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Looking at Civilization: Beyond Earth’s affinities


Yea, I’m one of those people who have been playing the Civilization franchise since 1991 – obsessively at that. I would be lying if Civilization’s influence on me wasn’t one of the reasons I pursued history in college. With the second expansion on Civ V, that game is complete as hell. SO amazingly good. Where do you go when the stars are the limit? Well… the stars.

So when the Firaxis team announced a brand new Civilization game that is a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri… yea, I’m down. After watching the PAX East 2014 panel, I couldn’t help but get even more excited. Today we’re going to be looking at the three affinities set up for you to choose from the start in Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth. These three choices include Harmony, Supremacy, and Purity.


I like to think of these guys as hippies with gene splicing capability. They believe that landing on an alien planet means living alongside an alien planet. Through adaptation, those who follow harmony learn from the alien life and splice it into their own. Using the environment and natural life is their forte. Why not create some new specimens of life while you’re at it? This is harmony.


Metal is perfection. Through technology, mankind reached new heights. Machines are the reason why humanity has landed on this new colony to inhabit. Why would we turn our back on machines? Why not take machines even more seriously? Man’s fleshy is squishy and weak, it need metal reinforcement to evolve into its next stage. Why use flesh at all? We could all be mentally joined as one. Welcome to supremacy.


Aliens? Machines? Nono, humans reached the starts, humanity needs to strengthen the human spirit. Through genetics, we can remove silly things like disease and illness. Let’s shut out the aliens and mechanical parts and focus on making what makes us human even better. To do so though, we’re going to need lots and lots of munitions. With flying fortresses we can escape the alien world and keep a better watch on our threats. Purity.

Which one of these affinities suit your gameplay style the best? Personally, harmony is speaking to me, I’m all about embracing the aliens and making super hybrids. I’m sure I’ll try each a million times. Check out the PAX panel below.

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