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My 2014 Xbox wish list

Xbox One

Earlier this week, I wrote a wish list for what I want to see from Sony in 2014. Like Sony, Microsoft also launched a new console in 2013, the Xbox One. So it's only fair that Microsoft gets similar demands from me. It's a new year, so anything can happen -- maybe even one of my wishes.

A Kinect-less Xbox One

As you already know, I'm a cheapskate. That's why I went with the Nintendo 3DS XL over the PlayStation Vita. It's also one of the major reasons I went with a PlayStation 4 at launch instead of an Xbox One. 

I like Kinect, I really do -- but not for $100 extra. If Microsoft gave me the opportunity to buy a Kinect-less Xbox One, I'd do so in a heartbeat. I admit that it's mostly a mental issue for me. It's only a $100 difference, but I just can't justify spending that $100 on a peripheral that I don't think I need. Give me the option to buy it at a later date, like I had with the Xbox 360.

I know, many of the Xbox One's features are designed with the Kinect in mind, but it's not like the system requires it anymore. It merely adds to the experience, but I'd rather have a more affordable experience.

Better Games with Gold

I recently wrote an article that Microsoft could learn a lot from Sony's PlayStation Plus offerings. And to the company's credit. January's Games with Gold are pretty solid with Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but it's still not up to par with what Sony is offering (BioShock Infinite, DmC Devil May Cry, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons). That's not even including the free Vita and PS4 games.

Point being, Microsoft is making improvements. They are learning that Xbox owners want more than to relive the "classic" game experiences. I recognize Games with Gold is a bonus to the Gold services we're already getting. Microsoft doesn't have to give us anything, but I think we would all agree that'd be a terrible business decision at this point. I'm grateful that we now get two free games a month, but like any gamer, I want more. I'd also like to know what Microsoft has planned for Xbox One in terms of free games.

Keep the exclusives comin'

Halo 5

2013 saw one Xbox 360 exclusive game release, Gears of War: Judgment. That won't happen with the Xbox One in 2014, but I want Microsoft to assure me that their new console will get a healthy dose of exclusives in the future. What lies beyond Titanfall, Quantum Break, and Sunset Overdrive? Show me that you can keep up with Sony in terms of console exclusive games.

Address Xbox One player feedback

As I mentioned, I don't own an Xbox One personally. We have one here at work, but that's for review purposes. So while I'm not as passionate about many of the Xbox One features, or lackthereof, I'd like to see many gamer requests get addressed. Microsoft has said they are listening to player feedback and I'm sure they have some firmware updates in the works, so I'm confident that this wish will be answered. I don't think every issue will be addressed, but it'd be nice to see Microsoft make a dent in the growing list of player feedback.

Fix my broken Xbox 360

Towards the end of 2013, my Xbox 360 broke. The worst part is that it wasn't that old. I had the original white Xbox and it red-ringed on me. A few months later, my now-wife got me the 250GB Black Xbox 360 which now is collecting dust in the entertainment unit.

The basic problem is that the disc tray opens and closes on its own, like every second. As soon as I turn on the console, the darn thing begins freaking out. I've looked up the problem and believe it's something with the sensor. I started to take the system apart, but had to stop half way through and haven't gotten back around to it. I will probably pick back up in 2014, but it'd be nice if I didn't have this problem to begin with. Unfortunately, this is also another reason I went with the PS4 over the Xbox One. The fact that my PS4 fat still works *knock on wood* years after its release won me over.

What would you like to see from Microsoft in 2014?

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