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Mods to turn Skyrim into Star Wars


Star Wars the Old Republic is almost upon us.  Yes, early access invites have been going out, but what about those that haven't gotten their early access emails?  What are they supposed to do?  Or what about the people that dropped $60 on Skyrim  and can't afford The Old Republic?  If they want a Star Wars experience then they're screwed, right?  WRONG!  Thanks to some amazing mods, you can turn your Skyrim game into a Star Wars experience.

Jedi Robes skyrim mod

Jedi Robes

You can't play as a Jedi without some Jedi robes, right?  Luckily, we got ya covered.  Thanks to a retexture of the psiijic robe, you can now sport your very own Jedi robe.  Travel Skyrim in style and tell the Imperial Guards that these aren't the droids they're looking for.

lightsabers skyrim mod


With this mod, you can wield an array of different colored lightsabers.  Using the Deadric smithing perk, grab your weapons and strike everyone down.  Show those adventurers what a lightsaber to the knee feels like; they won't complain about an arrow any more, I assure you.

Deathstar moon skyrim mod

The Death Star

That's no moon...it's a space station.  This mod turns the moon into the Death Star.  How freakin sweet is that?  Granted, you'll always wonder if Skyrim is on the planet Alderaan.

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