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Path of Exile cheat: How to unlock the Scion


At first glance, there only seem to be six classes in Path of Exile. I mean, it makes sense. Three of the classes focus on one stat: Intelligence, strength, or dexterity. Then the other three classes are hybrids of those three: intelligence-strength, intelligence-dexterity, and strength-dexterity. How could there be a seventh class? Where would it fit!?

The answer is quite simple actually: it is a combination of all three scores. Path of Exile players know that your “class” is really just where you start on the massive passive tree and that’s about it. If you wanted to make a Marauder (strength) character that focuses on spells you can do so - it's just not recommended since you’re going to stray off the path pretty far. That’s the beauty of Path of Exile. You’re truly forging a character you want to play.

The seventh character, the Scion, has to be unlocked through completing a specific task in Path of Exile. She’s not a starting character because she starts with no specialty and isn’t suggested for new players. The Scion starts in the very middle of the passive tree. The Scion comes off as more of a traditional RPG character in the sense that you build her from the ground up, similar to an Elder Scrolls character. The world is your oyster and you can choose how you make her. The benefit is that since you’re in the middle, you can reach out skills on opposite ends of the tree more easily.

Scion Paths

How to unlock:

Unfortunately, the Scion can’t be unlocked until the very end of the game. Towards the end of Act III (the final act), you will head to an area called “The Scepter of God.” This is the area that literally leads to the final boss of the game. Right before said final boss of the game, there is a stairway leading up to him. At the base of this staircase, there is a woman locked in a steampunk looking testing-jail cell type device. Open this up and the Scion is inside. You’ll see a yellow exclamation mark above her head. Talk to her, listen to her story, receive the freedom achievement, and now you can play as the Scion.

Do note that talking to the Scion is the only requirement to unlock her. You do NOT have to beat the final boss to use her. If you really wanted, you could unlock her, quit the game, and start over using her without ever beating the game once. 

Enjoy your Scion!

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