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NYCC 2013: The Cosplay of Comic Con was nearly endless


New York Comic Con is bigger and more exciting every year, and 2013 was no different. No matter how many pictures we took, it felt like there were always more cosplayers to capture. Here's a selection of some of our favorites

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Photo Credit: Brianna Peterson

Megaman Cosplay

US Box Art Megaman?

Gears of War girl

Fantastic lady Gear

Watch Dogs Aiden Pierce

No one told him about the delay

Gordon Freeman Half-Life

Freeman spotted, HL3 confirmed!

Faith from Mirror's Edge

Still alive

Vega from Street Fighter

A solid Vega

Boy of Silence from Bioshock Infinite

NYCC was deafening at times

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea

Someone got the DLC early

Bane from Batman

Big dude Bane...

Lady Bane

...and Lady Bane!

Jacket and Helmet from Hotline Miami

Do you like hurting people?

Final Fantasy

Creative use of Chocobo

Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack

Born to cosplay Borderlands cover guy

Big sister and little sister from Bioshock 2

Big Sister, Little Sister, giant shopping bag

Mortal Kombat Jade and Mileena

...Babe-ality? No? Sorry I had to

Mad Moxxi Borderlands

Slightly confused Moxxi?

Jill Valentine Resident Evil

Master of unlocking arrives at NYCC

Silent Hill nurses

Conventions have officially claimed the Silent Hill nurse as their own

Dead Space and Splinter Cell

Dead Space X Splinter Cell would be a cool game

Corvo from Dishonored

Corvo cosplay is surprisingly hard to come by

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