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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide: All Mission Tasks Detailed

Know what you're getting yourself into

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough: All Mission Tasks Detailed

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain includes 50 main story missions, all which include a primary missions, but also a slew of secondary, and mostly optional missions.

The secondary missions are not revealed until after you beat the mission the first time. While you can still complete the secondary objectives without at first knowing what they are, you're bound to miss some objectives, simply because some of them are rather ludicrous.

Here is a fully detailed list of the Mission Tasks for every single mission in the game. Beware, spoilers ahead.

Prologue: Awakening

  • Complete the mission without triggering Reflex Mode
  • Complete the mission without allowing the Man on Fire to attack even once after meeting up with Ocelot

Mission 01: Phantom Limbs

  • Extract Kazuhira Miller (Mandatory)
  • Pinpoint Kazuhira Miller's whereabouts
  • Extract the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Complete the mission without being discovered by the Skulls
  • Secure the rough diamonds hidden in Spugmay Keep
  • Extract the transport truck driver

Mission 02: Diamond Dogs

  • Complete the Fulton extraction training (Mandatory)
  • Extract staff, raising your R&D Team's level (Mandatory)
  • Develop the cardboard box and complete basic training (Mandatory)
  • Complete restrain training
  • Complete strike training

Mission 03: A Hero's Way

  • Eliminate the Spetsnaz Commander (Mandatory)
  • Neturalize the Spetsnaz Commander from a distance of over 100m
  • Extract the Spetsnaz Commander
  • Pick a haoma in the desert between Shago Village and Spugmay Keep
  • Secure the processed materials hidden in Shago Village

Mission 04: C2W

  • Destroy the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post (Mandatory)
  • Destroy the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post (Mandatory)
  • Identify the comms equipment at the Easter Communications Post
  • Secure the rough diamonds hidden near the Easter Communications Post
  • Extract two prisoners held at Wialo Village
  • Extract the materials container from the Eastern Communications Post

Mission 05: Over the Fence

  • Extract the captive engineer (Mandatory)
  • Fulton extract the engineer through the hole in the facility's basement cieling
  • Extract the prisoner plotting to escape from Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Extract the four-wheel drive patrolling between outposts
  • Secure the blueprint at Wakh Sind Barracks

Mission 06: Where do the Bees Sleep?

  • Secure the Honey Bee (Mandatory)
  • Eliminate the Skulls
  • Secure the Honey Bee with its ammunition intact
  • Extract the prisoner who cannot speak
  • Extract two snipers at the Mountain Relay Base
  • Eliminate the Gunship

Mission 07: Red Brass

  • Eliminate the commander of the company stationed at Wialo Village (Mandatory)
  • Eliminate the commander of the platoon stationed at Shago Village (Mandatory)
  • Eliminate the commander of the platoon stationed at Wakh Sind Barracks (Mandatory)
  • Extract the commander and all soldiers riding in his vehicle
  • Extract all three commanders
  • Listen to th e end of the commanders' conversation
  • Extract two prisoners held at Ghwandai Town

Mission 08: Occupation Forces

  • Eliminate the colonel (Mandatory)
  • Eliminate all tanks (Mandatory)
  • Secure the deployment plans
  • Extract the colonel
  • Eliminate the colonel and all tanks before they reach Smasei Fort
  • Extract the prisoner held at Sakhra Ee Village
  • Extract all tanks

Mission 09: Backup, Back Down

  • Eliminate an armored vehicle (Mandatory)
  • Eliminate multiple fighting vehicles or gunships
  • Eliminate all armored vehicles without receiving a resupply or fire support
  • Secure a weapon carried by a transport truck
  • Extract an armored vehicle
  • Extract the four soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner
  • Extract six prisoners
  • Extract three tanks

Mission 10: Angel with Broken Wings

  • Extract the Mujahideen prisoner called Malak (Mandatory)
  • Extract the armored escort vehicle
  • Extract the three prisoners held at Lamar Khaate Palace
  • Extract the two prisoners held at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost
  • Listen to the last conversation between the transport truck driver and Malak
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