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Madden NFL 12 - NFC East Breakdown


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Today, we have the team ratings for the NFC East division. Once again, this division is a jumbled mess with no clear cut winner. With overalls ranging from the mid-to-low 80s, the NFC East is up for grabs this year. Expect to see several playoff contenders come from this solid division. There is one thing all of these teams have in common: Speed. All of them are armed with the highly rated Madden speed factor that players constantly look for in a team.

Philadelphia Eagles: 86 Michael Vick surprised everyone last year with his play. With that being said, Vick's Madden 12 ratings are sick this year. With 91 speed from the quarterback position, expect players to scramble for at least 10-15 yards a pop, if they run out of time to bomb it down-field to DeSean Jackson (99 speed) or Jeremy Maclin (95 speed). Good luck covering those receivers. Even if you do somehow manage to cover them, good luck containing Vick in the pocket with that speed. I am with Jon Robinson in predicting the Eagles to be the most played team in Madden NFL 12.

New York Giants: 83 The Giants continue to rely on their defense in Madden 12, specifically their defensive line featuring Justin "sack master" Tuck. When not on defense, expect Da'Rel Scott, the seventh round pick, to get the ball as he has 96 speed and 94 acceleration. The kid can flat out run and he will be tough to bring down in the backfield.

Dallas Cowboys: 82 How 'bout them Cowboys?! Year after year we hear talk of how this is "their" year. The hype surrounding this team is unbelievable, but it's beginning to look as though this might be the make or break year for them (of course, we hear that every year with them). They are no longer regarded as the team to beat or the overall favorite, but they will always be a fan favorite in the Madden community. Don't look for any change in that as their overalls reflect exactly what Madden players look for in a team: speed. Not only do the Cowboys feature three running backs with 90+ speed (Felix Jones: 96, DeMarco Murray: 93, Lonyae Miller: 90), but they also have three wide receivers with 90+ speed (Miles Austin: 94, Dez Bryant: 94, Roy Williams: 90). It's important to note that since this update, Roy Williams has been cut from the Cowboys roster, so expect a small hit in the Cowboys overall. Judging from his production, it's going to be a very small hit. Don't forget about their beast of a tight end, Jason Witten. Expect him to be the go to receiver in Madden again this year as he seems to catch everything thrown his way.

Washington Redskins: 74 Where do we begin with the Washington Redskins. As usual, they are a mess, and this year looks no different as they reside at the bottom of the NFC East. The lone bright spot is that the team features six wide receivers and two running backs with 90+ speed. I can't wait to see some of the plays people come up with to utilize those weapons.

One thing we have learned is that everyone is the NFC East is fast. Although, the Giants appear to be the slowest of the teams, their defensive line should effectively counter the speed on the rival teams.

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