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Opinion: Persona 5 will be a better game than Final Fantasy 15

I call it as I see it.

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Turn Based Combat

Persona 5Persona 5's over the top style aims to make you forget the battles are basic turn based affairs.

Atlus has again sidestepped the issues Final Fantasy 15 faces by sticking with classic turn based combat. Persona 5 won't have many issues with the camera, combat will be done through menus, terrain won't be an issue, and dropped frames will not only be rarer, but less important. Atlus may not be on the cutting edge of technology, but they're taking the strength of a turn based system and pushing it to the bleeding edge of cool.

That's not to say turn based systems are perfect though. They have a nasty habit of becoming repetitive and boring, often devolving into bouts of holding the confirmation button and steam rolling weak mobs. The grind. It's a terrible downside that can lead to burnout, something I've personally experienced, killing desire to play any JRPG again.

Since Atlus doesn't have to worry about all the variables associated with real time combat and expansive open worlds, that extra time and effort can be put into mechanics and bits of style that keep the game fresh despite the battles being fairly by the books. Thanks to the use of gameplay footage to show off the game, instead of bull-shots and early demos that aren't representative of the final product, we can get get a great look at how Atlus is adding a little extra substance and a lot of flash to cover up the traditional weak points.

Persona 5 transition

Look at the UI, instead of going the minimalist route Final Fantasy 15 is taking, Persona 5's UI is in your face, bold, vibrant and, pulsing like a loud, colorful dildo on a coffee table in a small, empty room. It's inventive and provides all the information in one entertaining glance, and despite its call for your attention, it doesn't overpower the rest of the action on screen.

Now you might be asking “How do you pull attention away from the metaphorical dildo?” By shoving a black and red elephant in that room and making it do sick ass gun-katas, that's how. The characters of Persona 5 are flashy enough that Atlus can get away with a UI that flies in the face face of the common knowledge that "Good UI tells you the important information you need, then gets out of the way." No, fuck you, you're going to look at this UI and love it. Atlus spent a lot of time making it look good and easy to use.

Persona 5 also provides stealth elements, falling perfectly in line with the thieving protagonists. Players can use them to score preemptive strikes, making gameplay out of initiating battles properly. From those preemptive strikes, the game almost seamlessly transitions into a battle sequence. It's beautiful. That's how Atlus is trying to avoid the monotony of Turn Based battles: The usual Persona mechanics mixed with stealth, and style two planes of existence higher than that of the competition.

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