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E3 2008: Mad World

E3 Disclaimer: Kombo's E3 previews are designed to inform you of what each game at E3 plays like, and what we think of what's... Read More


E3 2008: Media: Sonic Unleashed Stage Demo (PS3, 360)

What we have here is the most informative footage on Sonic Unleashed, by far. It's way too early to pass judgement just yet, but most of what I've seen thus far looks like it'll produce a good fun time. Check it out below: And to clarify, Eggman's official name is still "Dr. Robotnik." Now if they'll just tell the hedgehog that... Read More


E3 2008: Sony Conference Crashed

Apparently we've all been going about this gaming press thing way wrong. We've been waiting for news like the rest of the respectable world. This latest, strangest news points to a better (?) strategy for getting news. I'm probably exaggerating, lousy cheaters. SCEA leader Jack Tretton has come out and claimed that a dress rehearsal of the Sony conference was crashed by a blogger. The blogger was writing from a spot atop the third floor balcony. Sony figured it out when one of their staff noticed that everything they were running through in their rehearsal was showing up on a site. Sony has not revealed any information regarding who the person was or what blog he wrote for. We here at Kombo note this incident as a disgrace. From Tretton:Everything we were saying was getting posted within 15 minutes on the Internet...They found some guy on the third floor balcony laying down taking notes and calling it in to a service... "If he was smart, he'd have waited until they were finished." -David Oxford, Kombo Staff Read More


E3 2008: Iwata Comments on Sony, Microsoft's Copying of Wii, Says It's 'A Danger'

On Tuesday, Nintendo Co. Ltd. President Satoru Iwata told the press at its E3 briefing that consumers quickly grow tired of new ideas, particularly when those ideas are in turn replicated by competitors. Some of the most notable examples are, of course, Sony's introduction of the SIXAXIS controller, and Microsoft's recent reveal of their Avatars. "This happens when others try to reproduce the initial change," Iwata said, adding "There is danger in standing still." As a result, Nintendo believes that this competitive one-upmanship is what has forced Nintendo to stay on its toes, and to continually innovate in the marketplace. Read More

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