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NCAA Football 13 Heisman Challenge: Tim Tebow hints


NCAA 13 launched on July 10th with a slew of new features. The most notable among them is the Heisman Challenge, where you take one of 16 players, put them on any team, and play a season as them. This series is going to feature tips on using each player, as each one will control and play differently. Well without further ado, here are some tips on how to make the most out the Heisman Challenge.

Heisman #1: Tim Tebow (I used Florida)


Tim Tebow is a tough quarterback to master in NCAA 13. He’s not fast enough to run past linebackers or defensive backs and he doesn’t have ideal accuracy. What he is exceptionally good at is extending plays when the pocket breaks down and has very good arm strength. The latter is what you will need to use if you want to be successful, like me, playing as Tim Tebow.

Pro Tip #1: Escaping the pocket – Tim Tebow is a good pocket passer in NCAA 13, but he is equally effective while throwing on the run. At the first sign of danger, you need to break the pocket from the opposite side while staying behind the line of scrimmage. Doing so will break the defense’s coverage and has the potential to spring your wide receiver deep. The threat of the rushing quarterback draws the defense towards you, leaving your players open. Make sure you plant your feet before you throw, giving you much better accuracy.

Pro Tip #2: Putting touch on passes – If your wide receivers are covered and you’re feeling risky, you can try a mixture of a bullet throw and a touch pass. Aim where you want the ball to go towards the wide receiver by aiming with the joystick and pressing the wide receiver’s button. Hold down the button to throw, and release before the ball leaves Tebow’s hand. This will give Tebow a stronger throw, but one that resembles more of a lob pass. This works great when the defense is playing man coverage but not so much when they’re playing zone. It is also perfect for throws towards the sideline.


Pro Tip #3: Running with Tebow – When all else fails, you need to run the ball. When you’re pressured out of the pocket and there is no QB spy, usually the middle linebacker, you need to run for it. Tebow isn’t as effective with juke moves, so pushing the right joystick up will result in running over the defenseman. Using Tebow’s arm is much more effective in the game, and will lead to bigger gains. However, if you need to move the chains, running is always a good option.

Pro Tip #4: Breaking tackles in the pocket – Tebow is the hardest quarterback to bring down in the game. When a defender runs at you while you’re in the pocket, flick the right analog stick away from the defender. This will break the tackle 90% of the time and allow you to either escape on the ground or air the ball out.

Pro Tip #5: Use “Reaction Time” – Reaction time is a new feature that slows down time in the game, think of it as “bullet time” for Max Payne 3. This feature is useful when you have defensive lineman running at you or you want to make sure your throw gets put where you want it. Scanning the field with Tebow in the pocket is probably the best use of the reaction time, and will make you a more lethal passer.

Tim Tebow is a great player in NCAA 13, one of the best in fact. With these tips, you will be a more proficient passer and a more aware quarterback in the pocket. Use these tips to become the best, like me. 

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