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My top 5 PS One Classics wishlist


With constant talks of advancements in graphics and hardware, it's easy to forget about the games that came before. I've recently uncovered my PS1 collection that I spent most of my teen years playing, and found myself wishing that these would be more conveniently located on the PS3's PSN service, especially since old PS1 games were so easily scratched. These five games not only shaped my teen years, they're still games I fondly remember today, and would gladly replay all over again.

Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic started off as an animated kids show based off of Chinese mythology involving the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, or Kongo as he was called in the show. The PS1 game was a 2.5D platformer which not only had you traversing levels left to right, but also backwards and forwards. You were able to hop between the background, the foreground and even the middle ground.

Along the way you also collected four spells (Fire, Ice, Shrink, and Strength) which not only helped Kongo offensively and defensively, but it also helped with level traversal and puzzle solving. For instance the Shrink spell was not only good to scale your enemies to miniature size, but also to shrink yourself and reach previously unaccessible areas.

Unfortunately Monkey Magic was an overlooked platformer, despite how great it was, and having it on PSN as a PS1 classic would at least enable gamers to experience this gem of a game.

Legend of Legaia

I first got a taste of Legend of Legaia from a PlayStation demo disc. Immediately upon beating it, I started saving my lunch money so I could buy it as soon as possible. After my quest to obtain it was successful, the coming days were filled with absolute joy.

Legend of Legaia had you and a handful of people traversing the world that was covered in deadly mist. Thanks to magical entities called Ra-Seru, you were immune to this mist. Sure the story was gripping and entertaining but there was one part of Legend of Legaia which blew me away. The Battle system.

This system, rather than relying on the tried and true attack, defend, magic scenarios, worked on an input of commands. During battle, your input gauge steadily grew, which gave access to longer combos that consisted of High and Low attacks, Arms attacks and Ra-Seru attacks. When these were pressed in certain sequences, they would unleash some truly impressive looking special moves.

Legend of Legaia is another game deserving of a place on PSN's PS One Classics section and I'm sure any other RPG fan would wholeheartedly agree with me.

Brave Fencer Musashi

This Square action RPG featured a young Musashi, reincarnated from the Brave Fencer in order to save the Kingdom of Allucaneet.

Musashi was interesting to me at the time because it featured a hero who wasn't incredibly keen on saving everyone. He had his own agenda and thought of helping everyone to be a bother, even though he was pure of heart. In a world filled with heroes risking their lives willingly to save the world, this was a refreshing take on a main character.

The game's graphics closely resembled those blocky characters from Final Fantasy VII, but featured a lot of voice acting. At that time, this was an incredible change which gave a lot more personality to each character, beyond just written dialogue.

The Japanese PSN store is lucky enough to already have this game to download, which I can only hope means that it will eventually find its way to the US.

Valkyrie Profile

This was yet another game that initially blew me away with its premise. You take control of a Valkyrie who has to amass a group of noble individuals who died and then must be trained in order to help in the final battle, Ragnarok.

This RPG borrowed heavily from Norse mythology when it came to its premise and characters which already at the time really interested me. One of the coolest aspects of Valkyrie Profile however was it's exploration. Rather than the standard exploration of RPG's at the time, most of exploration was done in 2D and behaved a lot like a platformer. This was definitely a welcome change which made the game a lot more approachable than other RPG's at the time.

The battle system was phenomenal as well. You could have up to four people in your party at a time, each associated with a face button on your PSX controller. The best part came when you had the chance to Purify your enemies, which would enable you to unleash your character's special finishers which were always extremely flashy.

If the re-release worked on the PSP as a UMD release, I don't see why this amazing RPG couldn't be released as a PS One Classic, or at least bring the PSP game to PSN Sony!

Thousand Arms

Ok take this into consideration. An RPG game that has you going on dates with various Anime hotties in order to strengthen your weapons. Also take into consideration that I was in my early teens and things such as dating we're sort of new to me. With that said, despite it's whacky romantic premise, Thousand Arms was an incredible RPG.

The game featured a young Spirit Blacksmith called Meis, and his quest to find five legendary Sacred Flames in order to stop the evil Dark Acolytes. Throughout your adventure you would meet various Anime vixens who you would elect to go on dates with and answer many dating questions, in hopes of romanticizing them. The better you did, the higher the intimacy level, which in turn led to even more powerful weapons. I know, genius right?!

Besides this whacky premise, Thousand Arms featured a great story, and pretty awesome graphics. Though they weren't much to look at in the overworld map or towns, they really shined in the Anime cutscenes, as well as the battle scenes which showed all characters as gloriously drawn 2D sprites. 

Speaking of the battle system, this was also a fair departure from standard JRPG's. A single character would fight enemies on the front line while supporting characters would use offensive and defensive abilities in the back, which brought a cool twist to the standard fighting RPG fans were used to.

Not many RPG fans that I talk to remember Thousand Arms, and that's a shame, because I can honestly say that was one of my favorites right up there with FFVII and FFVIII. So what better way to bring this great game back for everyone to experience than on the PSN store.

Honorable Mention: Mega Man X4

I know this is a top five list but I absolutely had to include this game. I know, not one of the more original games on my list, nevertheless, Mega Man X4 was and still is my favorite Mega Man game to date. The level design and bosses in my opinion were the best out of any Mega Man game, but obviously there are many of you that will disagree.

Right from the amazing Anime intro, I knew that this game was going to be even better than its predecessor. It was also the first game to have Zero as an official playable character. While playing as Zero, you no longer had the option to shoot your enemies from a distance, it was time to get up close and personal with them and his trusty Z-Saber.

During the time of its release, button input cheats were still a big thing, unlike today. Mega Man X4's Ultimate Armor and Nova Strike cheat ensured that you'd breeze through the game, and feel like a complete bad ass, taking down robot leaders with just a few hits of your Nova Strike, though nothing was more satisfying than finally beating that game completely with both characters without the use of any cheats whatsoever.

Remember, these are just my personal picks that I fondly remember playing on my PS1, and I'm not in any way saying these are the best of the best games for that console.

What are your favorite PS1 games that you remember fondly and wish were available on PSN as a PS One Classic?

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