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Madden NFL 12 - Top 5 Linebackers


ESPN's Jon Robinson continues to unveil player ratings. Today he revealed the Top 5 linebackers in Madden NFL 12. While I have no complaints about the current list, some fan-favorites have been left off, most notably Clay Matthew and Lance Briggs. Take a look at linebackers with the highest overall in this year's Madden game.

James Harrison: 98 Leading the list of big hitters in Madden NFL 12 is James Harrison. This bad boy boasts 97 toughness, 95 hit power, 98 power moves, 99 awareness, 97 block shedding, and 95 player pursuit. With a more sensitive concussion system implemented in Madden NFL 12, I can't wait to see how it works with James Harrison. Just watch out for those fines!

DeMarcus Ware: 98 Madden continues to show DeMarcus Ware love. This popular Madden star has 86 speed, 97 acceleration, 90 strength, 88 agility, 99 power moves, 97 finesse moves, 99 pursuit, and 88 hit power. I feel bad for the tackles that have to block him. Expect the heat to be turned up on your quarterback when playing against Ware. My advice: Get rid of the ball as quickly as possible.

Patrick Willis: 98 If you have Patrick Willis is running at you with 90 speed, 96 acceleration, 98 tackle, 99 stamina, 94 toughness, 98 pursuit, and 94 hit power, I suggest you get rid of the ball. This 49ers linebacker packs a punch as the third 98 overall linebacker on our list.

Jon Beason: 97 With 97 tackle, 99 pursuit, 99 play recognition, and 92 hit power, don't expect to escape Jon Beason easily. He's about as close to a sure tackle as it comes. But when it comes to big hits, is his 75 strength enough to make you cough up the ball? Perhaps, 1 more rep in the gym, Beason, and you could join the ranks of the 98 overall club.

Ray Lewis: 95 The man who invented the Hit Stick rounds out the top 5 list. It doesn't look like he's lost a step over the years, checking in with 99 toughness, 97 player pursuit, 99 play recognition, and 98 hit power. 98 hit power!? Maybe they should just rename it the "Ray Lewis" Stick.

What linebackers do you think got snubbed in this years Madden NFL 12 overall ratings?

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