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Video Game Originals and Opinions


E3 2008: Fable 2 to Have 12-Hour Main Quest

Joystiq has reported that after playing a bit of Fable 2 last night, several Lionhead staffers were heard to have said that the main quest in the game would be but 12 hours long. Of course, Joystiq is quick to note that this is only for the main quest; sidequests, gambling, dancin' and romancin', stylin' and profilin', and all that jazz will help pad things out a bit. Read More


E3 2008: Resistance 2 Multiplayer

What the Game's About Resistance 2 is the sequel to what was easily the PlayStation 3's best launch title. Almost two years later, we're now getting a sequel that was on the floor this week in the form of a multiplayer demo pitting humans against Chimera. The multiplayer mode available was "Attack Enemy Position" (that name will hopefully be changed to something more interesting later) where you and your squad rush to marked enemy landmarks and wait long enough to hold the position. Read More


E3 2008: Media: Mega Man 9 Opening and 2 Gameplay Videos

Courtesy of The Mega Man Network, we have a number of screencaps in our gallery from the opening of Mega Man 9, which you can see for yourself below: Click the jump for a second video in which the game's Plug Man stage is demonstrated by one of the developers. And for the record, I'm making the prediction right here, and right now: 16 Robot Masters. Read More

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