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Dead or Alive Ultimate

Tecmo and Team Ninja have been a major contributor to the Xbox since its launch in 2001. Most recently, Ninja Gaiden redefined...


Hitman: Contracts

In 2002, Xbox owners had their first taste of Agent 47’s knack for human extermination when Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was...


Red Dead Revolver

It’s tough to sell a Western game to a wide audience. Westerns are generally filled with great action, but their timeframe...


RalliSport Challenge 2

Two years ago, when the Xbox was still young and attempting to get a foothold in a market dominated by Sony, RalliSport...


Advent Rising

The name of Orson Scott Card is a familiar one to all but the most casual fans of science-fiction literature. His work,...


Advanced E3 Coverage

Its that time of year again. It’s the first half of May. Right about this time every year you can count on a few things to...