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NBA 2K12 Ratings Changes Prediction - Opening Weekend


Well, the opening/holiday weekend is over for the NBA, and there's been some surprises.  Who would've guessed that the Mavericks and Lakers would each be 0-2?  Anyways, after some stellar and awful performances, here's some possible changes that we might be seeing to the NBA 2K12 rosters.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics lost to a revamped Knicks team after fighting their way back into the game.  They were without Paul Pierce, so it might have been a different game if he played.  After this game against the Knicks, Rajon Rondo should see his overall rise by a point or two from 85 to 87, as he posted 31 points and 13 assists.  6'8 Forward Brandon Bass also chipped in a monster game with 20 points and 11 rebounds off the bench.  The journeyman is coming off of his best season of his career, and it looks like he's stepping up his game.  After grabbing five offensive rebounds, expect to see his rebounding to increase from a B to maybe a B+, and his rating to rise from a 70 to 71.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Rookie PG Kyrie Irving had a less than stellar game with 6 points and 7 rebounds on 2-12 shooting in 26 minutes.  His offense is rated at an 81, and I don't expect that to change at all.  It's the first game of a shortened season with not as much time to prepare, and I don't think one game should drop his ratings at all.


Miami Heat

The Heat got some revenge on a lost Dallas Mavericks team, well, as much revenge as a season opener could be for losing an NBA Championship.  Forget about the big 3 -- they always perform.  Haslem is the one that could see a ratings boost.  He had 14 rebounds for the Heat and completely dominated the boards.  We could see his rating jump from 68 to 69, his post d increase to a B, while his rebounding remains at a B+.


New Jersey Nets

Kris Humphries, amidst boos from the crowd (that's what you get with this whole Kardashian debacle), proceeded to post 21 points and 16 rebounds against the Wizards.  Daaaaaannnnng!  His rebounding is already rated a 99, so that won't get increased, but his offense should increase from a 68 up a point or two, and his overall rating should go from a 70 to a 71.


New York Knicks

Ladies and gentlemen, the Knicks have someone that can play some defense.  He only posted six points, but Chandler had a nasty six blocked shots.  While I don't see this increasing his defense or rebounding at all, his blocking rating could go up a point, and his overall could rise to a 71 or 72, merely due to the presence he adds.  Rookie G Iman Shumpert showed some playmaking ability before going out with an injury, so I don't see him getting any changes.  PG Toney Douglas, on the other hand, added 19 points in a more offensive style PG play than dishing the ball around.  Expect to see his offensive and overall rating each rise a point.  Also, Bill Walker should drop two points from a 65 to 63 for talking trash to Kevin Garnett and only posting four personal fouls in 14 minutes off the bench.  Good game Mr. Walker.


Dallas Mavericks

I can't watch this team.  It hurts my eyes right now.  Vince Carter looks like his career is done and should drop two points in overall down to a 74.  Lamar Odom looks lost in this offense and can't find his groove.  He played the most minutes on the team (32) against the Nuggets and only put up six points, that's 14 less than Nowitzki in six less minutes.  His offense and overall ratings should each drop down two points to a 76.


Golden State Warriors

I don't know how many games they'll win, but they'll sure as hell be exciting to watch.  They got stomped by an exciting Clippers team, but then they beat the defensive-minded Bulls.  David Lee is an underrated player and should see his overall and offense ratings each rise a point to 80 after scoring 22 against the Bulls.  An exciting back court of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry should each see their overall ratings rise a point as well, with each scoring over 20 and Curry also having 10 assists.


Los Angeles Clippers

Just make Blake Griffin a 99 overall.  Everyone wants you to.  He's a human highlight reel and the sole reason why Chris Paul is going to give them two years of his service before he tests free agency instead of one.


Los Angeles Lakers

See Dallas Mavericks.  Change World Peace back to Ron Artest, because I'm tired of seeing and hearing this.  Pau Gasol gave 15 points and 9 rebounds in a loss to the Kings, but he doesn't dominate or look good doing it anymore.  They should drop his defense and rebound ratings down two points each to 90 and 97, respectively.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook should each raise a point or two in their overall rating, as they each posted two huge games to get the Thunder out to a fast start to the season.  I don't think the Timberwolves are worth their own spot here, so I'll add that Michael Beasley didn't look like a waste of talent in this game and could see his offense rating rise, but see his 3-point shooting rating drop a point.


Sacramento Kings

Where the hell did that win come from?  The whole team overall should raise a point or two after that win against the Lakers.  I look forward to watch Marcus Thornton all year.

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