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E3 2008: Avatars and Miis are Basically Identical, Says Cliff B

Written by Kombo News Correspondent Steve "Dack" Hannley Cliff Bleszinski doesn't joke around when it comes to making statements. Today, he stated the obvious when he claimed that Miis and the new Xbox 360 Avatars are basically the same thing. "They're Miis, but that's fine," Bleszinski said in an interview with Eurogamer. "They look like they have a lot more functionality, and it's bringing the console full circle from a hardcore gaming box to an entertainment-friendly family box and it's cool." Blezkinski is a fan of the new Xbox Dashboard, saying that the first one could be confusing and frusturating at times. "Between you, me and wall frankly I can't find s*** in the current interface," he said. "The blades come up and my frame-rate goes to a crawl and I'm like 'Argh! Argh!'" Read More


E3 2008: Unlocking Achievements Will Finally Reward Players

Major Nelson mentioned on Gamespot's Live Show today that Microsoft plans to offer rewards for achievements in the future. They'll do so by unlocking new outfits and the like for Microsoft's Mii too avatars. Not exactly the greatest reward in the world but its better than purchasing gamer pics, right? We'll keep you updated for more details and a firmer confirmation to come. Read More


E3 2008: Wii Resort: Sports to Have Jet-Ski Game Better than WaveRace 64

Bold words, from a bold man. Yeguch spoke up about Wii Sports: Resort at the small Nintendo conference on Wednesday night. He said that the team behind WaveRace 64 was behind some of the Jet-Ski action in Wii Sports: Resort. To add some extra boldness to that statement, Yeguchi threw in that they would be making the Jet-Ski section in Wii Sports: Resort better than the title for the 64. As I live and breathe. I'll be crazy excited to play that game if it's true. Read More


E3 2008: Miyamoto Makes Pikmin 3 Official

For Nintendo fans, this E3 has finally taken a turn for the better. During their press roundtable held minutes ago, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that a brand new Pikmin title is indeed in development. Nothing visual was shown on the project, nor was a description given. Still, at least we know Nintendo is hard at work on revisiting the franchise. We'll have more as it breaks! Read More

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