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Our most anticipated games of December 2015

Wrapping up 2015’s release calendar

So the biggest releases of the year are pretty much over and done with, but there are a few games left that look to be worth your time and money. December is easily the most frontloaded month of the game release calendar. A lot of this is due to advertising and PR reasons, and every new game release needs some time to keep its hype train moving along post release, especially into the Christmas holiday. All of the games on this list are coming within the first four days of the month, but they are certainly among the most anticipated of the year. The Wii U ends the year on a high note with the sequel to its best exclusive JRPG, while insane stunts and tactical FPS multiplayer round out the rest of the cast. As we get ready to celebrate 2015’s best at the Game Awards, let’s take a look at the best of the rest to release before we pop the champagne on the new year. 

Just Cause 3 - Xbox One, PS4, PC - December 1st
The Just Cause experience has always revolved around the same design pillars, creative chaos, insane stunts and huge explosions all contained within the freedom of an open world. The series didn’t really didn’t hit its stride until the second game back in 2010. Now five years later, Developer Avalanche Studios is releasing the most comprehensive Just Cause experience to date with sleeker visuals running on current gen consoles and the largest open world to date.
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