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Media: Sam & Max: Season One (Wii) Screenshots

Telltale was kind enough to send over some brand new screenshots of the Wii version of their PC hit, Sam & Max: Season One. Perfectly suited for the Wii, this adventure game will be a great value for Wii owners this fall. Check out more screens after the break. Read More


E3 2008: Mega Man 9 Box Art

Incidently, after all those videos, it would be remiss of me if I didn't share this: The Mega Man 9 "box art," found by Jeremy Parish of 1up, which proudly adorning but a handful of t-shirts belonging to the game's internal staff. If you're going to go oldschool, then go all the way. Man, I want one. And Producer Hironobu Takeshita says if the fans want it, they'll have to think about it. So if you want one, too, then tell them! Read More


E3 2008: Media: Many Mega Man 9 Gameplay Videos, Plus Producer Interview

GameTrailers has caught up with the Producer of the upcoming Mega Man 9, Hironobu Takeshita, who discusses the direction they wanted to go in with Mega Man 9, including the use of 8-bit as an art style choice, rather than a "generation"-influenced decision. In addition, IGN has several off-screen videos of gameplay, showing us all sorts of wonderful obstacles and how they may kill us... after the cut, of course. Read More


E3 2008: Media: Shred Nebula XBLA Trailer

Shred Nebula is an all-new original XBLA title from CrunchTime Games. Shred Nebula will feature full 360 degree free roaming action. The game is 85MB and will release later Q3 2008. Featuring an extensive single and multiplayer modes, the ships in deathmatch all have their own abilities like a fighting game, with weapon counters and other fighting system depth, all set in multiplayer DM arena. Each ship will feature unique weapons, specials, and abilities in singleplayer as well. Checkout the first footage. For a higher-quality video, which runs at 60FPS and captures the HD visuals of this title, click here. Read More

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