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Nintendo titles that should have cross-platform play

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate feature

One of the best announcements from today's Nintendo Direct was that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will feature cross-platform play. That's right, a Wii U player will be able to form a hunting party with up to three 3DS players. I can't begin to tell you my excitement when I heard this. As an owner of a 3DS XL and a Wii U, I've been wanting Nintendo to release more games with this function. It's a great way to merge the Wii U and 3DS communities, and it's a fine opportunity to compete with Sony's cross-play with the PS3 and PS Vita. 

While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate cross-platform is great start, there's so many more opportunities for Nintendo to use cross-platform play. Here's a handful of titles that would shine with cross-platform play as a feature. 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

animal crossing: new leaf

Yes, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a 3DS-exclusive title, but I dream of a day when it is on the Wii U, as well. Animal Crossing had a home on the GameCube and Wii, so is it out of the realm of possibility to believe that Nintendo might bring it to the Wii U eventually, in full HD graphics? Imagine how great it would be using the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen to customize your house and town. But imagine how great the Happy Home Showcase could be. Nintendo could combine the people you connect with via Street Pass and the people from the Animal Crossing Miiverse community in this feature, giving you a robust collection of houses in the Showcase. It would be even better if, regardless of whether you're playing on the 3DS or Wii U, you could visit and play in other players' town with them. 

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

luigi's mansion: dark moon multiplayer

Yet another game only coming to the 3DS, Dark Moon could be so much more if it was also released on the Wii U with cross-platform play. Nintendo is really pushing multiplayer with Dark Moon, as it announced today a four-player co-op mode in Scarescraper. If people could play from their 3DS and Wii U, it would be even better. While the console version wouldn't have the nice 3D visuals, it could make up for it with HD. And you'd still have the touchscreen features with the Wii U GamePad. Whether you're looking for the Polterpups or trying to escape a floor in a certain amount of time, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon should follow Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's lead and let your form your own ghost-hunting parties on either platform.

Rayman Legends

rayman legends

Rayman Legends is already coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 after being a Wii U exclusive. Seeing as how Rayman Origins was released for virtually every platform -- including the 3DS -- it makes sense that the game would eventually find its way to the Nintendo handheld. Considering that multiplayer is such a huge part of the game, it would be smart for Ubisoft and Nintendo to get a 3DS version out ASAP and offer cross-platform play. You could play with people from both the Wii U and 3DS. The great thing is that thanks to the GamePad and 3DS touchscreens, the gameplay doesn't have to change that much. You know Sony would do it if Rayman Legends was coming to the PS Vita.

Any future LEGO games

lego marvel super heroes

Co-op is a nice aspect of the LEGO games. On consoles, it's been drop-in, drop-out. The problem is that the 3DS versions of the LEGO games severely lack in the multiplayer department. There's some unique Street Pass functionality for extra content, but they're essentially single-player games. This can be fixed if the LEGO games start supporting online play, and would be even better if Wii U players and 3DS players could play together. It makes too much sense for the LEGO games to not happen. Sadly, I don't see this as a remote possibility for LEGO City Undercover, but for games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, it should be implemented. 

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