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League of Legends Champion What ifs: Sonic


Here at GameZone, we are huge fans of League of Legends.  We play nightly and we talk about it most of the day.  You'd figure it would reflect in a higher ELO, right?  Anyways, at lunch the other day, we were imagining what some of our favorite video game characters would be like if they were champions in LoL.  What abilites they would have; what they're passive would be; all that jazz.

So, we're going to start a new column where we imagine some of gaming's most popular characters as champions.  We start off our series with Sonic the Hedgehog.  So what would the Blue Blur be like in League of Legends?  I picture him using a mechanic kind of like Shyvana, but it's called a gold ring bar instead of a fury bar.  Pretty much, Sonic can't use his ultimate until he has a full gold ring bar.  All of his other abilities would either work off of mana or cooldowns — I think cooldowns would work better considering that's what works for Shyvana.

So here are Sonic's abilities:

Sonic, the Blue Blur

  • Gold Rings! (Passive) – Sonic gains a percentage of his movement speed as gold/per 10.
  • Dash Attack (Q) – Activate and then hit a minion/champion (like Nasus's Q). Sonic gains 30% movement speed until he rolls into an enemy dealing 40/65/90/110/130 (+60% of ability power and 6/8/10/12/15% of movement speed) magic damage.  Sonic gains +1 movement speed if a minion is killed, +2 movement speed if a champion is killed.  Movement speed caps at 100.  Sonic loses 1/2 of stacks upon death.
  • Tails Throw (W) – Tails throws Sonic at an enemy.  Upon hitting the enemy, he deals 80/125/160/190/220 (+70% of ability power) magic damage.  After hitting, Sonic bounces off enemy and returns to where Tails launched him from.
  • Wingman Tails (E) – Tails picks up Sonic and flies to an area.  Upon dropping Sonic, all enemies in that area will take 55/85/115/145/170 (+35% of ability power) magic damage and is slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.
  • Super Sonic (Ultimate) – Turns Sonic gold and glides to a location.  Gains 50% increased movement speed and blocks all damage for 4 seconds.

sonic league of legends

Obviously, I view Sonic as an Ability Power champion that uses movement speed kind of like how Hecarim uses it.  He's got some mobility and his Q, E, and ult can be used defensively as well, giving him diversity in his skillset.  It would be interesting to see him jungle, because with his movement speed, slow, and the ability to tower dive with his ultimate, it would be fun to watch him gank.

It's Sonic, so I had to have a movement speed mechanic, and my justification for the conversion to gold/per 10 is that I'm imagining him running around summoner's rift collecting rings.  I went with ability power over attack damage a little debate among our GameZone staff.  They thought his abilities should use AD ratios, but I wrote this thing, so I get to choose whatever I want.

Here's an example of some of his skins (silly, I know):

Sonic League of Legends skins

I'm not sure what his dance would be, but I'm picturing his taunt being him standing there waving his finger back and forth.  I'm doing the actual motion, but I don't know how to describe it in words — it's kind of sassy.  You Sonic fans know what I'm talking about.  His death animation would be him losing his rings before he drops to the ground.  You know how awesome that would look?!

sonic losing rings

Well, I hope you enjoyed our interpretation of what Sonic would be like in League of Legends.  In the comments section below, say what you think would be a good item build/masteries/runes on him and why, and the best one we will include in the column (with mentions to you, of course). 


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