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Opinion: Persona 5 will be a better game than Final Fantasy 15

I call it as I see it.

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To sum it all up

Persona 5 no fucks givenFinal Fantasy 15 will never be this stylish.

Final Fantasy 15 will likely be a great game that tries to simplify the story telling that bogged down previous entries, continues the tradition of introducing new combat styles, and strives to push gaming technology in a way that only the ambitious minds of Square Enix would. The fact this game survived a decade of development hell and is coming out in a state that already feels decent, is extremely impressive.

SE probably won't have all the answers for the problems we saw in the two demos, so I doubt Final Fantasy 15 will be seen as the Final Fantasy 7 of the PS4. Today's fans are too demanding for that. It's fine though, because as long as you keep your expectations in check, Final Fantasy 15 will be a worthy entry into the series. Barring some catastrophic happenings between now and September 30.

Persona 5 Is not trying to reinvent the wheel, it's improving on a rock solid core. There's a distinct vision that isn't being compromised by the developer's overreach, the weakness of the PS4 hardware, or changes of direction. It looks like a well planned and executed game by a team that has been on absolute fire lately, and that's why it will be the better game overall.

Sound off in the comments section below: Do you think Final Fantasy 15 or Persona 5 will be the better overall video game? Tell us why.

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