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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes cheats, codes, secrets, and unlocks


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has a number of cheats and codes that can be entered within the game that unlocks various characters, outfits, and game-changing effects. While the game is still relatively new, a few of the codes have already been discovered. Below is a comprehensive list of cheats and codes that you can enter while playing the game:

How to enter a cheat code:

When in-game (regardless of platform), press pause during gameplay and select "Extras" from the main menu. Here you will find the option to "Enter Code." Enter any of the following cheats to activate the corresponding effect.

Cheats stay active only during your gameplay session. If you restart the game, you'll have to re-enter the cheat code:

List of Cheats:

2X Stud Multiplier: "UZFBG4"

Studs are the currency in LEGO games. By entering this cheat, you'll gain the standard 2x stud multiplier.

Classic Thor: "H8CSE6"

This will unlcok the class Thor skin.

Hydra Soldier: "B7AA3K"

This will unlock the Hydra Soldier as a playable character.

Iron Patriot: "Q5X1J5"

This will unlcok the Iron Patriot as a playable character.

Achievements and Trophies

Check out the full list of Achievements and Trophies, including how to unlock them, here.

We will continue to update this post as more cheats are discovered. If you know of any cheats, tips, strategies, or secrets that you'd like us to include, send us an email at tips@gamezone.com.

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