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Opinion: Western censorship spreads to Japan with Star Ocean 5 and it's not OK

Another game changed for people who won't buy it

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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and FaithlessnessThis has been deemed too sexy for human eyes.

Before I continue on, I need to outline that there are two types of people you can describe as Social Justice Warriors: Actual progressive thinking people, those who do great work to improve society as a whole,and SJWs, a derogatory term for those that are eager to support a good cause but have little to no understanding of consequences or human rights.

Progressives push for LBGT equality or realistic portrayals of women, which are admirable endeavors. It's thanks to these people that America has finally started protecting gay rights like marriage, classic bullying is on the decline, and people are taking mental illnesses more seriously. These are great improvements for our society, and I applaud these people.

SJWs mean well. but they're easily manipulated, get so caught up in fighting for causes that they're blind to how hypocritical they can become, and their ignorance on the issues they're fighting for results in an end goal of sterile uniformity they call diversity. These are the people I'm going to call out, the SJWs that push for censorship instead of equal representation.

For example, if someone doesn't like homosexuals or displays of homosexuality, they have the option to look away from it away from it. That's reasonable, and downright sane. If they don't like sexualized portrayals of women in games? Understandable, it's not for everybody. Fortunately, they can look away from it.

Except they don't. Instead of looking for media more to their tastes, or getting off their asses and making said media, most SJWs will just piss and moan until developers cave and change the product to what they like, at the expense of others. When someone opposed to the changes cries censorship, SJWs will say it was the owners choice to change the product in order to avoid conflict, and you should respect their wishes to do so!

Unless it's something SJWs enjoy: Then it's censorship and it's fucking offensive. They had a meltdown of epic proportions when the UK branch of Cartoon Network cut a scene from Steven Universe, a show they produced, so that a 3 second clip wouldn't cause controversy. That is their right according to SJWs, so why did they go crazy? It's because they don't want equality, they want their view to be the only view, and when their own words are used against them, the blind SJWs reveal themselves to be hypocritical, pissy babies that will throw a tantrum.

Bringing this topic back to games, having the option to turn on filters for things like sexy outfits, blood and gore, or cutting away from violent imagery would be the smart option. Alternatively, developers could produce censored and uncensored versions, or use downloadable patches, to preserve ESRB/CERO ratings. That's not good enough though, gamers aren't allowed to have that option at all.

Could you imagine this backwards logic applied to anything else a group of people didn't like?

“The 'don't pay attention to other peoples lives' mantra is nonsense, acceptance of gay marriage in our society is not only harmful to real marriage, but our souls as well”

Interracial couples, cats, guns, anything can be plugged in there to see how stupid this line of thought is. Here's a tip for the hypocritical: If that argument doesn't work for those assholes, it doesn't work for you assholes. The argument only grows in stupidity when you realize that these “feminists” don't represent all women and can't even agree on what makes something sexist outside of cases that are painfully black and white.

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