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Video Game Originals and Opinions


E3 2008: Media: Mega Man 9 Opening and 2 Gameplay Videos

Courtesy of The Mega Man Network, we have a number of screencaps in our gallery from the opening of Mega Man 9, which you can see for yourself below: Click the jump for a second video in which the game's Plug Man stage is demonstrated by one of the developers. And for the record, I'm making the prediction right here, and right now: 16 Robot Masters. Read More


E3 2008: Microsoft Confirms: New 'Halo' in Development at Bungie

With all the stirring and controversy (such as it is) around Bungie's recently postponed announcement, it's good to have a little clarification on the matter. Top dog of Microsoft's Xbox business, Don Mattrick, confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that Bungie is indeed working on a new "Halo" game of some kind for Microsoft. "Friends with benefits," anyone? Anyway... The reason no announcement was forthcoming on Monday was because the Monday conference "was already loaded with content and so any announcements for that series weren't needed to get gamers excited." Um, well, I guess? Pressed further, Mattrick revealed this title is not Halo Wars, nor is it anything to do with that Peter Jackson joint that's been floating on the winds lately; it's something else, and announcements are to be forthcoming. And then the topic was changed: You can see the whole thing on MTV News come Tuesday. Read More


E3 2008: 360 Guitar Hero World Tour Compatible with "Non-GH" Instruments

Man, this whole instrument-compatibility thing is confusing. At Activision's conference last night, a comment was made that the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour would be compatible with instruments from games that are "non-GH." But wait, weren't Activision the ones standing in the way to cross-compatibility in the first place? Does this mean they've finally come around? MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo asked for clarification, and two Activision reps confirmed that the age of non-compatibility will be at an end. For reasons that should be clear to anyone, they have not been able to test their instruments with Rock Band 2, but explained that the 360 version of Guitar Hero World Tour will be compatible with the instruments from their rival's last game. Other third-party instruments are expected to work as well. For whatever reason, however, they weren't ready to discuss if such compatibility would also be included across the other consoles' versions of the titles, though a rep did say that a recent auto-downloaded title update for the Aerosmith game should make it compatible with "non-GH" guitars, including those of Rock Band. As the song goes, "Music... makes the people... come together..." Finally. Read More

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