly dismissed, but the kindly old Captain took a liking to the spirited young stowaway, and saw that the young man received a sound schooling in the art of seamanship. Walker grew to become a capable sailor, and served as first mate on a dozen ships. But every once in a while he would take out his old pirate flag, pour himself a generous mug of grog, and re-visit his childhood fantasies. No doubt about it--piracy runs deep in this young adventurer’s veins!

Stats: Damage (melee) 4, Speed 4, Toughness 4

Character Name: Jolie Rogers

Jolie Rogers Background

Jolie Rogers was sickeningly cute--but her angelic appearance belied a devilishly mischievous temperament. Kindly old aunties quickly learnt not to pinch this lassie’s rosy cheeks--if they valued their fingers! Not just a pretty face, Jolie proved an agile and capable street-fighter, disarming her opponents with a quick bat of her eyelashes before whipping out her razor-sharp knives. However, she nearly met her match when she clashed steel with Captain Blithe, an equally cold-hearted and ruthless privateer not so easily taken with a pretty face. But fortune smiled on Jolie: only her pride was wounded, thanks to the intervention of Bondsman Billy, who clapped the Captain in irons and hauled him off to the gallows. Determined to prove herself the hapless Captain’s equal, Jolie signed onto the next ship leaving the harbor. Soon enough, the name ‘Jolie Rogers’ was legendary--both for her beauty and her fearsome prowess as a sailor and swordsman.

Stats: Damage (melee) 3, Speed 5, Toughness 4

Character Name: Long Shot Jack

Long Shot Jack background

For his fifth birthday young John received a pop-gun--a jolly, tin contraption with a cork bullet attached by a stout cord. An evil gleam flickered in the lad’s eyes: the cord was promptly severed and our young sharp-shooter began testing his skills, shattering a full bottle of vintage grog and the school teacher’s glass eye. Jack proved to possess an uncanny aim--no target was too tricky this young tearaway. Anything that moved within a mile radius was liberally speckled with shot. Hoping to dampen his fiery spirit, his father packed him off to sea, thinking only the seagulls would be in danger. But before long, young Jack was the Captain’s right hand man, stationed in the crow’s nest, picking off any marauding pirates whose vessels happened to wander into range of his ever cocked musket. But reckless Jack still craved more challenges ... and the riskier the target, the better!

Stats: Damage (ranged) 4, Speed 3, Toughness 3

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