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PAX 2010: Fighting the Sickness


Hello GameZone readers, as you may know from the start of yesterday’s coverage, GameZone is at the Penny-Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington this weekend and we wanted to let you know how incredibly fantastic the show is. Not only are we like buzzing bees on the show floor hitting booth to booth, we are actually allowing ourselves to interact with fans and diehard gamers who have traversed not only the world to get here, but are staying up until 2am every night playing tabletop games, collectible card games and much more.

You may ask, why we deem it so dangerous to interact with the thousands upon thousands that have graced Seattle with their presence – and mind you, it’s a great question – but you have to be aware of one thing: H1N1.

We aren't this paranoid, but many have opted to use this tactic to fight off the airborne bug

That’s right; PAX 2009 brought forth the epidemic of countless individuals becoming victims to the sickness that was commonly referred to as the “Swine Flu” at the current time. The odd thing is that many had not known of their introduction to the sickness until days or nweeks after the event was over. Airline carriers would eventually call many of those who left Seattle to return to their home to inform of them of the infestation of the sickness and ask them to check in with their doctor and/or local hospital at their earliest convenience to examine if they had contracted the illness -- what a great welcoming home present.

Now that PAX 2010 is underway and the first day of the show is over, we only have to wonder if this spreading of illnesses will occur again, and if not for the H1N1, what else could creep its way into the immune systems of the gamers who are breathing heavily as they take three flights of escalators up to the fourth floor exhibition hall. We can only cross our fingers that the masses of gamers who didn’t bring shampoo on their flights make use of the complimentary shampoo presented in the PAX swag bags – it’ll be a great favor to all the children and family members eagerly awaiting for their loved ones to return home healthy from the convention that has open arms to everyone.

Oh, and I should mention that the dreaded plague may have already caught its tight lasso whip around myself as the coughs are only getting worse and GameZone Community Manager Raychul Moore is often seen hiding her sneezes… as if we can’t see the obvious zombie bite on the back of her neck as she becomes one with the outbreak. So mark this one down in the win column for PAX as its tentacle grasps around GameZone’s ow staff and tightens with every passing minute.

A-ha! We have visual evidence at what caused the outbreak!

But alas, we’ll continue to report to all of you over the course of the weekend, should we be so lucky not to come down with any serious infections or viruses that bind us to our hotel beds. Until then, keep checking out our official PAX landing page for the latest news, trailers and interviews straight from the show floor.

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