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Overwhelmed Pure Awesome or Cruelest Troll Ever? Skyrim & SWTOR?


This weekend, the mighty weekend of 11/11/11, the release of the highly anticipated Skyrim, the weekend circled in a pudgy red permanent marker with a smiley face, the weekend so many have been waiting for…  has finally come; so many prepared to pick the game up at midnight tonight (yay).  But then something else happened.

At first I thought I was the only one.  It felt like the gaming gods came down to test and mock me simultaneously.  Is it a curse or a blessing?  In short, on Tuesday 11/7/11, I got invited to the Star Wars: The Old Republic weekend beta.  I sat there, both happy and drained.  As the installation of SWTOR crept into a higher percent on my desktop, I realized decisions had to be made.

Skyrim Star Wars: The Old Republic beta

What did I do, I only logical thing I thought I could – went on forums.  This situation is good – TOO good.  Can one complain about having too much of a good thing?  OF COURSE we can, that is part of being a gamer!  The forums taught me that I wasn’t alone.  This beta weekend put MANY of similar Elder Scrolls and Star Wars fans in the same conundrum.  There is comfort in knowing you not alone.

So what’s the big deal?  Skyrim is NOT going away, just rock the SWTOR beta and play Skyrim on Monday.  The only problem is that it's Skyrim – not just some game.  Plus it’s just a beta… so… everything you do will be erased anyways… but it STAR WARS!  Sigh.  The only true answer is something gray – a medium ground.

Now for my own personal demon; this weekend 11/11/11, I had planned a short cruise to the Bahamas at the beginning of the year because it was ridiculously cheap.  I know, how could I!?  Never have I wanted to ‘call in sick’ to a vacation before now.  This narrows my options down at least.  Get home from cruise Sunday afternoon, create a character in Skyrim, then play Star Wars: The Old Republic until the beta ends at 1am.  I got this.   

Star Wars the Old Republic beta Skyrim First World Problems meme



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