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Opinion: Persona 5 will be a better game than Final Fantasy 15

I call it as I see it.

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Final Fantasy 15

The first, and most glaring differences between the two games are the visuals. Final Fantasy 15 goes for realism, while Persona 5 has a highly stylized aesthetic. Final Fantasy 15 is probably going to be a visual spectacle, like Square Enix games aim to be these days, but that likely means it's not going to age very well. Sorry, but realism ages like milk in the sun, in general it's a console generation away from looking like comparative crap.

Episode Duscae, the more entertaining of the two Final Fantasy 15 demos, looked like a normal countryside with Final Fantasy elements thrown in, and nothing more. If it weren't for familiar monsters and Final Fantasy's boner for crystals, all work done by previous entries, you wouldn't be able to differentiate the setting of Final Fantasy 15 from just about any other open world RPG. There's probably something in the full game that will resonate with players and set it apart. We don't know about it yet, though, and this is just based on my impressions of things I've seen.

The two best things Final Fantasy 15 has going for it are a slick looking, minimalist UI, that's undergoing changes, and phenomenal character animations for traversing different type of terrain.

Persona 5

In the case of Persona 5, we see none of these issues. Instead of crashing into hardware limitations and trying to push them further, Atlus uses anime inspired character designs and a visual style that could be described as coolness materialized. The only limitations thiese visuals run into is the creativity of the artists. Persona 5 will look just as gorgeous 20 years from now as it will on release day.

What's more the Atlus flair permeates every element of the game You can just look at it and feel the mishmash of quirk and colorful darkness radiating from your screen.At no point can you look at the Persona 5 material and think it could be anything but Persona. The character designs, the UI, the battle transitions, the cut-scenes, everything screams “Atlus Made” a seal of approval that's more synonymous with quality than Nintendo is right now.

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