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E3 2008: Media: Killzone 2 Stage Demo

Sony was rather quiet on the Killzone 2 front at yesterday's press conference. Luckily that hasn't stopped the game from being displayed on the show floor! View the stage demo of Guerrilla's latest below: Read More


E3 2008: Bungie Bounces Back; Responds to Cancellation

Here's another piece of the Bungie puzzle, which has been following the developer like an apparition these past few days. Bungie said today that they had put "a metric ton" of manhours into getting their presentation ready for E3, only to have it yanked in the 11th hour. So naturally, they share in the same disappointment as their fans that they were denied their chance to shine in what's been generally considered a rather weak E3. But they did promise we'll see something in the future. They also reassure that this isn't a hoax or swerve, and that they won't be showing it later this week in a surprise announcement, as E3 has already begun to wind down. Bungie answers the top questions they've received on the matter after the cut. Read More


E3 2008: Fallout 3

E3 Disclaimer: Kombo's E3 previews are designed to inform you of what each game at E3 plays like, and what we think of what's... Read More


E3 2008: PlayStation 3 PSN Video Store is Region Locked - Sorry, Europe!

Sorry, Europe-- while you'll be getting the Video Store on the PlayStation 3 sooner or later, you won't be able to use the ol' American one: The IP is locked to the US. So even if you set up a US account in Europe, then you're still... how would the French put it? "Le screwed?" Joystiq ponders why this may be: The question is, if Sony can region lock the stores like this, why don't they? Surely it prevents cross-region purchases far better than just crying "don't do that!" On the other hand, it makes sense considering that the PS3 is region-free for Blu-ray games, but locked for Blu-ray movies. Maybe the game stores remain unlocked because they know what a shambles the EU Store is. Whatever the reason, we're glad for it. Hopefully we'll hear about the EU rollout for the video store soon. If it makes you feel any better, Europe, I can emphathize with your pain: Sometimes, these guys (not just Sony, the whole lot of 'em) treat Canada, in the same region as the US, like we're broadcasting from Mars or something. Read More

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