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League of Legends Fiora first impressions


Welcome to Eye of the Summoned, GameZone's weekly video series spotlighting League of Legends champions, tips, and strategies.  Every week, on Thursday, we will feature a new video highlighting the many features regarding League of Legends.  Videos will range from champion spotlights to kill highlights to game strategies.

Today, we look at the newly released champion: Fiora, the Grand Duelist.

Released yesterday, we played a few games with Fiora and we have to say we're pretty impressed with her skillset.  In the video below you can find our initial impressions on Fiora.

Overpowered?  We don't think so, but we could understand a nerf in the future to some of her skills.  Right now, the League of Legends community is pretty divided on the new champion.

The key ability to really master Fiora seems to be Riposte, an ability that when activated parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker.  As you saw in the video above, this is an extremely important ability that will ultimately separate the average Fiora players with the experts.

Fiora, The Grand Duelist abilities

  • Duelist (passive) - Fiora regenerates health over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times.
  • Lunge - Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within a couple seconds at no mana cost.
  • Riposte - Fiora's Attack Damage is increased. When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions.
  • Burst of Speed - Fiora temporarily gains additional Attack Speed. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed. Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed.
  • Blade Waltz (ultimate) - Fiora dashes around the battlefield to deal physical damage to enemy champions. Successive strikes against the same target deal less damage.

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