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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough


Even though this guide is primarily for the PC version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, it can still be used as a walkthrough for the console versions as well.





-The beginning...After the end(main quest)

-Out of the Darkness(main quest)

-Into the Light(main quest)

-Old Friends, New Foes (main quest)

-The Hunters Hunted(main)

-The Great General(main)

-Breaking the Seige(main)

-An Old Friend(main)

-Enemies in High Places(main)

-Silence Falls(main)

-Echoes of the Past(main)

-Pride before a fall(main)

-Taking Vengeance(main)


Things To Know


As your body, devoid of life is dragged by two strangers, you are asked to choose your fate, intertwined with that of the Fae, and as a being of Amalur you now have to make the choices that will make your destiny...

The four races provided are as follows:

  • Almain
  • Varani
  • Ljosalfr
  • Dokkalfar

[NOTE: The sex of the character does not affect gameplay]

NOTE: It really does not mater what race you pick. Inside the game, you can develop you character in such a way that she/he can be proficient in anything possible. The starting bonuses account to nothing. Even ig you choose a particular skill or path for your character, you can reset all the skill points you obtained (by leveling up) by visiting "Fateweavers" who can reset everything. So don't waste too much time here.

The races and their characteristics are somewhat different from many other games since there is no true description to a race which has been defined earlier (ex= warrior / mage / thief)

Each race having their own advantages (as the norm has been for generations)


The Almain are warlike and religious nation of a storied origin. Many Almain come to Faelands seeking freedom, while honoring the traditions of their homeland.


  • Alchemy +1
  • Blacksmithing +2
  • Persuasion +1

NOTE: Players without much experience in gaming or those who are new to RPG's or want to breeze through the game without any trouble should choose this race. This is the warrior class (more or less).


  • Fire: Vreakor = God of fire, and patron of the Forge +6% Fire damage and resistance
  • Wisdom: Ethene = Goddess of WIsdom and Art +10% Mana 
  • War: Thyrdon = God of War, Battle, and Tactics +5% Physical Damage and Armor
  • Order: Mitharu = God of Order +5% Health and Mana
  • Justice: Ynadon = God of Justice +10% Health
  • None: Beholden to no God, your self=sufficiency yields its own rewards. +1% Experience Bonus


Hardened by the high seas, the Varani are just as frequently pirates and mercenaries as they are shrewd merchants. They favor swords and daggers as seaworthy weapons.


  • Lockpicking +2
  • Mercantile +1
  • Detect Hidden +1

NOTE: You know where to look if you want to get rich ;p


  • Fire: Vraekor = God of fire, and Patron of the Forge +6% Fire Damage and Resistance
  • Water: Njordir = God of Water, Patron of Fishing and Sailing +6% Ice Damage and Resistance
  • War: Thyrdon = God of War, Battle, and Tactics +5% Physical Damage and Armor
  • Death: Belen = God of Death +1% chance to Critical Hit ; +8% Critical Hit Damage
  • Mischief = Lupoku = God of Mischied, Patron of Brewing +6% Poison Daamage and Resistance
  • None: Beholden to no God, your self=sufficiency yields its own rewards. +1% Experience Bonus


The Ljosalfar are a proud and ancient people from the frozen lands of the north. Ljosalfar judge themselves fot to divine right from wrong under wind, sun, and sky, and mete an even=handed justice.


  • Sagecraft +1
  • Alchemy +1
  • Dispelling +2

  NOTE: This is the race of priests more akin to high elves.


  • Earth: Gaea = Goddess of Earth the Harvest, and Fertility +5% Elemental Resistance
  • Air: Ohnshan = God of Air, Sky, Stars, and the Winds +6% Lightning Damage and Resistance
  • Wisdom: Ethene = Goddess of Wisdom and Art +10% Mana 
  • Order: Mitharu = God of Order +5% Health and Mana
  • Justice: Ynadon = God of Justice +10% Health
  • None: Beholden to no God, your self=sufficiency yields its own rewards +1% Experience Bonus


Dokkalfar are renowned as sophisticated students of magic and diplomacy. While they do not shy from conflict, they prefer to resolve disputes subtly and with grace, or efficiently, in silence.


  • Sagecraft +1
  • Persuasion +1
  • Stealth +2

  NOTE: MAGE + THIEF (they are like the dark elves)

            {The default Dokkalfar female is HOT...}

So, depending on your taste, make a choice, I personally was inclined to choose the Dokkalfar.

More on these later....


  • Wisdom: Ehtene = Goddess of Wisdom and Art +10% mana
  • Love: Aryllia = Goddess of Love and Beauty +5% health ; +1% chance to critical hit
  • Death: Belen = God of Death +1% chance to critical hit
  • Fate: Fate = Goddess of Fate, Magic, and Luck +5% Mana ; +5% Mana Regen per sec
  • Mischief: Lupoku = God of Mischief, Patron of Brewing +6% Poison Damage ; +6% Poison Resistance
  • None: Beholden to no God, your self-sufficiency yields its own rewards +1% Experience Bonus

You don't really need to rack your head to choose a patron, it's really easy, just mana bonuses if you want to go full mage or choose damage bonuses or armor boosts or critical hit bonuses if you want to go warrior.

If you are having a hard time deciding then try not to decide anything and instead choose no Patron which will give you a 1% experience bonus...


You don't really need any help here do you?

Just keep clicking and stop if you see anything you like...


You can access the inventory screen by hitting I or you can go there thru the pause screen. There are several parts to your inventory which are:


There are two kinds of weapons = Primary or Secondary. When you unequip all weapons and there are none in your weapon slots then you can choose any weapon to be either your primary or secondary. To equip or unequip a weapon hit Enter on it or right click and choose. There will not be any difference in the weapons if you equip them as primary or secondary so do not worry.

The kinds of weapons are Swords, Staves, Daggers, Bows etc.

You will need to use a repair kit on your weapons if they lose their life (shown by the numbers next to the pic of an anvil on the top left of your weapon description.


Armor is of primarily three kinds. The armor with the high ratings will give you bonus blocking. Armor with mid range ratings will give you critical damage bonus and armor with the least ratings will give you mana regen bonus. They are equipped and unequipped just like weapons.


They can be rings or other stuff like jeweler. Each has a unique characteristic and will give you a bonus depending on the characteristic.

Here is a list of accessories and where to obtain them:

SQUIRE'S RING = +5 Health

Obtained after defeating the stone golem in the first quest.


They include all kinds of potions in the game. They can be health, mana, or poisons or any other kind. You can map them onto the radial dial by right clicking and you can access the dial by holding tab during play time.


Everything else like special pouches, repair kits and lockpicks among dozens of other stuff. They are automatically used in game.


You can shift anything from the other places into the junk area. Here you can either choose to destroy the items or just remove them from junk and shift them back to where they originally were.


The main object of the game, this place lists all the quests which have been activated.

All the quests type like Main quests, Faction Quests, Side quests or menial tasks are listed separately for our comfort and clarity. This place also holds the description of the quests and also details and various objectives for each quest.

more on this later....


These hold all of the powers you can gain. All of them are listed here and also listed are their description and requirements.

The abilities are of three kind = Might, Finesse and Sorcery. Each corresponding to a different type of gameplay. But, instead of mastering everything in one particular aspect of the game, you can get flexible and make a fusion or different aspects which obviously will enhance you gameplay and the fun that comes with it.

You can choose to increase an unlocked ability by spending points after leveling up but be careful since you cannot redistribute them once you have assigned them.

All the abilities are explained along with the moves in the MOVES section below.


This is essentially the most important aspect of the game - the power to choose your own destiny and change that of others!
Destinies are unlocked after the first main mission and you can look at al those available to you in the Destinies section of the menu (hit "esc" to get into menu). Each destiny needs you to have certain number of points spent on a particular ability (might/sorcery/finesse). The requirements are mentioned on top of the description of each destiny, so that you can assign points that way to unlock the destiny. If you have a lot of points assigned to sorcery and want a destiny of might to be unlocked then just visit a fateweaver (who can reset all your points) and reassign according to your wish. You can also unlock destinies which are a fusion - just look at the requirements.


All the moves you have and which can be obtained during the game are displayed here.You can unlock new moves by upgrading your abilities by the use of points after leveling up.

The following are the various moves and the abilities you need to acquire to unlock the moves. Also below them are the abilities explained in detail.

Upheavel - Click once and click again when the first attack is about to be completed, i.e. pause between the clicks. *This ability is unlocked from the beginning.
Comet Strike - Hold attack till the sword glows.
Phantom Edge - While holding shield button, keep pressing the attack button.
Horizon Edge - Dodge (in the direction of the enemy) and attack at the same time (you should press the dodge button and then immediately the attack button, do not give time between the buttons)
Riposte - After a successful parry, kept mashing the attack button.
Minotaur Rush - Hold the attack button till you see a glow on the hammer then release and keep hitting attack when enemy is in range.
Spine Bender - While holding the shield/defend button (left Ctrl) hit attack three times to complete the combo.
Crushing Blow - After a successful parry, keep mashing the attack button.
Whirlwind - Hold the attack button till your sword glows.
Guillotine - While holding the shield button, attack twice when enemy is nearby.
Gravedigger - Dodge (in the direction of the enemy) and attack at the same time (you should press the dodge button and then immediately the attack button, do not give time between the buttons)
Gut Thrust - After a successful parry, keep mashing attack button.
Shadow Strike - Hold the attack button till your blade glows.
Crossfire - Click once and click again when the first attack is about to be completed, i.e. pause between the clicks.
Cross Slash - Dodge (in the direction of the enemy) and attack at the same time (you should press the dodge button and then immediately the attack button, do not give time between the buttons)
Punishment - After a successful parry, keep mashing attack button.
Backstab - While crouched, move towards the enemy and attack to execute them. *Unlocked from the beginning.
Charged Shot - Hold the click until you see a glowing aura around the arrows you are about to shoot. *Unlocked from the beginning.
Scattershot - Hold the click until you see a glowing aura around the arrows you are about to shoot.
Arrow Storm - While holding the shield button, attack twice when enemy is nearby.
Twisted Claw - Hold the attack button till your blade glows.
Talon Strike - Click once and click again when the first attack is about to be completed, i.e. pause between the clicks.
Cyclone - Dodge (in the direction of the enemy) and attack at the same time (you should press the dodge button and then immediately the attack button, do not give time between the buttons)
Savage Wing - After a successful parry, keep mashing attack button.
Silent Scythe - While crouched and with a faeblade equipped, move behind the enemy and attack. *Unlocked from the beginning.
Charged Entropy - Hold the attack button till your stave glows.
Mage's Vortex - While holding the shield button, attack twice when enemy is nearby.
Arcane Fury - Click once and click again when the first attack is about to be completed, i.e. pause between the clicks.
Charged Shot - Hold the click until you see a glowing aura around the head of your scepter.
Warding Blast - While holding the shield button, attack twice when enemy is nearby.
Maelstorm - Hold the click until you see a glowing aura around the head of your scepter.
Elemental Escape - Click once and click again when the first attack is about to be completed, i.e. pause between the clicks.
Orbital Blades - Dodge (in the direction of the enemy) keep attacking at the same time (you should press the dodge button and then immediately the attack button, do not give time between the buttons)
Parry - hit the block button just before and enemy's attack hits you not when he starts the attack but when the attack is about to hit you.
Shield Bash - While holding the shield button, hold interact button (F) till your shield glows and then release the interact button.
Quake - If fully upgraded, cast three times continuously
Battle Frenzy - Provides increasing bonus to damage as you keep killing enemies one by one.
Harpoon - This will pull an enemy close to you so that you can take on them one on one.
Relentless Assault - This allows you to attack without breaking your rhythm even if enemies attack you but your shields are lowered. 
War Cry - Decreases the amount of damage the enemies can do.
Wrath - Use it and keep clicking the cast button to increase the damage done.
Envenomed Edge - Applies poison to your attacks (you need to press it once to activate and then once more to deactivate).
Frost Trap - Causes freezing damage when enemy steps on it.
Smoke Bomb - Stuns enemies.
Blade Honing - Increases critical hit damage (you need to press it once to activate and then once more to deactivate).
Shadow Flare - Press twice to cause shadow and blade damage.
Lunge - Move behind your enemies like a flash.
Gambit - Throws traps at random on the battlefield.
Storm Bolt - Throw a bolt of lightning.
Tempest - Lightning damages multiple foes.
Sphere of Protection - Blocks a little bit of incoming attack damage (press to activate and press again to deactivate)
Ice Barrage - Sends forth a barrage of ice picks.
Winter's Embrace - Launch a cloud of ice shards.
Healing Surge - Hold button to heal yourself.
Summon Faer Grota - Bring forth a Grota from the dead (press to activate and press again to deactivate).
Mark of Flame - Press once to mark your enemies and hold button to blast marked enemies.
Meteor - Call down meteors upon the enemy.
Elemental Rage - Press three times to deal multiple elemental damage.


This holds the status of all the things related to your character.

Skills = These are the basic skills for your character. You get one skill point for each level you gain. They directly affect the base skills of your race.

Twists of Fate = coming soon...

Lorestones = You come across various stones as you explore the world. Collecting a set of a certain kind of stone will grant you special  bonuses.

The list of stones and their locations will be updated soon.

Effects = Here listed are the current effects on your character which may be positive or negative. These may come because of a piece of equipment you are wearing or from a potion or from any other place

Achievements = The list of achievements and their descriptions are given here.

Stats = all the things you did are here...


The first part of alchemy is harvesting the ingredients / reagents. There are different levels to harvesting these ingredients. Some reagents need higher levels of the Alchemy skill for you to be able to successfully harvest them and it also depends slightly on chance.

It would be best if you do not go around trying to harvest plants which you cannot the first time itself or you will be losing precious natural resources. I will list the various ingredients and the level of alchemy required for you to be able to successfully harvest them.

You need to experiment with various reagents at an Alchemy Bench to gain knowledge about a mixture. I have listed some mixtures below and the recipes for them. If you want to brew the advanced versions of the potions then you have to upgrade the Alchemy skill.

(only need to experiment with one of each to discover potion)

Please go here for the list of all potions and the ingredients to make them...



Obviously the most important part of the game is combat. There are certain base rules and techniques for combat which you should know. After you grasp the basics of all kinds of combat, you can easily make a fusion of different attacks and powers and what not to create a fully unique play style suited for you.

The different kinds of combat you will come across are -

Melee, Ranged, Stealth, and Sorcery

The best thing about this game is that, it allows you to take full control of the play style and you can switch from stealth to slash to arrow to magic seamlessly and smoothly. In fact, the game presents you scenarios where you may need to do these in harmony. But the ultimate choice is yours and you can decide whether to embrace one style of play or make a fusion.

You obviously need to unlock abilities and moves to integrate them into your playstyle and make it further more effective. So depending on your choice you should unlock certain skills and abilities (moves come automatically from unlocked abilities - read the Moves section for more on that) and leave the others alone.

I will always give you enemy specific combat details in the walkthrough itself.


Another important aspect of the game is lockpicking. I will demonstrate how to pick a lock in the video below.

Picking a lock is so easy that you can pick even the hardest lock with ease and without upgrading the lockpicking skill, in fact, the lockpicking skill is an utter waste ( that is if you have some finesse; I just came back from playing in Skyrim and picking locks here is actually easier ). If you don't have the finesse then you need to upgrade that skill since chests and other locked places hold some very very important stuff.

TIP: You will need to move the pick from left to right or from right to left in a semi circle and you should stop at one place and hold the D button at which point the slider on the top starts to move to the right and if the place you stopped the pick is not right then the pick will start to vibrate and if you hold the D button too long the pick will break. So, just move the pick to the left or the right and if you move it in one direction and the pick breaks / vibrates even before the slider reaches to the point where the pick last broke, it means that you are going in the wrong direction and you should rotate the pick in the other direction and check again, keep doing this and you will be able to pick the lock.

Dispelling wards is similar to lockpicking but there is a different mini game here. You will see a circular band with glyphs on it. There is another white ring moving on the circle all the time. You need to click when the white circle is over a glyph to activate it. When a Glyph is activated you will see a green circle over the glyphs which indicated the time remaining the glyph to be resealed after which you will need to activate the glyph again. You can keep the mouse pointed anywhere, all you need to do is click at the right time to activate the glyphs. All the Glyphs need to be active at the same time for you to break the ward. Also, there is a timer on the top right of the screen indicating the time remaining for you to dispel the ward. If the timer runs out, The glyph will burst which hurts you or sometimes it may even send out a curse at you.

The most important thing here is to know when to make the click. You should click just before the white circle moves onto a glyph (at the moment of contact of the circle and a glyph). Here is a video to give you a rough idea on how to dispel a simple glyph -


There are several lorestones spread around the world of Amalur. When you activate them, they tell the ancient lore of the folk. You will need to activate 5 stones of a kind to unlock a permanent bonus. The locations of all the stone will be given soon here itself.

There are several lorestones spread around the world of Amalur. When you activate them, they tell the ancient lore of the folk. You will need to activate 5 stones of a kind to unlock a permanent bonus. The locations of all the stone will be given soon here itself.

Following are the pics of the stone's locations on the map.
1) This is to the left of the path as you go from Allestar Glade towards Gorhart.
2) Past Gorhart...
3)To the south of Brunuath, Lorca-Raine...
4)In Ysa...
5)In Caer Nyralim...
1)At the exit of Cursewood to the Midden...
2)Directly North of the Seven Widow Mine...
3)Beside Bonnolach...
4)Near Ghennig...
5)In the center of the upper Caeled Coast....
1)Past Gorhart...
2)Past Gorhart...
3)North of Gorhart...

4)North of Gorhart...
5)I forgot to take a pic but it's near Gorhart too (sorry...)
1)Inside Agnur Farhal - past Gorhart...
1)Above the waterfall next to Didenhil...
2)To the right of Ironhold Passage in the south of Glendara...you need to jump down from a ledge to get to the stone...
3)North West of Didenhil village...
4)South East of Didenhil...
5)North east of coilsbane caverns...
1)Exit of Twilight pass towards shadow pass...
2)West of Echoing light mine...
3)At the exit of the south portion of Shadow Pass leading to the north portion...
4)Exit of upper portion of Shadow Pass to lower portion...
5)In High Flugen in the area to the right of Primordia...
1)After Gorhart...
2)To the right of Warden's Bridge in Lorca-Raine...
3)To the left of Ironhold Passage...
4)To the south of Virki in East Kandrian...
5)In front of Skycrown Cavern (below it)...
6)In the East Forsaken Plane...
7)West of Emaire in the West Forsaken Planes...
8)Just east of Deep Slumber in the Cradle of Summer...
9)Above the exit from Menetyre to Apotyre...
10)Near entrance to Adessa...
1)Past Gorguath...
2)Below Brigand Hall Caverns in the north west of Lorca-Raine...
3)As you go from Webwood to Ettinmere...
4)At the place where the Freeman Bandits camp in West Kandrian...
5)In front of Virki in East Kandrian...
6)North of Blackened Hall in Tywili Coast...
7) In the east Foraken Planes...
8) Sount of Mull-Rane in the west Forsaken Planes...
9) North of Caer Elatha in south of Alserund...
10) In the Land going from Hollowlands to Menetyre...
1)Area above Titenhil in The Midden...
2)To the left of the Main Road that goes to Mel Senshir in Cursewood...
3)In the land protrusion to the left of Sioran Crypt...
4)To the east of Rahnil...
5)Near The House of Pride...
6)In Bhaile...
7)In Amaura, just south of the House of Vengeance...
8)Center of Twilight Pass...
9)In front of Glowlode caverns in south portion of Shadow Pass...
10)Exit of upper potion of Shadow Pass to High Flugen...
1) After defeating the Grave Thresh and going into the heart of Gorguath...
2) A bit further...
3)In Gorguath...
4)In Gorguath...
5)In Gorguath...
1) As you move north from Gorguath. I have given two pics for you one on the world and the other on local...
1)To the right of Aodh in The Sidhe...
2)Directly north of Rundamir or a bit south east to Aodh...
3)A bit to the north west of Aodh...
4)Right from Rundamir...
5)Near the gates of Ysa...
1)At the entrance of Splitrock Depths to the south west arm of Haxhi...
2)South in Haxhi...
3)A bit south of Haxhi Dam...
4)A bit Southwest of Sunder caverns...
5)West of SUnder Caverns...
(my favourite lore)
1)In Togh Farm ( in the southern protrusion between Webwood and Haxhi).
2)As you move north from Cathrus...
3)The land directly to the left of Cathrus...
4)North of Shade RIver Caverns...
5)To the left of Canneroc...
1)To the right of Holnstead...
2)The Fisherman's Bride Quest takes you here...
3)Far Northwest from the Ballads Oratory...
4)West of Dellach...
5)Island to the right of Gnomish Expedition...
1)To the right of Cranalt...
2)North of Cranalt...
3)At the exit of the Wolds towards the Forsaken Plane...
4)Upper lane that leads from the Wolds to Tala-Raine...
5)West of Rond Farm...
1)East of Dolve Wayle...
2)South of Dolve Wayle on the mountain...
3)This is the area where you kill the leader of Kobolds for a side quest...
4)At the crossroads...
5)Right from Crogan Hold...
1)East if Tam's Wagon...
2)South of Caer Tosai...
3)In the lane which leads you from west Kandrian to East Kandrian...
4)In the Center of Mel-Aglir...
5)South east from Mel-Aglir...
1)North east from Dolve Arne...
2)In the lane from Tywili Coast to Galafor...
3)North of Galafor...
4)Northwest of Tirin's Rest...
5)A bit southwest from Gloam Thicket
1)At the exit of the Forsaken Planes to the Cradel of Summer...
2)In the lane leading from the Forsaken Planes to the Cradel of Summer...
3)Past the entrance to Cradel of Summer...
4)Southeast of Cradel of Summer...
5)West (opposite) to Urul-Tusk... 
another one of my favourites...but also the most difficult to find...
1)Opposite to the entry of Gallette Tunnels (lowest area of the canyon).
2)West edge of Red-Marches (highest level of canyon)...
3)Above and east of the entrances to Tomb of Fyragnos (highest level of canyon)...
4)To the left of the east most exit to Tomb of Fyragnos. You need to go from inside the tomb and exit thru the following door in the tomb.
5)You can go to this island by entering any Tomb of Fyragnos and exiting thru the last secret door... (you will not be able to get here till you have all the keys to the tomb).
1)Midwest of Alserund...
2)West of Fellfire pit...
3)East of Fellfire pit...
4)Southeast of Fellfire pit near the Shrine of Thyrdon...
5)Near the exit of Alserund to Menetyre...
1)South of Motus Mining post where you meet Calavar over looking the mining...
2)South in Hollowlands...
3)East of Hollowlands and East of Shadowthorn...
4)Near the exit to Menetyre...
5)Near the exit to menetyre...
1) South of Hurvar's Doorsil...
2) Middle of Menetyre...
3) Middle of Menetyre...
4) South in Menetyre...
5) Above the exit to Apotyre...
1)On the lane from Menetyre to Apotyre....
2)To the west of Zungar Shaft...
3)To the left of the Zungar Shaft exit which is to the left of exit from Apotyre to Erathell...
4)Opposite the entry to Skoria Mines...
5)Outside Cynric Quarry...
1)In the southeast of the Midden...
2)Center of the Midden...
3)Southeast of Proving Halls...
4)In front of Proving Halls...
5)East of Proving halls...
1)Upper part of the north Caeled Coast...
2)West of Castle Gastyr...
3)The lane leading from upper to lower Caeled Coast...
4)Area opposite to Castle Ansilla...
5)Opposite to Sinsear...
1)In front of Cann-Rane...
2)Above Prismere Basin...
3)Southwest of Cann-Rane...
4)Area south of Prismere Basin...
5)In front of the southern exit of Cann-Rane...
1)In Bhaile...
2)In Bhaile...
3)In Bhaile...
4)In Bhaile...
5)In Bhaile...


Another extremely important factor of the game is exploration. RPGs these days have worlds which are sprawled over a very wide area and you may find something unique in the most un-presumable places. So it is very important and obviously fun to explore all of the game world at your disposal, you never know what you may find in which place.


Both involve the Stealth Skill. to start pickpocketing, you need to go into stealth mode (C). You can now see an eye over the persons head whom you are going to pickpocket. If it's fully red(awareness of others about you is high) then you have little chance of pickpocketing without detection. If the eye is not fully red or empty then your chances are higher. You need to go into stealth and wait for the eye to drop it's awareness so make sure you approach the target from behind and that no one else is watching you to get a higher chance of pickpocketing.

Looting is the same as pickpocketing, you should go into stealth mode and wait for the awareness to drop to be able to successfully steal things which others own.

Remember that to better your chances of looting or pickpocketing, increase your stealth skill. 


Please visit here for the guide on sagecafting and blacksmithing....


NOTE: All of the strategies listed below are to avoid even being scratched by the enemies. Most enemies deal low damage and are not threatening at all but I want to make sure they don't even land one hit on us. But, if you want to use a different strategy then feel free to experiment.

NOTE: These strategies are only for the beginning of the game, as the game progresses and your level goes high enough, you can develop your own strategies against the enemies. Also, when I say melee is not preferable, I am not asking you not to fight melee, I'm just saying that you'll face a greater risk but if you are a good player then you can block and dodge your way out of anything.
NOTE: Also, the use of potions in not stressed enough in the descriptions below so I'm just going to do it now - they are of extreme importance, everything from shield and damage boost to health and mana regen and fate to invisibility potions need to be used when you are surrounded by many enemies or by powerful foes like Ancient Leaneshe (named in yellow color or above) and Crudok, maybe Bansheen and also against a group of Jottun and for Bog Thresh and Nishkaru.
Tuatha Soldiers: The most basic units of the Tuatha, any sort of damage will get them, the lowest level enemies.
Types: Swordsmen, Archers
The swordsmen are the weakest units. The archers have more scope to deal damage but nothing too fatal.
Weapon of choice: Anything
Giant Spiders: They are weak to all elemental damage - Fire/Ice/Shock. They only perform melee hits, so if you don't want to get bit, use a mid or log range weapon.
Weapon of choice: Elemental damage
Rock Troll: Mini bosses in their own right, the Rock Trolls are your main opponents in the beginning of the game. They have two attacks. The first is smashing with the club when you get too close, another variation of the smash is the charge attack. The Troll comes running at you and the best way to counter this is to dodge away. The second attack is the rock throw, the Troll smashes it's club into the ground hurling several rocks at you, you can dodge this or better yet, use a shield against it (if you have a nice shield and blocking bonus).
Weapon of choice: You should never get near a Troll. Even though it has only two attacks, it usually deals a lot of damage, and alternates between the two attacks so you can pretty much see what it's about to do. The preferred choice of weapons are ranged types. You can use mid or long range weapons and even magic works great. You will see variation of the rock troll throughout the game but their moves are the same and you should also use the same strategy.
Bear: The standard animal nuisance comes in the form of the grizzly(brown) bear. Use either mid or long range to avoid any damage.
Giant Rat: The common vermin is increased in size but not so in threat. It still is no match for us. You can use any weapon you want to, but be careful if they are in groups (rare occurrence). In that case, ranged weapons are preferred.
Wolves: The wolves can be more trouble that they are worth. They growl before leaping at you and the moment a wolf growls, you should either break it's attack by attacking it or immediately pull up your shield. Dodging doesn't do much good here with wolves. They are especially dangerous when they come in packs.
Weapon of choice: If you have good reflexes and can put up the shield the moment you see a wolf growl then you can use mid or melee. But, if you are a new player then do long ranged attacks and get accustomed. You can clearly see them growl and lift their head up before they attack, so that is your cue to put up the shield.
Kobolds and Savages: They always come in packs (standing fox like things). They use spears to attack you and can do short and melee attacks and rarely (the better ones like Kobold savages) do ranged attacks. 
Weapon of choice: It is difficult to read their melee attacks and block them (because they come in a group) so I prefer mid or long range weapons and magic to avoid being hit.
Sprites and their Champions: They are a bit tricky... if only a little bit. They are always present in groups and a group of normal sprites are not threatening at all but with a champion, they multiply their threat. Sometimes (in the late game) you will face multiple champions in the same group.
Weapon of choice: They are very weak against Melee damage and do only ranged attacks. You can easily predict their attacks and also shield them and dodge them.
Boggarts and Plaguebarers: They are very very easy foes. The Plaguebearers are somewhat of a thorn in the foot when they have Thresh nearby them because they cause one hell of a distraction.
Weapon of choice: Magic, yes they respond very bad to fire (apparently they are made of wood). So just blast them with fire from any of your sources. Apart from that, since they have low health you should use whatever you can to kill them as soon as possible. You should also be on the lookout for the Plauebearers because, true to their name, they carry debilitating disease. They also hurl themselves in the air at which point you are to hold up your shield.
Thresh: The Thresh can be very dangerous. It would be hell if you take on a Thresh at the wrong time (when your level is lower than the Thresh). They only do Ranged combat and you better dodge if you are away from them.
Weapon of Choice: You should never try to take on a Thresh in Melee Combat unless you are in Reckoning or beefed yourself up with extra damage potions and protection potions. A Thresh is trouble only if it's name is in orange. Suggesting that your level is lower than the Thresh. For most enemies, this is not a problem (even Trolls with orange names are easy), but when facing Thresh, you have to be extremely careful. Use as many potions as possible and take it out quick. If you have no potions then prefer mid range combat so you still have time to dodge it's attacks (long range weapons have lesser damage).
Burghests: These are the werewolves of the game. They pretty much fight like wolves so I'd prefer ranged combat or the heavy weapons.
Jottun: They sometimes come in groups and can be very pestilent. They can do powerful attack and when you are facing a group be extra careful because together, they can put out a continuous chain of attacks. You should prefer mid or long range weapons and a shield is always useful. Try to block with a shield when you see them running towards you (if you are not so good at evading them).
Weapons of Chice: Chakrams, Staves or Longbows or magic. If you are a totally melee fighter, then count your stars if you are facing some runelords - I hope you can dodge really well because you will have to do a lot of it but if you have fully developed defense abilities and a good shield, that should save you a lot of grief.
Ettin: These are just like Jottun but only come is twos at the most. The basic brute has no weapon and uses only his hand but if you go up to Shamans and named Ettins then they have a rock hammer which can shoot thunder balls from the ground. Do not go melee on them and long range and mid range are preferable.
Leaneshe: There are the normal ones and then there are ancient Leaneshe. Both can be a big problem if surrounded by other enemies. They either throw slime balls at you or start to scratch you. You can predict when their slime balls come out as they start screeching and Twitch their bodies like dancing in the air. Roll out as you see them do this. Also, ancient Leaneshe can come at you and take a swipe. When they swipe at you, they regain their whole health and the bigger problem is that you cannot block or dodge when they swipe at you. So, the best thing you can do is quick kills, use a fast weapon to take care of them because even if you use a heavy weapon they can move away between the swings. You just need to kill them as soon as you can.
Weapons of Choice: Faeblades and longswords work very well and if you have enough mana potions, a continuous barrage of sorcery should also work.
Crudok: This are most dreadful enemies in the game even if not the most dangerous, although they are. These come out from underground and attack unsuspecting targets. They can deal the most damage out of all the enemies in melee fighting so avoid that. They also twitch their bodies in circular motion like the leaneshe and bring out three swarms of flies that can hurt you but you can just block them with the shield. If you evade the flies, they will come back at you. The Curdok also spits poison at you and you should just Block it because dodging will be difficult and you might get hit even if you dodge. I just hate this one, it can jump close to you and it does that only to attack you with it's entrail (stings like a scorpion with the tail) and that is the melee damage I was talking about. You better roll out of the way when you see it jump. So if you are a pure melee fighter, you'll have a lot of trouble with this one.
Weapons of Choice: Definitely Chakrams or longbows if not sorcery.
Bansheen and their spawn Murghans: These things give out lightning damage. Melee fighters will have their hands full but ranged fighters will fare better.
Weapons of Choice: Any ranged attacks work.
Nishkaru and their Tyrants: Possibly the most Hyped enemies in the game and rightly so. They have a lot of health and deal a lot of damage, even blocking does not work against their swipe attacks (they charge at you when you are at a distance) so dodge when you see them coming at you. The Tyrants are the worst, you just need to use potions if you are playing on Hard difficulty so use every potion that can aid you in combat and do not hold back. The choice of weapons is very tough against the Nishkaru and Tyrants, every weapon you use will have the same effect and magic is probably the best to use against them and also longbows are good. If you face a group of Nishkaru then keep running and dodge when they swipe at you and after they do a swipe attack, they are vulnerable for a short time so this is when you should use your melee weapons and not any other time. The choice of weapons is the same for normal Nishkaru an their Tyrants but never try to engage the Tyrants in melee combat if you are not fully 
prepared (fully upgraded shield ability and a good shield - preferably with lowered fire damage and potions that shield damage and also boost your shield and the invisibility potion works well too along with damage boost and greater health regen).

There are several others in the world of Amalur who have skills of their own like us and also are willing to teach you the skill they are most familiar with, if you are willing to part with some gold (a lot of gold actually). I will list the various trainers here -
ARNICK ARDUNA, Basic Trainer
Skill - Detect hidden
Location - Gorhart Inn, Gorhart.
ELLOVA, Basic Trainer
Skill - Persuasion (seduction?)
Location - Summer Sanctuary, House of Ballads
HALDER RODRIC, Basic Trainer
Skill - Blacksmithing
Location - Shieldring Keep
HIROEN KARET, Basic Trainer
Skill - Stealth
Location - Star Camp
ELAYEN DARK, Basic Trainer
Skill - Detect Hidden (I think!)
Location - Star Camp
Skill - Lockpicking
Location - Lorca-Raine (Near exit towards The Wolds)
ANTON DEMAIN, Basic Trainer
Skill - Mercantile
Location - Beside Caverns of Ingress, Alserund
NARIT WYLE, Mid level Trainer
Skill - Lockpicking
Location - Hospitalis Quearlters, Adessa
BORM OF BOWSTRINGS, Mid level Trainer
Skill - Stealth
Location - Hospitalis Quarters, Adessa
TEMPLAR MONTAINEL, Mid level Trainer
Skill - Persuasion
Location - Forum, The Isles, Adessa
MAGESSA OHR, Basic Trainer
Skill - Persuasion
Location - House Wyvyrn-Girfe ,Upper city, Rathir
SAVANT ITRAN SCONN, Mid-level Trainer
Skill - Sagecrafting
Location - Main Hall, Scholia Arcana, Upper Level, Rathir
Skill - Alchemy
Location - Main Hall, Scholia Arcana, Upper Level, Rathir
ERIC PORTHE, Basic Trainer 
Skill - Dispelling
Location - Roams around in Adessa
ARTAN CAID, Mid-Level Trainer
Skill - Dispelling
Location - Main Hall, Scholia Arcana, Upper Level, Rathir
NEY CSALAN, Master Trainer
Skill - Detect Hidden
Location - Mel Senshir
Ragna Senn, Master Trainer
Skill - Blacksmithing
Location - Mel Senshir
ENOIN GAIUS, Master Trainer
Skill - Mercantile
Location - Mel Senshir
LIORDRAN, Master Trainer
Skill - Sagecrafting
Location - Balor's Crossing, The Kneeing
ELYA MADMIR, Master Trainer
Skill- Lockpicking
Location - West of Seawatch, Caeled Coast




This is the beginning of the game where you have to take care of the character you will play throughout the game and you will also learn of Gadflow and the mortal army of Amalur and the everlasting warriors of the Fae.

Take a look at the things to know section of this guide to learn more about the character you need to choose. This is just the introductory section where you already are dead....

                OUT OF THE DARKNESS

Objective = Find a way out...
Area = Well of Souls

(Since this is the first quest of the game, I will write everything in depth, rest assured, this will not be repeated in the later quests since the game is too long to be described in detail although I can assure you that you will get all the info you require and even more. You should also take your time, exploring your options and experimenting with various things at your disposal.)

After the cinematic, you see yourself in a large cave underground. You had awoken amongst a pile of rotting corpses with nothing but ragged clothes. You have no weapons, no armor, no accessories, no consumable = nothing.

Open the map (M) and you will see a yellow circle (Also shown on the mini map on the HUD). This is where you have to go (obviously enough...)

Make your progress thru the area and you come to a bridge when you hear distant rumblings of falling rocks. As you come up the battered stairs, you can see some shiny thing to the left.

This is a Disposal Note, read it to learn a bit about this place. To the left of here are some stairs which lead nowhere but around here is a skeleton having some gold coins, loot it (F).

Now, Head towards the yellow circle and you come to another skeleton to the left which has a rusty sword for you to loot. Pull the lever to the right here and you will see how the incinerator (mentioned in the disposal note) works.

Head out thru the door behind the skull and to equip the sword, go to the inventory screen (I) and hit E or right click and hit equip.

Keep moving and you will hear the screams of women and shortly after, you will get to a stack of boxes which you can slash to get some gold. Keep going and you will see a rat feasting on a corpse. Move ahead and kill the two rats here for exp and continue on.

As you come near a ledge which you can jump down from (hit F) you will hear a Gnome, Encel cry out for your help, get down and kill the Tuatha soldiers (you can block all attacks by pressing the left shift button) and he approaches you and your first conversation starts and you can ask him everything you like. Pick up the pieces of armor from the fallen soldiers and the boots from the chest to the right near the exit. You can destroy the boxes around here to gain some gold and the move to the next area.

Quest Updated : Leave the Well of Souls

You will now see the well of souls but just keep moving towards to yellow circle and pull the lever and proceed thru the door. You will come to a store room, just keep smashing the crates to the right and ahead to reveal chests behind them and loot them for some handy goodies. Take the shield form the weapons rack and shortly two more soldiers attack you.

NOTE: From here on, you will come across new pieces of armor, use them if they are better by equipping them from the inventory screen.

You can block them and also parry their attacks. To parry just hit the block button right before their attack hits you. Kill them and move ahead and pick up the bow and arrows. Shortly after, you will come to two archers, choose your bow (you can shift between your sword and bow by hitting Q). The game has auto aim, so just take your bow and shoot, If you hold your bow longer then the shot is charged and deals more damage. Keep moving thru the open door and you will come to two more archers, kill them and collect everything around here by smashing the crates to the right and move the other way and pick up the piece of armor from one of the fallen soldiers. After a while you can acquire some daggers which are on the ground. Move ahead and you will be asked to sneak, go ahead and hit C to toggle sneak mode, move towards the soldier and attack him for a silent kill. There are two more soldiers ahead, kill the left one in stealth and then quickly switch to your sword and attack the next one since he is now aware of your presence. Move ahead and open the door and you will learn of your magical prowess. Move right and read the spider memo and pick up the items from the chest next to the door and head out.

As you move ahead you will come across your first spider (unlike the spiders from several other games (cough* Skyrim) these do not spit poison, they are melee attacked and respond badly to melee attacks. Try to finish these off from the distance and if you are Dokkalfar (I'm not sure about the other races) then you can use the lightning spell to hit them = this is by far the most effective weapon against them = but be wary of the time needed to recast the spell. Use your sword against them when necessary or you can even use the bow. Loot from the chest ahead and move on to get to a spider web which blocks the path ahead, pick up the fire staff from nearby and equip it and burn the thing down. Go ahead to face three more spiders. Keep dodging (SPACE BAR) and then shoot them with the bolts or melee them and dodge when surrounded. There is a spider sac which you can loot around here to the right.

Run ahead and face two more spiders and then loot the chest to the right and leave the well of souls.

You will come out of the well and another dialogue will commence. You can persuade Encel to give you extra help = the probability of a successful persuasion is represented by the percentage to the right of the dialogue.

Quest Updated : Speak to Fomorous Hugues

Your quest is updated and now you need to speak to Fomorous Hugues. You can pick up various types of armor from the three chests around here and also other stuff. Go to the gate and open it and when you reach the portal there is a log to the left on the table. Take it and move on and thru the door here to get to Hugues. 

Quest Updated : Escape Allestar Tower

After all the dialogue, move out thru the door behind here and keep going till you get to the two Tuatha soldiers. Kill them with anything you want to and move grab the stuff from the chest to the right and move thru the gate ahead and keep going till you get to the area with the rock troll.

If you want to use spellcraft then equip all the armor which gives you bonus to mana regen. Else use heavy armor and the like.

During the first part of the fight, keep dodging the Troll and use ranged attacks if possible to kill the soldiers first, you need to dodge a lot to make sure all of the Troll's attacks miss you. So keep dodging and shoot a lightning bolt when you have the time or shoot arrows. Try not to melee the Troll because it can cause serious damage. Use your health potion if you have to = just remember to dodge and if you do not have the time, just use your shield to block the rocks which the Troll smashes at you. It's really not hard. But after you deplete its health, get near it and hit F and then you get a quick time event (either repeatedly click left mouse or spacebar) and the faster it you do it, the more exp you get out of it = max = 100 exp. Here is a video to help you along...

After you come out and move a few steps ahead, you should be able to level up. You will be given points and choices so spend carefully. I personally put all my points to sagecraft and then to get my lightning to fourth level. You can do whatever you like.

                 INTO THE LIGHT

We now have to meet up with the Fateweaver named Agarth who lives in Gorhart and it really is not that far away.

But before we actually get there we can learn a few more things about the game during the journey and the most significant of these are alchemy and exploring.

As soon as you come out, I can bet that the first thing that catches your eye is the large flower on the right side. Read the alchemy section of this guide to learn more about gathering reagents and mixing and experimenting with potions. Also, it would be best to tell something about exploration and all the other basic functions of the game like lockpicking and combat and other menial things. So, please pause and look over the respective sections in this guide to progress smoothly.


Area - Allestar Glade

Dungeons / Places - Shrine Of Mithrahu, Stonecandle Mines

Special Items:

outside - Sturdy Buckler, Scout's Longsword, Repair Kit, Chakrams

stonecandle mines- Static Hammer, shards, reagents, Smoldering Scepter, Sturdy Kite Shield, smoldering hammer, fine birch scepter, gem of fire shield, stonecandle log.

Time to do a bit of exploration for now. If you look into the map, you will find a place next to the water fall, here is the pic...

You can go there by climbing down the bridge (near the gnomes who are sitting here) go left or right and the path will continue into the water, here's the pic -

Here you will find a skeleton with a "Sturdy Buckler" and two locked footlockers and a warded chest. Read the "Lockpicking and dispelling wards" section of this guide for a better understanding on how to dispel them. They have Strengthening Chakrams, Repair Kit shadow prisms, Protection shards, Scout's Longsword.

There is a shrine of Mithrahu here which is also shown in the map by a small green dot. Here's a pic-

You also find a gnome being attacked by a bear and you can save him and then persuade him to pay you.

You will also find the stonecandle mine here. Here is the pic on the map. You may come back here later for a quest so it is up to you to explore it now or later.

If you are going to explore the place then be wary of the traps next to the chests, there are some very interesting items to be found here. You will also come across some Kobolds which attack in a group. Use any means at your disposal to dispose them. They can throw randed attacks so keep your shield ready. The static hammer and the chakrams are really good weapons here.

Dodging is very important and you can use any melee or ranged weapon but remember to use your shield.

As you move towards the yellow target on the map, you will start a dialogue with Agarth and have a conversation and soon after, you will be attacked by more soldiers. You can also persuade him to give you some potions.

You will learn about the fate of others, unraveling, harnessing fate power and using it in your fights and also using the reckoning mode. I will brief all of it here.

When you start hitting enemies your fate meter starts to fill up. When it is full, you can enter the Rekcoking mode by holding X long enough. While in the reckoning mode, start killing enemies and when their health is fully down and you see a glow around them, move to another enemy and do the same. Try to get the glow around as many enemies as possible and go near one of them and hit F and this will prompt a quick time event where you will be asked to press a key (space, M1 or M2) repeatedly and depending on how fast you do this you will get exp and also, every enemy who is unraveling (glowing) near you will die and you will get bonus exp.

You then find out that you have no fate...

Then you can pick any of the three destinies which have been unraveled. Choose one depending on the bonus they give. But the best part is that you can choose any other one at any time during the game. So, depending on the situation, you can choose any destiny to your liking and change it any number of times.

Quest Updated - Meet Arden


Area - Gorhart

Items - Numbing Scepter

If you talk to the guy kneeling next to the injured Fae, you will get a side quest "Building Bridges" (see below).

If you go behind the "Golden Age Alchemy" (house - you can look it up in the map) you will find a Numbing Scepter.

In the graveyard beside the Golden Age Alchemy, you will find a letter on the ground addressed to Avery Egest. You will also find the Grave of Alden Gorhart (the person who the village is named after). You will also meet Gizela - the wife of a soldier on the frontlines. You also meet Sister Zelda standing near the stairs to the right of the graveyard; who warns you of St.Odwig's Mission.

Quest Updated - Meet Agarth at Dellach

When you get to the place, Agarth will come to you and explain why you are here. Follow him into Dellach to commence the quest.

As you keep going, you will come to a place with an Ettin Brute and a pack of wolves. You should have no trouble at all dealing with them. But if you do have any trouble, then remember to keep dodging and use ranged attacks and always put your shield up as soon as you hear a wolf growl (an indication that it will pounce on you).

After the first fight you will be on a branching path and one of them leads to our goal and the other one takes us deeper into Dellach where you will need to fight an Ettin Brute and an Ettin Shaman at the same time.

If you go towards the yellow circle then you will face another brute along with more wolves. To the left is a chest which has an Elm Scepter and to the right is another chest which is warded which has a crude elm longbow inside it. Read the "Lockpicking and dispelling wards" section of this guide for a better understanding on how to dispel them.

Further down after opening a door you will come across Kobold Rouges. After defeating them you will find a chest to the left of the path where they were standing. You will find a fulcrum amongst other things here. Moving on, you will come to another place where you see a Kobold kneeling. As you approach him a band of rouges start to attack you so be careful. You will find a chest in this room with rigid shoes amongst other things. Open the door here and go thru.

As you go down the path, you will face a couple more Kobolds and eventually reach a large chamber with another group of Kobolds. You will face around 6-8 Kobolds here and some are sitting in the corner and do not join the fight until you approach them. Exit this place and shortly afterwards you will come to a place where two Ettin Brutes are fighting against Kobolds. You can either wait for them to kill each other (which will take a very long time), or just join them and kill them - you'll at least get some experience this way. You should have reached the first objective point as marked on the map. Open the door here and progress further when Agarth and you will face an Ettin Warpriest. I had saved up my fate meter till here and unleashed the Reckoning mode on this guy and he was nothing. You can just look and dodge away from his attacks and smash him to bits and pieces. You will then learn what Agarth meant by telling you that he could not accompany you any longer.

Going further, you will come to another large hall which has two large rooms to the left and right. In the room to the right you will find an average warded chest and a normal chest. If you manage to dispel the ward (again! read the lockpicking and dispel wards section for more info). You can quicksave the game here and reload if you want to gain exp from dispelling the ward instead of just taking the blast from a failed attempt (you might actually die after a failed attempt, so remember to save). You will find cloudy poison and magic shears and a scarwood bark inside the chest. In the chamber to the left you will find the Longsword of Bloodletting among other stuff.

You will face three more Kobold shortly and one of them has the robes of lightning shield and then you will come to another door which leads to the Theater of Fate. Keep going and more Kobolds ambush you and you will come to the Doors of the Theater above a stairwell.

Inside, you will face Niskaru Bloodhunters. They are a bit tougher than usual and also faster. Keep your shield at the ready and always use your most powerful attacks. If you are caught in their combo then you will lose a lot of health. You can let Agarth go in front of you can when they are busy fighting, ambush them from behind, if you have leveled up your attacks then it would be no problem.

After that you are finally free to learn your fate and also you come to know of the Destiny Stone. You will fight a lot of Thuatha and also meet up with Alyn Shir. If you have the fate meter maxed by now then it becomes easier and if you have the Mark of Flame or other similar abilities. After killing the soldiers you will get two new main quests. Don't forget to look inside the chest as you go out.

You need to use the sigil stone to the right of the door to open it on your way out and there is a chest to the left as you exit this door.

                OLD FRIENDS, NEW FOES

You will travel thru the Star Camp and to Haxhi. Try to autosave immediately before you enter a fight. You will eventually fight with a group of Sprites just outside Caer Nyralim.

Finally, you will meet the Great Tree Nyralim. He asks you to go take a look at the Matriarch of the Trools - Gnarsh; who has been corrupted by Prismere and has joined the Tuatha.

Quest Updated - Defeat Gnarsh

NOTE: Before attempting this quest (at least if you are doing it on HARD) check your supply of potions. Be prepared for a good fight.

You need to go back to the edge of Haxhi to face Gnarsh. You will meet with several enemies on the way so be prepared and save often. You will face a large group of Sprites and a Rock Troll as you come to the mouth of Haxhi's Dam (you have to enter it to get to the target).

NOTE: Try to fill up your fate meter by the time you reach the end of this place(for the Boss Fight).

On your way, you will meet your friend and the first enemy is a Rock Troll. On your way up, you will fight Tuatha in small groups. A second Rock Troll is also in the waiting and after that, some faebale yielding Tuatha and another Troll. After some distance, you will see that Tuatha Raiders are controlling the Rock Trolls. Kill the two raiders along with the Troll and you can use the Sagecraft Altar if you wish to do so. Don't forget to pick up all the items around here and in the chest to the right just before the stairs leading the Gnarsh.


If you have your fate meter filled(like I asked you to), then this is no problem at all. If you are fast enough, you can get rid of Gnarsh even before you exit Reckoning with some powerful hit (Hammers work wonderfully). Apart from that, if you do not have your fate meter filled, then you will have small problems with Gnarsh but still she fights like a regular troll (you must have a lot of experience with Trolls by now). If you do not know how to fight with a troll then read the last part of the first main quest in this guide where I explain clearly, all things about a troll.

You are asked to go back to the old tree, and as you come out, another rock troll is waiting for you. You can fast travel to Caer Nyralim from the main map. After speaking with Nyralim, you will be asked to go the heart of the Sidhe.

As you go towards your destination, you will fight several Sprite and once a Thrush with a group or Sprite and some Barghest. The Thrush can be very very annoying (especially if you are the melee type). I suggest ranged combat with your shield at the ready and plenty of dodging.

Quest Updated - Enter the Gardens of Ysa

Go in the beautiful gardens and behold a wondrous sight. The gardens are home to the Summer Court and the High King. You will meet Chancellor Erawn at the entrance after the bridge and there ends this Quest.

                 THE HUNTERS HUNTED

You can fast travel to Didenhill if you crossed it in the last quest. You are to meet to Agarth here who said he'd lend a hand in tracking down the Tuatha that have been attacking us (if you did not notice, we are second on their priority list). Agarth is waiting for you in the Three Lamps Inn.
NOTE: Didenhill has the Craft Hall where you can do alchemy, masonry and sagecraft - a very handy place indeed!
You will learn of the Eyes of Tirnoch and have to decide if you want to sneak in from the back or burst thru the front doors.
Quest Updated: Follow Agarth into the Hunter's Pit.
Full Frontal Assault-
Move out to the target location ( you can actually run behind Agarth the moment you step out). He will take you to the front entrance and then will go to the back entrance to prevent them from escaping. As you go in, you will fight Tuatha in small groups. There are chests scattered all around the place holding some useful things so be sure to check all of them. Keep going all the way inside and you will reach the place where the Eyes are kept without any trouble at all (just a few Tuatha). Destroy the eye with any of your weapon (the Tuatha Raider was manipulating it) and Gadflow himself shows up. Speak to Agarth to end this quest, but remember to explore the rest of this place before going out with him.
Sneaking from the back door-
After you reach the escape route, Agarth tells you of the Barghests which are inside what you ask him about the defenses. He also mentions a lot of traps, so keep your eyes open and look on the ground for snares and panels. If you are good at sneaking, then you can kill everyone here by back stabbing them. Make you way to the center of this place and you will come across cages with Barghests inside them. Release them to break hell and go to the target area where the Eyes are kept and destroy them, everything else is just conversation.

                  THE COMING STORM
You are to go back to the Gardens by quick traveling from the main map (if you did the quests in the sae way I did, or you probably are in the gardens if you did them the other way).
Head into the Font and then the Court of Summer. As you enter the court, you will be asked to place the Codex in front of the high king. Place the Codex on the Pedestal and a Cinematic will ensue. Then Titarion will do a wonderful reading for us and asks us to travel to Alabastra to face the God of Gadflow. Then a new Twist of Fate is awarded to you - Unwritten One. And, two new quests to choose from.

                  THE GREAT GENERAL
Alyn Shir is here itself - in the court of Summers (if you are continuing this from the above quest). You are to meet her in the village of Emaire to get General Tilera. The marked location is the Plains of Erathell (which leads to The Worlds). You will pass thru the town of Ayten and into Emaire and you have to go to the Blue Bear Tavern where you will Alyn Shir.
You will learn that Tilera is in exile and you have to bring her out.
Quest Updated - Meet General Tilera at Urul-Tusk.
You need to walk to Cradel of Summer to get to the general. Speak to the General when you get to the spot and she asks you to awaken the Urul-Tusk windstone.
Go to the stone and strike it and a Nishkaru will attack you so watch out. Go back to the general again and she asks you to awaken the remaining four windstone.
Quest Updated - Awaken all the Windstones
The location of each windstone is shown on the map. They are very far apart so you will take time travelling to each one and expect a lot of fighting along the way. Fast travel to Emaire and the locations of all the stones are shown on them map - we've got a lot of traveling to do now.
Head to the one nearest - at the edge of the western forsaken plane. You will meet several enemies before and after you ring the chime, the Reckoning mode is very useful here. If you meet large enemies with shields and you cannot cast thru their shields then just wait for them to charge at you and this is an opening and a que for you to hit them. You should fast travel to Ayten after that and head south-west into the Tala-Rane. You will see Tuatha as you near this one. You can sneak behing them or just assault them front-on; your choice. As soon as you ring the chime, two Juttun Runeweilders (in short - big ass bad guys) and a group of Tuatha will come at you. The Juttun have similar attacks like that of the Trolls so try to use ranged attacks.
Next up, go to the one in Kandrian - south-west of here. You will meet a lot of assassins on your way there and after you ring it, you will face about 4 (or 5?) Nishkaru so save before you ring it.
The last one is in Acatha in Galafor. You will face some slightly irritable enemies on your way there. After striking the chime you will face a host of tough enemies and a Nishkaru Tyrant (it's a boss). Surprisingly, it's best if you use melee (if you are upgraded you melee abilities that is). The best way to kill it is to use high damaging attacks and also don't forget the health potions. You can fast travel to Urul-Tusk after this and speak to the general.
Quest Updated - Find the Piercing Light
NOTE: Again! try to take your fate meter to the max by the time you reach the end of the chamber.
Yeah, you heard it; the Nishkaru are guarding this place and it is not going to be a breeze (you can bet on it). Your first enemies will be three bloodhunters. Soon you will come down to a chamber with the Nishkaru roaming around. As you go down the long path, you will face several enemies in small groups or two or three. Eventually you will face mice instead of Nishkaru and you will reach a stone door where you need to pull the Sigil-Stone to the right to enter. Be prepared for more Nishkaru as you go down the stairs; and yes Azaghaal is still guarding the spear @_@
First two and then three Nishkaru attack you and after you defeat them, comes out Azaghaal. He is a Nishkaru Tyrant and a famous one at that (see how he has a name?) If you saved you fate and can enter Reckoning mode (like I told you to). Then you will not have many problems, but be sure to dodge him even if you are in Reckoning. If you do not have fate saved up then sorry!!! it will be a hard fight (at least it's supposed to be).
The most important thing to remember while fighting any Tyrant (no not Hitler!) is to dodge. If you are not a Might user who has his defense with shields upgraded then you better avoid defending (if you have nice armor and upgraded defense stats then use a hammer straight against him and put a finger on the quick health potion button), dodging is the only way, and quite frankly, even if you do dodge, you will have problems attacking it since it is a bit fast. For Sorcery users, if you have your storm bolt maxxed and further upgraded, then use it or if you have the mark of flame which does higher damage, then use that. The fight is possibly the most difficult for finesse users (I really cannot advise on your situation if you are a complete finesse user). But whatever you do, make sure you take health potions often and keep those attacks going. However, if you have a proper shield, then use it to block against his fire balls (I think you can read his attacks fairly easily) and hit him from a distance. This is by far the best strategy (of-course it would have been better to use Reckoning).
After you defeat Azaghaal, search him and the chests around this area to get some very very very very good weapons (yes a lot of "very"s; all of them justified). The quest is now complete.

                 BREAKING THE SIEGE
Fast travel to Rathir so we can get the allies we need (or was that an army we needed?). It seems that some idiot does'nt understand the gravity of this situation (that depraved butthole!).
Enter the upper city and talk to Carth. You can persuade him (he will give you his ring) but even if you fail, he will permit you to go to Mel Senshir.
Quest Updated - Sail to Mel Senshir
Before you go speak to the captain, make sure you have enough of whatever you want. After you get there, speak to the commander who mentions Balor; but we are not going there first, we need to kill Malwyn.
Quest Updated - Reach the Outer Wall
We get to see somewhat of a grand army. But onto our business; head to the location marked and you will face Tuatha soldiers along the way. After you open a door, you will be trapped inside a chamber with Tuatha Priests attacking you but they are no problem at all. You can open the gate that was shut after you kill them and the moment you step out, you will learn that the city's defenses had been activated because of the Tuatha onslaught. The best thing to do here is dodge. Keep an eye on the walls for blade openings, they look like this -
NOTE: Get your fate meter up before reaching the end.
Dodge when you get near them to avoid getting cut. After going thru the traps, you will come to a balcony where the Tuatha are putting up siege ladders to get on from the ground. Get near the two ladders and destroy them and kill any remaining Tuatha. A scout comes and tells you that you now have to sneak in the next area or the survivors will be killed. You can rush in and kill the Tuatha before they actually kill the survivors. Rush thru the area to get to the Ramparts and continue fighting. You will face Malwyn and if you have fate stored up then you know what to do. He is a melee fighter so if you are not using Reckoning then take him out from a distance. After you kill him, you will have to pursue the Balor.
Go back into the Battlements and fight your way through several groups of Tuatha and in the end you will fight a Prismere Troll. After that you can speak to Captain Mys who is tending to his soldiers (just post the Troll). You can persuade him to join you. Past the place where you meet the captain, The Balor is using its eye beam (or something like that) to sweep the area. There are some parts of the wall that are not broken. You should dodge (if you upgraded your destinies you may even be abe to teleport) the beam and take cover behind the sections of the wall and continue after the beam passes you (it can kill you in one hit if you are not wearing heavy armor), just run quickly into the next area behind you to the right after the beam passes you from the left (when you are behind the wall). Inside, you will fight two Tuatha Zealots who are masters of yielding Faeblades so watch out for them. In the next room you will face some powerful foes a Tuatha Priest and a Nishkaru Tyrant. The priest actually summons the Tyrant so if you can kill him before he does that, you could avoid some trouble. Head to the Ramparts...
Quest Updated: Defeat the Balor
NOTE: Reckoning does not work here!!!
Yes this is going to be extremely hairy. Depending on your armor and other choices of Destiny which grant you bonuses on different things, The Balor can kill you with one hit (if you are not wearing any armor and your destiny is that of magic). So, whatever you do, try to go into the fight will as much armor you can put on yourself (I know Sorcery users cannot use most of the armors). Again, the most important part in the fight with the Balor is the know how to dodge. In order to be successful in this fight, you have to know the surroundings you are fighting in. You are on a small balcony and have limited place to move about on. You can move front (closer to the Balor) or back (away from the Balor) and left and right on the balcony. You should know the edges of the balcony till where you can move. The most important thing you are going to do in this fight is - dodge (if you have upgraded Sorcery destiny then you can blink around). You need to dodge the Balor in back and forth movements and not sideways. All of the Balor's attacks that are most dangerous are sweeping attacks (with its eye and limbs). 
The Balor has a total of five attacks. The first is - stinky breath. It shouts at you and you lose health because of the stench (yes I'm joking!!!). You can avoid this by holding out your shield and depending on your distance from it, it can hurt you on different degrees. The second attack is the sweep attack. The Balor swipes its hand across the balcony and you can miss this only if you come to the back of the balcony (dodge backwards). The third is the eye beam. I hope you have health potions because if you do not dodge this properly you will get hurt really bad and you need to use the health potions as soon as the attack hits you (use the potions right when your health is seen dropping so that it recovers before going empty). The best way to dodge this attack is the dodge backwards and forwards depending on where you are standing. It will most certainly hit you if you dodge sideways. So, dodge front and back continuously and once in a while you may have to go sideways. The forth and fifth attacks are done when you are standing near the front edge of the balcony. It will strike at you with one or both of its limbs and this is the time to hurt it. Use your most powerful weapon on it when its limbs get stuck in the ground. Make as many attacks as possible. It will fall down occasionally (it's face will fall before you) and when it does, you need to make very good use of the opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible (thank the hammers). So, in order to beat it, you will need to move to the front of the balcony forcing it to smash you. But if it decides to take a swipe at you, then move back. Health potions are a huge plus against it here. If you are having too much trouble then switch destinies and bring useful potions (damage reduction works wonders). You will kill it eventually one way or the other after a few tries if not the first time.
After you kill the Balor, the Tuatha flee the place and the siege is finally broken. If you are following this order of doing quests then you will have to speak with Agarth now (he's right here) to proceed in his quest.

                 AN OLD FRIEND
Quest Updated: Find Hugues
This quest is really something, you learn that an old friend is still around (I'm not telling the name!!!). But you still need to find him. Head back to the caption and out of here. You need to get to the Hollowlands in Detyre and there are only two ways to get there - from Tala Rane or from The Sidhe. So I suggest you fast travel to any of the places in the Sidhe (I went to Caer Nyralim myself) and then make you way to the target. This whole place is a desert and you will get to meet new kinds of enemies here but none should stand out for us at this point in the game. After speaking to the Templar, head to Saltwell Caverns (surprisingly, it isn't very far!) You will face the sons of Laz inside this place in groups as you progress thru here. There are also lab notes scattered across this area placed on benches, so look for them to learn a bit about this place, the first two are in the areas where you fight the first two groups of Laz. After the second Laz fight, you will come to a wire trap as you head for the next area. I did not try to dodge it but if you find a way please tell me. But before you go that way, pick up the emergencies supply key from one of the bodies here. In the next area you will face a group of fear gorta and also the next part of the journal (things are getting interesting). As you keep going you will come to this place -
There is a lever here which when activated, will start the incinerator and burn the Laz that are laying before you. Anyway, continue down the path and you will reach the chamber where the target is. A large group of Laz are here and after you fight them off, salvage everything you can and head to the target. Don't forget to pick up the emergency supplies keep from one of the enemies. Keep going and you will see that the target is near an Alchemy bench.
Quest Updated: Defend Hugues
You will face a lot of assassins and stalkers but nothing too difficult. Go speak to Hugues after the fight (a long conversation).

                 ENEMIES IN HIGH PLACES
Another long walk to Adessa - the capital of the Gnomes. Cenner Bruge - a tallier welcomes you to Adessa (they give you a house?). Anyway, you need to enter the Domus Politicia (Latin for House of Politics) (no I don't know Latin). The Templar is on the upper level. It seems that the quest is going to be tricky.
Head to the Isles and into the Livrarium.
HIGH BOSS - Octienne
NOTE: Have health potions at the ready!
This guy is slippery. You should have fate stored up (if you don't then you will have ample opportunity to do so). Do not use Reckoning right away because the fight is going to be a long one and as he mentioned, Octienne's Vivification powers can render him completely impervious to damage when he is in is vivification ward (shown by a purple aura emanating from the ground around him). You can use either ranged or melee but if you use melee, then you may just waste a little time (or not!). But still, you should do as much damage as possible to him. Octienne is going to move from one place to the other throughout the fight and he will move only if you deal enough damage to him in one place. As he moves, he attempts ranged attacks (ice balls?) so use your shield whenever you see the ice in his hand grow large. Also, be very wary of the enemies around you, you just have to kill them first before concentrating on him - no choice. So keep thrashing him for a bit and he till move past a platform (you would be fighting him in a narrow path till now) and then he goes into his ward and if you move into the center of the platform, four stalkers will attack you. You need to kill them first otherwise you will not be able to hurt Octienne at all because he doesn't come out of his ward. So, kill everyone around you first before trying to hit him. On the fourth Vivification ward, use your Reckoning to kill everyone around you and go near him quickly and smash him to bits. You will obviously enter into a quick time event when his health is fully depleted. Jump into the place you threw him in to end the quest.

                 SILENCE FALLS
Speak to Agarth who is nearby and then he points you to Mel Senshir. You should fast travel there and speak to Alyn when you reach there and then head into Cursewood. When you go there you will meet former Prince Cydan. Head out to the target and you may come across a Thresh holding a good weapon. You will meet Bisarane on your way.
Enter Foes' Hearth and speak to Cydan.
Quest Updated: Destroy the Chantries.
It will be very tricky to get to the Chantries because of the map - you will often stray away from the main path so keep a watch on the map, I will give you a pic below so that you will not have much trouble finding the places.
You will face some Tuatha Raiders here and that's it. Here is the pic to the next place -
You will face a couple of Thresh on your way to the chantrie here. After your business here is done, move to the last place.
More Threshes on your way and when you get there, it's a piece of cake. Fast travel back after you are done and you will finish this quest.

                 ECHOES OF THE PAST
NOTE: You will find this quest incredibly difficult if you are below level 18 (if you don't know what your level is then look into your abilities and add up all the points you spent and divide by three)
After speaking to Alyn, go thru the shadow walk and into Dannestar Isle. YOu will face a group of Laz as you move ahead. Then you come to the tower, Alyn dispels the ward (good thing we didn't have to do that!) so we can go in.
Quest Updated: Find Ventrinio
It sounds like the Gnome is losing control!
After going up the stairs, you face two Faer Grota and (Alyn probably walked into a trap here!) moving on, Alyn decides to abandon us. Immediately in the next room, there are some greater health potions in the chest to the left and I don't really need to tell you that you need to store up fate energy by the end right?
You'll release the Sentinel from the cage if you pull the lever here (that's exactly why I did it; he's worth some exp). Ahead, one more Grota from the cage and you will come to the Laz chamber where four of them are ready to welcome you to their place of birth. To the far right in front, is a note on the Laz (informative!) and a chest. You'll come to a balcony overlooking the new well. Here you face some Laz and don't forget to read the note to the right (obviously from Octienne to Ventrinio). It's routine Laz and sentinel from now till you reach a chamber with a lot of Ancient Leanashe and more routine monsters. Contiue out of here after each of them is killed and keep going and when you reach a large chamber where the Gnome asks you to hurry, look in the chest to the left and you will know something of your relationship with Octienne and Ventrinio.
BOSS: not really!
After the reunion the Laz come after you to get to the well but Ventrinio can't allow that so you get the job of keeping them away. A lot of Laz some Grota and some Ancient Leanashe attack you. If you saved up your fate energy then use it after the Leanashe show up. This should be a breeze really. You should now ask Ventrinio to get you to Alabastra and he unveils a plan.

                 PRIDE BEFORE A FALL
As you approach the target, a group of Tuatha will try to ambush you. When you reach Agarth, a soldier comes at you running and tells you that Dren killed their squad. After the short conversation, Ventrinio comes with the essence of Dren's.... you'll see.
Quest Updated: Face Callis Dren
Boss: Dren
Dren has three attacks and you'd best use ranged against him since he is a melee fighter. Just keep your distance from him and you will be fine. His only attack that ight get you is the charge. Hs sticks his sword into the ground and an aura is created around him, when this happens, run as far as you can and resume your ranged attacks. If you are purely melee then I hope you upgraded your shield because you are going to need it. Apart from this, Dren isn't really as tough as some of the guys we already fought.
We now have to liberate the house which Dren gave his life protecting. After you enter the place, a group of Winter Fae accompany you inside and you will face the Tuatha in the next chamber. As soon as you reach the next door, another group having a Priest attacks you. In this room, there's a warded chest to the right. More Zealot ahead and in the next area, a Bolgan Brute among more Tuatha and their Overlords and two chests. As you keep going, a Knave from the House of Pride comes and asks you for assistance in killing the Witch Knight Myrna.
Witch Boss: Knight Myrna
True to the Knave's words, we have no trouble finding the knight - she's in the next chamber itself. If you have fate stored up, then this is nothing. Also because you are having assistance from the others, you'll have absolutely no trouble doing this. In fact, I'll let you figure it out...
The next chamber has Gadflow doing his thing with Prismere, there's just a couple of guard and nothing else, do your thing and speak to Gadflow. Speak to the Knave again and he welcomes you to Alabastra.

                 TAKING VENGEANCE
Head to the gates of Alabastra and then into Alabastra. Speak to your allies (all of them) and you'll learn the course of action and you need to travel a long long distance.
You need to be atleast level 20 to be able to do this quest. You will face a lot of Zealots and Prismere Trolls all along you way. As you exit High Flugen, Ventrinio comes and speaks to you. You will meet Cydan (he's fighting with an Arcane Burghest) as you exit the Shadow Pass and if you speak to him, he will warn you of the Twilight Pass. In the twilight pass, you will meet more Burghests and Priests than others. There's a Witch Knight Dessidyn along with the Tuatha (he's tougher than the others) and some Sprite Champions all along the way (You may even face twin trolls at once). But still, this is good to get our exp up (even if only a little).
After a long long time, you will meet up with Cydan who gives us two choices. Speak to Agarth after this and then move ahead with the whole team, as you enter the next area, a host of Faer Grota and a P.Troll attack you. More resistance at the gates of the house and then you can enter it.
Inside, you will face Zealots, Priests and Trolls. You can ue up a Reckoning even before you reach the target (if you had filled it up earlier). You should try to steal as much fate as possible (the maelstorm move helps for this). As you are in a group, try to stay back and do your job from behind. Let some one else go first, this way, you can save up on potions - although by now you should be powerful enough to take on all of these guys alone. You will soon come to a large hall with candles on the ground where the Cur of Vengeance has been waiting for his turn.
High Boss: Cur of Vengeance
This is a tricky fight. The Cur can only do melee hits (and can kill you with one hit on hard). So, it's best to stay as far away from him as possible, Agarth is the one fighting the Cur and you are to kill everything else and deal damage to the Cur as he is fighting with Agarth. I used Chakrams because of the Maelstorm abiltity. Just keep a little distance from the Cur and keep attacking him. If you are a 100% Melee fighter then I hope you have enough health potions and a good shield and armor. As you keep decreasing his health, the Cur will teleport to the center of the chamber and summon Nishkaru Hunters (he does this at regular intervals throughout the fight). And, we all know that Nishkaru are a huge P.I.A (pain in the a..). You need to keep away from the Nishkaru as well. So keep running around the chamber and dodging appropriately to get away from them. Like I said, you need a good ranged weapon (or magic). The ice picks work wonders against these guys and Chakrams are always a great asset. Anyway, keep hurting the Cur of Vengeance as you deal with the Nishkaru, but health is of top priority, do not let yourself take too much damage. Use everything at your disposal and change destinies if you have to. The Cur isn't the real problem here since he is always fighting Agarth but the Nishkaru are the ones you need to look out for. You cannot entrust Agarth with the burden of killing the Cur because he deals too little damage so always return to assist him after a batch of Nishkaru. After the fight is over and won, Agarth asks you to go ahead and face the last enemy. Move to the last area and head into Bhaile (still no sign of the female Dokkalfar and the Gnome?)
Oh there they are...
Quest Updated: Defeat Gadflow
NOTE: Alyn Shir tell your story throughout this area till you reach the end. You will also see Prismere growing erratically to your left and right.
The first enemies you face are a couple of Nishkaru with a Priest. Kill the Priest first since he keeps healing the Nishkaru. Moving ahead, you will face groups of Zealots and other Tuatha. Up next are more Zealots and a P. Troll. At last, just before the Gates of Winter a little more resistance and the story of how you came to be (or not to be?) are revealed.
Well, I can't really complain. And neither will you once you see thru Gadflow's attack patterns. This guy is nearly boring. He does only two mentionable things here. The first is that he calls forth two of his twins (large family!) who keep shooting ice and fire balls at you. The real one only throws hurricanes at you. It is best if you killed a fake one first and then go to Gadflow and smash him. I had my fate meter full and I used a Master Damage Deflection potion and a Master Health Regen potion and this warded off most of the damage he would have dealt. So, go into reckoning and remember to keep both of his twins around when using Reckoning. Go and deal as much damage as mortally possible (you can use several other helpful potions which are at your disposal). The second thing he does is set up wards all over the place and he goes to the other side of this mine field. You need to stay out of this field and opposite to him. Gadflow now throws fire at you which comes from him by the ground. You can easily dodge this and you should keep dodging till he stops. Now, return to your earlier pattern of assault. Kill a twin (yes only one) and then deal as much damage as you can to Gadflow. After the fight is over, there is still no cause to celebrate as the real fight is just ahead.
Here's a video for you...

Well, we know this is the last quest of the main story line.
Head into Amethyn and Tirnoch occasionally strips your fate powers and turns them against you. You have to fight your powers four times (not really hard). Then you go into the Throne Room.
Quest Updated: Face Tirnoch
This is amazingly easy. Tirnoch keeps pulling Splinters out of you. After each kill you will fill your fate meter up by one thirds. So, after three kills, you will have a full meter. Use Reckoning and Tirnoch falls before you, in the Reckoning mode you have to hurt is as much as possible. After the Reckoning is over, Tirnoch does the same thing again and you need to kill more splinters. The number of splinters you will face each time increases with the maximum being three at once - they still are no match for us. After killing Tirnoch, you will have completed the main story line, but we still have a lot to do, don't we?

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