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Opinion: In Remembrance, the top 5 Wii U games

Gone too soon, and not soon enough

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3. Bayonetta 2Bayonetta 2

Surprised? You shouldn't be, Bayonetta 2 is the best action game in years. The original Bayonetta overtook Devil May Cry for the right to were the crown when it comes to character action games, and an upgraded port came to the Wii U as a free pack in with Bayonetta 2. Sadly, I made the mistake of playing Bayonetta 2 first: After playing the sequel, the original just couldn't compare.

Bayonetta 2 doesn't have a perfect frame rate, but the flow of action feels silky smooth. The rigidity of the original is gone, replaced with a fluidity of control that was only recently matched by Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain. The simple act of moving around feels great and lends itself well to long combo chains and sick action. If you love action games and want to test your skills, there's not much better on the market today, and if you want to relax and just enjoy a game where cool stuff happens, there's a mode for that: Bayonetta 2's touch controls make it so anyone can enjoy the combat. In fact, the game won an accessibility award from AbleGamers.

Bayonetta 2 actually makes the original game's story become somewhat coherent. You'll never catch me saying it was good, but it brought some understanding to a clusterf%*k and made it even more awesome. The stakes have been raised as this time Bayonetta takes on the forces of heaven and hell, and nothing can quite compare to the visual spectacle and outlandish situations our heroine thrusts herself into.

2. Mario Kart 8mk8

The best selling game on the Wii U. When I say most Wii U owners have this game, it's not an exaggeration: Over 57% of Wii U owners have Mario Kart 8. The game deserves even more sales though, which is why it's allegedly coming to the Nintendo Switch as an enhanced port.

Mario Kart 8 is a triumph of visual design, remaining one of the best looking video games of the generation through its well realized artistic direction. The sound is no slouch either, with a jazzy, orchestrated soundtrack that will stay in your ear long after the console is turned off. Then, we come to the rock solid gameplay, where the anti-gravity segments add something new by rewarding players with speed boosts for ricocheting off of select objects and other racers.

Add to that total package a free 200cc update, plus some of the best, and most reasonably priced, DLC to ever grace a video game, and it's not hard to see why Mario Kart 8 sold so much on a system that sold so little. Bonus: Mario Kart 8's wild sales popularity made Polygon look like utter fools after they ran an article predicting it would only sell about 2 million copies, complete with the worst pie chart ever made. They have since removed the pie chart from the article, but the internet never forgets.

Mario Kart 8 could have easily topped this list, but I'll be damned if it's going to take the top spot after what Nintendo did to the battle mode. You can't have a battle mode on regular race tracks you imbeciles, what the hell were you thinking!?

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