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E3 2008: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Coming 4th Quarter, Features Online

One of the few games a "core" gamer would have shown any interest in at Nintendo's presentation, Rockstar Games has revealed some details regarding its new DS title, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Even though the title will share the familiar Liberty City locale featured in past GTA titles, this will be a "wholly original game" that is due for release this Winter. "This is a game that will deliver a rich, fast-paced and intense 'Grand Theft Auto' experience that will be truly unique to Nintendo's handheld platform," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "Rockstar Leeds, along with the team at Rockstar North, has built upon a decade of progressive design on Grand Theft Auto, and has created something fundamentally fresh and immersive." The official website, found here, displays the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo, which means we should expect to hear about some sort of online interaction in the not-too-distant future. Read More


E3 2008: Miyamoto Addresses Zelda Team's Work Further - Changes Afoot?

With Iwata's vague allusion that the Zelda and Mario teams are both hard at work, Miyamoto has been bombarded with questions from many a journalist, hoping for any little scraplet of information that might give us an inkling of what to expect. "The Zelda team is always busy with new Zelda titles. The permanent members of the team have come a very long time focused on the various Zelda titles, and remain so. They are now hard at work on a new title," says Miyamoto. "And of course we also have the Zelda DS team, some members of that team have changed with employees of the Wii team and are now at work on a new Zelda Wii." When asked if Miyamoto's recent passion for the first-person perspective and its implementation in Link's Crossbow Training could influence the next in the series, Miyamoto said: "I personally think that the game will not drastically change, but I do believe that the Zelda franchise must undergo some changes. Zelda The team is currently working hard to see what changes this could be." Read More


E3 2008: Tretton Not Pleased with Final Fantasy XIII on 360, Microsoft "Currying Favor"

I think it's safe to say that the big news coming out of E3 is that the PlayStation 3-exclusive title, Final Fantasy XIII, is no longer PS3-exclusive. And this does not please one Mr. Jack Tretton, who was forced to stifle his rage as he carried out his presentation the following day. At a roundtable Q&A session, Tretton discussed the move, suggesting that Microsoft has been "trying to curry favor with third parties" such as Square-Enix, implying it was more of Microsoft's money which lead to the decision than that of the consumers. Asked if he was disappointed that the game would appear on the 360 upon its Western debut, Tretton said "I guess disappointed is clearly an appropriate term." Tretton went on to convey how Sony was now focusing more intently on internal development, stating that it constituted "over half of our employee base all over the world," adding "...we've built up our base and that's where we've chosen to spend our dollars." He concluded by saying "I think software companies look and say 'there's no check big enough for us to do exclusive development' ...I think it's going to be harder and harder to have third-party exclusives as we move forward." Read More


E3 2008: Media: Killzone 2 Stage Demo

Sony was rather quiet on the Killzone 2 front at yesterday's press conference. Luckily that hasn't stopped the game from being displayed on the show floor! View the stage demo of Guerrilla's latest below: Read More


E3 2008: Bungie Bounces Back; Responds to Cancellation

Here's another piece of the Bungie puzzle, which has been following the developer like an apparition these past few days. Bungie said today that they had put "a metric ton" of manhours into getting their presentation ready for E3, only to have it yanked in the 11th hour. So naturally, they share in the same disappointment as their fans that they were denied their chance to shine in what's been generally considered a rather weak E3. But they did promise we'll see something in the future. They also reassure that this isn't a hoax or swerve, and that they won't be showing it later this week in a surprise announcement, as E3 has already begun to wind down. Bungie answers the top questions they've received on the matter after the cut. Read More

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