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Madden NFL 12 - AFC South Breakdown


AFC East

EA Sports and ESPN continue to preview Madden NFL 12 and now we have the team ratings for the AFC South division. For years, the Colts have held a tight grip on the division with Peyton Manning at the helm. This year, it looks like another team may give the Colts a run for their money. The division race is closer than ever and any of these teams can step in as a contender.

Indianapolis Colts: 85 Coming off surgery, Peyton Manning drops to a 98 overall. As if that one point in overall will really effect his playmaking abilities in Madden. Manning is joined by an array of offensive weapons that include Dallas Clark (96 overall), Reggie Wayne (95), and Pierre Garcon (95 speed). With a receiving corps that that strong, it leads me to believe that the Colts mediocre overall is because of a weak defense, which is really no surprise. The Colts have gone year after year of relying on their offense.

Houston Texans: 80 The Houston Texans are the biggest tease in the NFL. They always seem to have potential, but can never get over the hump. This might be the year the Texans take advantage of an aging Colts team coming off injuries. Houston has some big weapons in Arian Foster (92 overall, 91 speed) and Andre Johnson (92 overall, 94 speed), along with a better-than-average quarterback in Matt Schaub (88 overall). Like the Colts, the Houston Texans weak point is the defense, but they are still a popular choice to overthrow the Colts as division champion.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 75 What can't Maurice Jones-Drew do? With a 95 overall, 94 speed, and 89 trucking, this guy is a beast. Unfortunately, he can't carry a lackluster Jaguars team on his back. The Jaguars suffer at just about every position including wide receiver where their leading receiver has only an 80 overall. The Jaguars are only 10 overall points lower than the Colts, but unless you plan on running the ball every down, don't expect to win often against them.

Tennessee Titans: 73 We should really just rename this team the Tennessee Chris Johnson's as he is the only bright spot on this team. With 99 speed and 99 acceleration, you better really love this guy to suffer playing a game with the Titans.

That's all we have in regards to the AFC South. It looks like the Colts and Texans are vying for the top spot. Check back for continuous Madden NFL 12 updates

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