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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer: tips for fun & winning


Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode may not be as complex as Battlefield 3, but there are still some good tips to be had. If you've finally finished the game this weekend and dove into the four-player co-op experience, here are ten tips to get you started.

Play with Friends, Use Voice Chat

This one seems pretty obvious — playing with people you know or talk with benefits most online multiplayer games. In particular, Mass Effect 3 is a better game when you can warn your teammates of incoming threats like Banshees and Brutes, while also addressing downed teammates as quickly as possible. When your buddy is downed and knows they'll have to use Medi-Gel to revive themselves, communicating that to you can be the difference between fighting on or needlessly diving into a danger zone.

Try Out the High Sensitivity Camera

This tip may seem a bit silly, but even for those who found the “medium” sensitivity setting fine in the campaign, bumping it up to “high” in multiplayer can make a huge difference. The third person view and cover system make a higher sensitivity about more than just quick aiming; you can navigate the environment faster, as well. It's not for everyone, but for those with enough experience with shooters, the higher sensitivity makes everything feel a bit less sluggish.

Experiment with Weapon Loadouts

Every class and race in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer has a stock weapon loadout that seems logical to stick with. Really, though, you should just use what works for you. An Infiltrator class can be just as effective with a shotgun as a sniper rifle, and many players have success with nothing but a pistol. In fact, thanks to the recharge rate of your powers, it's usually best to only carry one weapon on you. A fast power recharge rate is almost always better than weapon variety.

Equipment > Character Level

While leveling up gives you access to some really amazing powers, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is often all about damage output. If you can kill enemies quickly, it doesn't matter if you don't have high HP or shields. When promoting a class (the equivalent of Prestige Mode in Call of Duty), you may lose their level, but you can take comfort knowing that a good weapon will keep you in fighting shape. In fact, if you want to have any chance of getting through Gold difficulty, you'll need those high level weapons and attachments.

Don't Bunch Up at the Drop Zone

In the final round of a match, you must survive a relentless wave of enemies for two minutes. A circle marks the drop zone you must retreat to before time runs out. Most players tend to crowd around that zone right at the two minute mark, but the best approach is to wait until the last 30 seconds or so and make a run for the drop zone. Sticking around the drop zone the entire time often leads to four players all bunched up in one spot, surrounded and screwed as three Atlas Mechs, Geth Primes, or Banshees ruin their day.

Use Your D-Pad Supplies at the Right Time

You have access to four different single-use items in a match, and using them correctly can mean all the difference. For Medi-Gel, don't revive yourself unless you're about to bleed out or be stomped out by an enemy. Don't use Medi-Gel if the wave is almost over either. It's worth it to die briefly and let your team clean up rather than wasting the Medi-Gel. As for Cobra Rockets, don't use them until the final few waves. It's tempting to kill a big enemy as soon as it turns the corner, but you'll miss those rockets when it's not one, but two or three powerful enemies. Thermal Clip packs and Ops Survival Packs are less important, but don't forget about them in a pinch.

Take on a Role in Your Group

While every class can shoot, use powers, revive teammates, and fulfill objectives, some are more well-suited to one task than another. The Infiltrator class, for example, is much better as a revival specialist. The cloak ability allows them to get into the worst chaos and revive teammates without risking death. Engineers can use drones to distract enemy AI in a similar fashion. Other classes have abilities that burn through barriers, shields, and armor, making them perfect for dealing with bigger enemies. The Sabotage ability is indispensable against Geth and turrets. Pick your class, and build them for at least one specialized role.

Participate in the Weekend Events

Every weekend since launch, Bioware has hosted events with objectives and special prizes. Completing the objectives awards you with unique weapons you can't get anywhere else, and they're quite good. Even if you don't complete the personal objectives, the global objectives have been completed every week so far. It's a fun twist and a great way to get some fresh gear.
What are your best tips and tricks? Share yours in the comments below.
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