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Mario Kart 8 cheats: How to unlock characters

mario kart 8 baby rosalina

Here's how to unlock the remaining 14 racers in Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. To unlock racers, you have to get Gold in Grand Prix mode for different Cups. Here's the requirements for each character:

  • Lakitu: Gold on Lightning Cup 150cc
  • Toadette​: Gold on Mirror Flower Cup
  • Larry: Gold on Leaf Cup 150cc
  • Morton: Gold on Mirror Mushroom Cup
  • Wendy: Gold on Star Cup 100cc
  • Iggy: Gold on Mirror Shell Cup
  • Roy: Gold on Flower Cup 150cc
  • Lemmy: Gold on Special Cup 150cc
  • Ludwig: Gold on Mirror Banana Cup
  • Rosalina: Gold on Shell Cup 150cc
  • Baby Rosalina: Gold on Mushroom Cup 150cc
  • Pink Gold Peach: Gold on Banana Cup 150cc
  • Metal Mario: Gold on Special Cup 100cc
  • Mii: Gold on Star Cup 150cc

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