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Let's Play Dawngate!: a quick look at EA's new MOBA

At PAX East, I got my first look at Dawngate, the new MOBA from Waystone Games and EA. I even played in a 62-minute match that felt epic at times. This is not at all like that match.

In this Lets Play of Dawngate, I'm at the helm playing as Kel, a melee tank with some mobility, who may looks and feel a bit like Gragas from LoL, but is unique in a few ways. For instance, instead of rolling an exploding barrel, Kel rolls a sheep at the enemy. Tony Francis and I discuss the concepts of Dawngate that helps set it apart from other MOBAs, such as the boss fight at the end of a match and the focus on lore.

Unfortunately, things start off poorly with me forgetting to buy starting items. Noob move, bro. And I'm playing a Shaper (character) that I have never tried before. It makes for a messy match that has a player that never connects to the match. At least we get to see the system Waystone Games has in place that lets you surrender early if a player never connects!

This is Dawngate​. Played poorly. 

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