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Offsides Episode 1 - Madden NFL 13 Cover, Linsanity and The Show vs. 2K12


Welcome to the first episode of Offsides, where our resident Sports games experts take a look at the latest sports video game headlines, and voice their opinions.

The first topic consists of who should grace the cover of Madden NFL 13, which results in quite the heated argument.

Second topic revolves around whether Jeremy Lin AKA Linsanity should deserve to be on the cover of next years NBA game.

Finally we put the two baseball games against each other and pick a clear winner from MLB 12 The Show and MLB 2K12.

Make sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode of Offsides, and don't forget to leave a comment relating to sports video games that could possibly be discussed on the next episode.

Mike Splechta GameZone's Reviews & Previews Editor, retro game enthusiast, savior of kittens. Follow me @Michael_GZ
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