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MLG Orlando: Interview with QxG Destiny


Interview with Steven “Destiny” Bonnell @ MLG Orlando

Destiny is an extremely well known Zerg player who constantly streams on Twitch.tv and recently signed with the relatively new team Quantic Gaming (visit them on www.quanticgaming.com or add them on twitter @QuanticGaming). He’s here at MLG Orlando competing in the Open brackets, and he took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak with me, so thanks again Steven! So, without any more preamble…

Dustin Steiner: Steven, thanks for taking a moment in between your open bracket matches to speak with me. First off – you left Root Gaming back when they merged into Complexity awhile back. How does it feel to be a part of a team (Quantic) after such a large lapse?

Destiny: It feels great! I have a ton of really good people to practice with, everyone on the team is awesome and Mark (the CEO of Quantic) is cool with everything I do in regards to streaming.

DS: You’re one of the more creative Zerg players in the community. How do you feel the recent nerf to infestors will hinder that creativity?

Destiny:  I have to completely redo my Protoss vs Zerg matchup, but other than that it’s not too bad in Zerg v Terran and it’s really not that bad in Zerg vs Zerg matchups.

DS: You were relatively passive in terms of career development for a long time, especially during your lapse between teams. What are some of your goals for the future? Have you given any thoughts on traveling to Korea to compete in the GSL?

Destiny:  I’m not entirely sure yet, but in being part of a team I will be practicing much more seriously in general.


DS: What players are you afraid of in this tournament?

Destiny: There are a lot of players that are better than me, but in this tournament specifically, I have to fight White-Ra in a few rounds if I make it past a few more Zerg players. White-Ra’s really good, Stephano’s up there, any of the Koreans that are over here, really.

DS: You support yourself primarily through streaming. Are there any tips you could give to someone who’s new to streaming in the Starcraft 2 community, or streaming in general?

Destiny: The most important thing to remember if you are going to stream is to showcase your personality when you do so. There’s most likely always going to be someone better than you, someone streaming in a higher quality than you, so you really need to put yourself out there if you want to succeed.

DS: You used Protoss for awhile on the ladder – what do you feel the biggest issues effecting Protoss play are right now?

Destiny: It’s really complicated. For a long time, Protoss have been stifled on the creativity side of things especially in Protoss vs Protoss matchups. They’ve mostly focused around two base builds or three base turtles so having to unlearn that and having to move towards late game play is something some Protoss players are having trouble with, but some are also having great success.

DS: Why do you prefer Zerg as a race?

Destiny: Because that’s the race I chose to master for Starcraft 2.

DS: Simple question, simple answer. You participated in several leagues before this one including the IPL – what league are you most fond of, or does it make a difference to you?

Destiny: It’s hard to choose – they all have their ups and downs. IPL definitely had more money involved, but then again, it’s nice to come out to MLG and see all the spectators. It’s also great that anyone can enter MLG and have a chance to win.

DS: Last question and I’ll let you get back to preparing for your next match – how did you get your start in eSports?

Destiny: Mostly through streaming, I guess.

DS: Great! Thanks for your time Destiny, and good luck in the open brackets today! We’ll be rooting for you here at GameZone.

Dustin Steiner is GameZone’s eSports Correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin for all the latest from MLG Orlando.

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