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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Sidequest / Faction / Task Guide


The main quests along with the table of contents and everything else for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoniing are here... Amalur main page

The following are the side quests from the game...




The Commendation
The Road Patrol|The Heart of Sibun
Lock and Key|House of No Doors
The Isle of Eamonn|The Mystic Hammer
The Mountain Prison
Khamazandu's Gift

Ballad of Bloody Bones
Two Knighs and a Troll
What Lies Beneath
The Champions
Cursed Kingdom
The Hero and The Maid




When you enter Gorhart, you will see Herc Adwold looking over an injured Fae. Speak to him to start the quest.
He asks you to seek out Aery who's overlooking the village. Aery isn't much help and she only suggests using mortal means of healing. A greater health potion will do. Herc now tells us that if the Fae from the House of Ballads learn of this incident, they would bring down destruction on Gorhart but we have two ways of stopping this. One is to go to the House of Ballads or to go to the Warsworn Keep. If you go to the House of Ballads (It's the better choice) you will encounter Galin. He also tells you of the contest   interesting, we should take a look at this. Return to Herc Adwold after this. You now have to report this incident to the Fae or the Warsowrn. If you go to the Fae, they know that this is no one's wrong doing so they forgive the people, tell Herc this news and that's a happy ending.           
You will find Nanne Hanri an alchemist inside the Golden Age Alchemy in Gorhart. If you speak with her, she tells us that a dangerous alchemic formula that she created has been missing along with her assistant. She also directs us to Agnur Farhal which is to the southeast of the village. You'll find that the guy you are seeking out is really a Red Legion spy and they already have started producing the formula, This cave has Red Legion members so you can kill them all and destroy the crates that are here. After clearing this place, there are six more boxes to destroy which are far to the north. After destroying all of them, go back to Golden Age Alchemy.          
You will find Father Dynwel on some stairs past the grave in Gorhart. He asks our assistance in finding the youngest member of their order who has not ben seen since some time.
Mark this quest and travel to the location, you will find Egan is fighting with a Boggart and when you speak to him you will find that he has been brainwashed by a couple of Fae into believeing they can turn him into an all powerful wizard if in turn he fetches them a relic of ancient power. You can go with him into the caves of Waterhall Down. The first enemies you face inside are a few Boggarts. Then you will come to the part of the path which is under water. There are wards under the water which will burst if you step on them but you cannot avoid them so just walk in the path where the Brother is going, just stay behind directly him. After this, you will see a small pile on the ground which when looted will give you a key and a couple of sprites show up. After a few more enemies you will come to the place with the chest holding the Silkie Veil, and after you take it, four sprites come at you. You can now exit this place. Egan will take you to the two people who tricked him and you get to kill them. After 
going back to the mission, the Father comes and thanks you and the quest ends. This now opens up a quest with sister Zelda. 
You can get this quest from sister Zelda only after you finish the Crisis of Faith quest (which allow you to go inside the brotherhood's territory). Head into the Reliquary and take the Ordination Rites and go back to Zelda.          
You will get this when you speak to Brother Delf who is inside the Reliquary in Gorhart. It seems that he was previously a Red Legion member who deserted them along with two of his friends. He wants you to take his and the others daggers and give it to Red Idward so as to rid himself of them. You'll find Itnar in Haxhi, he fights you for the dagger and stops in the middle of the fight to ask you if you'd give him the dagger and run away. You can also pay him money. But, I just killed him and took his dagger   simpler that way. Ugnar is sleeping behinf the Gorhart Inn. You can fight him or persuade him. Go to Bloodstone Deep and face Red Ignar. You can work for him or just kill him. Anyway, you'll be done here soon enough.          
You'll find Ainmhi as you go past Gorhart on the main road.
As you go towards the well you will start facing Sprites and near the marked location are three Champions. Be careful because they can get nasty. After you kill them, the well vanishes into thin air. If you go speak to the cursed man, he will tell you that the well wanders throughout the land in the lookout for Leechwood Bark. The next location you have to go is shown on the map. You can collect the water from here and if you go back and give the water, the curse is lifted and the wolf comes back.          
This is one of the most interesting quests. On one of his hunting days, Sir Sagrell came across a Grave Thresh and after a battle, he lost his life to it. SIr Sagrell who holds a seat in the House of Ballads now dead has left an emptiness in the house that needs to be fulfilled. After accepting the quest, reach Gorguath and walk in.
You will meet the Pledge's at the center of the place. You need to go around the place pulling Heartvines which the Thresh has grown. There are a total of three after which the Thresh will show itself. You will only face Boggarts and their Plaguebearers and later on, Brownies. But none of them should be any real problem.
So, after moving back and forth you will finally make the Grave Thresh come out and Oh Boy! I hope you have fate stored up because you will need every ounce of Reckoning. The Grave Thresh is every bit as menacing as any other Thresh and even more so. If this is the first time you are facing a Thresh in the game the I wish you luck because you are going to need it so bad. Read about Thresh in the enemies section for help. After you kill the Thresh, a new path opens up and you can go into the center of Gorguath. You'll find the ring here and get to face more Thresh. After you kill all of them, head back to the House of Ballads.
This is Gizela's quest (she's the one always in the graveyard in Gorhart. You get this quest after completing all other quests in Gorhart. You will find a death note in a body in the bushes past Gorhart, here is the pic  
If you show her the note, she still wants you to confirm with the people at Didenhil. In Didenhil, you'll meet the man himself but he is reluctant to come home. If you have the persuation skill at level 4(you can try at three too) then he will agree to go back or, if you cannot persuade him then he wants to stay away from his wife. Either way, you need to get back to Gizela and talk to end this thing.

You'll find Oleander Sinclair (hmm!) to the right as you travell from Shieldring Keep and get onto the main path. He wants you to get him a potion that's inside the keep or atleast make a potion that involves Embereyes and Sky Blossom. You may enter the keep if you are not good at alchemy. (if you cannot enter the keep then try doing the quest Ost Odura gives you in Gorhart). You can just go into the keep and loot the potion. If there is someone nearby then wait for them to walk away. Go back to the fake Sinclair and give him the potion.
This is a contract you get from the contract board of the Shieldring Keep. The Overgrown Thiket is to the south of the Keep. You'll face Kobolds, Kobold Savages and Kobold Rogues with Burghests in there. The book is protected by Kobold Rogues. Just get the book back and you are done here.

This is a contract you get from the contract board of the Shieldring Keep. When you reach the encampment you will discover that all of the Warsworn were killed and you find a letter with on one of the dead bodies which point us to four Ettin Shamans throughout the land. You now need to look for the Shamans and all of them are actually nearby. You should read the enemies section of the main walkthrough if you want tips on fighting the Shamans. Just go around killing all the Ettin and go back and meet...

This is a contract you get from the contract board of the Shieldring Keep. You will find the holder of the contract limping in the path between Haxhi and Webwood. You should return to the Keep after speaking to him and you are done here.

Note: If you have your detect hidden skill upgraded then you will want to look inside the well in front of the mission where you'll find the Sagecraft Book which will permanently increase your skill by one.
You'll get this quest in St. Hadwyn's Mission which is northwest of DIdenhill in the edge of Glendara directly to the north of Bloodstone Deep. This is linked to the Plagueshield quest below. After you find the beads, take them back to the mission and the Brother tells you that if you pray at the shrines which are in the three missions then your beads will receive powers (each well gives you a 5% bonus damage on Nishkaru   very useful).

You'll get this from Astrid Frisk in Didenhil. This is linked to "Brother Fallon's Beads" quest. There are three stacks of the cure around this area. The first and the third have the Legion guarding them and the second is left unguarded (near the mission to the north). Go back to Astrid after collecting all three stacks, and she gives us a fiarly useful set of potions.

You will find Thaddeus fighting a Bogart at the entry of Didenhil village and he points you to Kester who's in the town's square. Kester points you towards Coilsbane Cavern where (he suspects) some Jottun drived the Boggarts out of their lair. In Coilsbane, you have to kill ten Jottun, so I hope you are prepared. After killing all of the Jottun, you'll meet some mad sonuvebeatch. Say what you want and get back to Barclay. 

The Height of Crime (this is definitely a pun!)  
Stellan has set a camp at the mouth of Splitrock Depths and is worried about his journal (and maybe about his friend too). He needs our help to retrieve the journal from the Depths. There are Gorta and Barghests inside but nothing else. Get the journal and go back to Reitan.

Note: This Quest is mixed with the story of the Webwood Lorestones...
As soon as you enter Canneroc, you'll see spiders pop out of the ground. If you kill them all, Garaner Vernt will come speak to you about the prevailing spider problem. He asks you to find Barten who ventured deep into the Shade River Cavern. Go back to Canneroc after speaking with Barten and speak with him again where he tells us to go to Castle Yolvan. There, you'll fight a Crudok and then when you fall down from the ledge, you'll come to the Yolvan Stone. Find the remaining Lorestones and then after listening to all of them, you will come to the Widow. After fighting the brood, you'll need to get out of the castle and you will face dozens of spiders on your way out.  Go back to the town and defend it from the spiders and then head to Cathrus.  Here, you will need to make a choice   either help the widow kill the civilians or kill the Widow. You will face a lot of spiders and finally the WIdow. If you side with her, then you need to kill 8 ciivlians in Canneroc. Just make sure you don't kill merchants and 
other important people.

In the local inn in Canneroc, Menri Togh is seen worrying about her parents and you can go to her farm to find out their condition (NOTE: you can meet the guy who gave her the news in the Abandoned house nearby). Go to Togh Farm and you'll find a Jayck's dagger, time to get Jacyk for what he's done. Go to him and deal in whichever way you want and then back to Menri to end this.

Note: Before going to Dellach, try to have your fate meter maxxed so you can use Reckoning   It's not a must but it is helpful.
You'll get this quest from a Gnome   Avicenn Entelle in Ettinmere. Shine and Shadow are two ancient and powerful artefacts guarded by an equally powerful Ettin in the ruins of Dellach. When you get to Dellach you will come across a secret door (this is after the place where you see the destiny stone or something which gives you the codex in the main quest). You can see the secret door only if you have your Detect Hidden skill increased considerably. There are three ettin you have to deal with and two of them have orange names (they are tougher than usual) depending on your level, if their names are in red (you should not even be able to see the hidden door if you are not of a high enough level to increase the Detect Hidden Skill) and you are playing on Hard, then I think you may need to buzz the hell outta here. Read the Enemies section of the main walkthrough for some tips on dealing with Ettin and their bosses. After you kill the main guy, take the daggers   Shine and Shadow and go back to Avicenne. He 
isn't really happy about them being Daggers but if you have enough Persuasion skill, you can make him give them to you and if you are not a dagger guy you can sell them afterwards.

You will meet the fisherman nearby Entelle and he is looking for his lost love   a nymph (not the colloquial meaning). When you get to the spot, you'll fight an Ettin and after you kill it, Holn comes to you and starts a conversation and if you tell him that he's delusional, he'll ask you to kill the Nymph. It's really a Leaneshe. Read the enemies section of the main walkthrough for tips if you are having trouble. Go back to him after you kill the Nymph and the two Ettin that come after it.

You'll find Jedda Kerning (Lorca Raine) is looking for a friend who has gone away with a scroll and seeks your help to find him and the scroll. Turin is dead so grab the contract and head back.

In Lorca Raine you will come across Marga who is looking for her Antelope, but there is more to the antelope than we can anticipate. Yes, when you get there you'll see.

Osduin is a Fae who is looking for Chrysalae seeds in order to conduct a Fae ceremony know as "The Flowering". There are seeds near Brunuath and three north of Warden's bridge. Go to the next place and plant the five seeds to begin the ceremony and then sprites come out. After that, it's over.

You'll find Brother Hold in St.Eadrich's Mission in The Sidhe. He asks you to locate the whereabout of another brother (from another mother) who went exploring because his life was too dull (I wish I had caves around here). Head into splitrock Depths and then into Haxhi and get the journal.

In Vorm Lodge (in The Sidhe) when you speak to Sihtric Vorm, he mentions a group of Brownies attacking people and wants us to get rid of them. Go to the place, kill all of them and go back. Then head out for Rundamir and kill the Brownies and the Crudok inside to finish up.

Again, in Vorm Lodge you will meet another Vorm, Arhaus who wants us to find Searstalk   a rare plant only found in The Sidhe to cure Luca Soren who has wounds from a Thresh. Go to the place and get the stalk and that's it.

Frama Aedic is walking around in distress in the middle of Alserund because her husband was taken away by the Fae. If you spean to Florion he will tell you that the bum has psycho somatic illness because of other Jacks who go about the desert magicall cursing and attacking people. You now need to go to a ruin nearby and defeat the vessel of a Kora Petal in a weakened state (nice!). Waterfall, a pillar and a tree. There all inside the Caverns and you also get a petal in the end. Go back to the circle after this.
When you enter Red Marches, you'll find some pyschoes wiped out the populus because they wanted to use the land to bring in another bigger psycho. If you proceed inside you will meet Hreid Amelthoe, a former Warsworn merc who left their ranks because he was not getting promoted. He's travelling alone but has a job for two. He wasn't always alone, he was acutally dumped by his group a little while ago because they wanted to cut him out of the profit. Go to the mine and kill the Kobolds and then you'll need to searh for two bodies. There are lots of bodies scattered all over the place so just keep going to each one and interact with the corpse. Open the gate after this and after you look inside, the testament fools come at you and you can break their necks and get this done.
NOTE: You'll get a key to the Tomb of Fyrangos and also a bracelet, they are very important, continue the quest below to learn of the Fyrangos's return.
His Brother's Keeper & (The Terrible Secret of Fyrangos)   > made it up myself ;p  
Further in past the Worsworn Merc is Colm Alba who says that his twin was taken by blokes from Belen's Testament. You need to go into and search the Tomb of Fyrangos. When you enter the tomb (from any of the entrances), Colm Alba will join you and you can begin the search of the Tomb. Keep following Alba and you will exit the tomb and come to his brother. He is screwed and will attack you so be ready. You will learn the Fyragnos will soon walk again, but that is for another time. You will get the first key to the tomb's doors and you can explore the tomb for a bit. If you did the previous quest and have the second key and the ring of Fyragnos then you should venture deeper into the tomb but you will still need another key.

Apule Vire is incharge of the mining expedition at the Motus Mining Outpost in The Hollowlands. It seems that some wild Fae came out of the mine he was working on and started to cause a disturbance. He wants us to find out why the Fae came out in the first place and then get rid of them. If you go up the hill you will meet the scholar who warns you of Boggarts and true to his word, there are lots of Boggarts here and further you will face two seperate waves of Sprites which have a champion in each. Then as you near the edge you will meet a Fae maiden   Aurenda. If you speak to Enser, he asks us to return to the Fae what was taken from her (the light!). Jump down from the wood legde opposite to the Gnome and fetch the light from the corpse. Then go into shadowthorn and meet up with Aurilenda and then back and meet with the Gnome to be done here.

Calovar is overlooking the Motus Mining Outpost in the Hollowlands. He is afraid that the mining that is going on (which destroyes the land) may take too long to heal. So he wants us to make three Century plants blossom. You will most certainly find heavy resistance when you get near a century flower so be prepared and always auto save the moment you see trouble. To make the flowers bloom you can use any of your magic abilities (Mark of Flame) or any weapon like a scepter, a staff, Chakrams or even a sword that has fire properties. Then interact with it to pour the liquid the Fae gave us. Get back to him after you activate all three flowers.

You'll find Efyr Dynnwel in Menetyre. His leg is broken beacuse of a poisoned spear from a Kobold (arrow to the knee?), he usually is a very inhospitable and frigid person but because he needs us to collect some ingredients for him, he is speaking properly. All three things are shown on the map, so all you need to do is kill the beasts around the item and get it, it can't get any simpler.

The Gnomes have started playing politics with Kobolds and Jottun. Orsinian Paige a self confessed "overlooked" Pretorean wants to clear the whole Menetyre off Jottuns and so, he wants someone to sneak into the local Kobold HQ and steal their clan mark. This will fuse a war between the Jottun and Kobolds and well, we'll get paid. Head into the mine and steal the totem and go back. Orsinian wants us to kill some Jottun and place Kobold Daggers on the bodies. Then go back and watch the show... wonderful. You can just go down and kill everything to make things quick.

NOTE: if you have a high enough Detect Hidden skill then you will notice secret doors all over them place and two such are in the mayor's house. Go look inside and check all the drawers and chests for loot and you will find some interesting information.
If you go into the mayor's house in Whitestone, Apotyre; he asks our help to keep control over the area. It seems that there is a real estate problem he wants us to solve...hmmm. Just go to the place and loot the bookshelf and go back to the mayor. Next, we need to search the Cynric Quarry for Skoria. After you meet with him, you can choose to kill him or listen to him. Back at the mayour's place, you can stay in whitestone or get away but if you decide to stay then you'll be headed to skoria mine next. Surprisingly, this place is filled with Nishkaru and even a Tyrant, you can bribe or Persuare the Skoria at the entrance. The Ore sample is in a chest in the end. Grab it and head back. Lastly, you'll have to kill Adarth (you need to enter agressive mode to do this. Back to the mayor to end this running around then.

If you read the info in the Mayor's secret cottage then you will know what this is about. Steg is imprisoned in the middle of town and wants out. You need to steal the key to his cage from the captain of the local guard, just get into stealth mode and do your work. If the awareness is not dropping then go back a bit till you see it drop to nothing and then go in and take the key. Now, we need to fetch a couple more things, first, head to the Darkvari mines for a piece of parchment and you will find Hrindi just as you get outside. Go speak to the guy nearby and he'll give you a treasure map and gold.

Lina in the Thirsty Wench wants us to get a secret something from the Mayor's secret place. You can do this only if your Detect Hidden is at a high level. Just go into the mayor's office and open the hidden door (which only shows if your detect hidden is high) to the left and you will eventually find the document inside one of the desks   they contain the mayor's confession.

An Alfar soldier   Squire Coran (no that's not his title, just a name) who is fed up of delivering death notices wants out. We can help ease his pain by delivering the notices ourselves.
1) Tak Edstar   In the Tavern in Mel Senshir.
2) Joanne GOrtan   Whitestone
3) Mal Dydyn   Ironfast Keep
4) Ram Leodwald   Luminary Leaf, Rathir.
Go back to Squire after this and you're done

New in Town  

As soon as you arrive in Adessa, you'll be given a new house (yes a house for free). Inside, you will meet a gnome who gives you three letters from different people and if you speak to them, you will get an idea as to who wants to keep an eye on you. This is mixed with the "Sandstone VIlla" quest.

You get this from the Prester's Path in the Hospitalis Quarter is Adessa. Head into the armory and destroy the crates. If soldiers catch you then pay the fine   it's little and you and do this within two times of being caught.

You get this from the Prester's Path in the Hospitalis Quarter is Adessa. Just stroll into the jail, give the leetter and get out.

You get this from the Prester's Path in the Hospitalis Quarter is Adessa. Speak to the three merchants and if you are good at persuading, then you'll be done in a breeze.

When you come into The Isles of Adessa you will see Audern Reis who is scouting for someone to try out a language experiment. You are to meet Scolar Nerenne in the Basilica Gnostra. Speak to Narenne and do what she tells you to and that's it.

In the Livrarium of Adessa (in The Isles area) you will come by a book who contains the memoirs of Galenun Hegem the person who9 deesigned the city of Adessa. It also says that there is a reward if someone finds all his memoirs throughout history. The next one is hinted to be in the Praetorian Garrison and the third one in the labs, fourth in the Domus Politica, fifth in Grand Bursars, sixth in Arcadium, seventh in Basilica Gnostra (Isles), eighth in Forum and head to the Livrarium to get your reward (life's a bitch if you have persuasion maxed after all that running around).

Squire Brio (Ysa) is the guy who handles all the dignitaries, but he's having a problem so we decide to lend a hand. Go to all of them and persuade them and that should be all.

Gavroche Valle in Ironfast Keep wants us to find the Hermit Smith who is the only one who can mend his late Master's dagger. The Hermit smith is in the middle of Menetyre, you may have to the Hermit's quest first before you can do this (His leg is broken and he can't move so yuo get it right?). You need to get a compound from Hurvar's Doorsill while the Hermit waits for you in Ironfast. Get to Hurvar's Doorsil and you'll face a lot of Gorta but that's about it. You'll find the thing you're looking for even before then end of the area. Get back to Ironfast and you are done here.

You get this from the notice board in Ironfast Keep. You need to get this guy's staff (he's dead) and bring it back to Deofrit.

You get this from the notice board in Ironfast Keep. Ask Deofrit for the package and she gives you some surgeon's scalpels. This one is extremely simple, all you have to do is get them to Adessa and you won't even have to return to Ironfast for the reward.

You get this from the notice board in Ironfast Keep. You'll need to kill (and collect) eight Spider's (their stingers) in Menetyre. Problem, is that you may not find eight spiders in Menetyre but be sure to speak to Deofrit before you go. There is no location for spider to be, they are just all around the place so finding them will not be a problem, just explore Menetyre a bit and you'll have all the stingers you need soon enough. Go back to Deofrit after you have eight stingers.

The first time you get to the Lab in Adessa, you'll meet a guy who wants to experiment on your fighting abilities on various species of creatures, he "procured". You'll fight four waves of enemies and that's about it. He mentions Jorielle after this and she asks you to take care of Bruten. Go back to Jorielle after that and Sand Watch is permanently ours and you need to upgrade it three times to end this chain of quests.


From the Scholia Arcana, a Gnome Mage   Lanus Davril has devised a new magic potion   one that will change color when a specific number of monsters have been slain, obviously he needs us to test it out. So just kill the number of beasts required and return to him to finish it.

Ayten (in the Plains of Erathell) is a small town which has been troubled lately. Singing Nell who lives on the outskirts wishes for the town's problems to be solved. She asks us to go to the windstones and strike perfect notes to call forth the Erathi. Go to the circle and activate the stone from the lowest to highest in order (their names), accept the blessings and go back to Nell.

The local healer of Ayten had sent out five erroneous invoices which could cost her husband dearly if the customers notice it and wants our help in recollecting them "discreetly" so we need to sneak around for a bit but this is no problem at all and you'll be done before you know it.

This is a bounty you can accept from the Job board in Ayten. Just go kill Castor and get back to get your reward.

Ronds Farm has been contaminated by bad water and the grain growing there makes people close to mad when they eat it. Arlette Rond, who runs about having horrific visions asks us for help and names a wizard Jenniker who's experiments are thought to cause this. Go to the caves (this is the worst place in the game, I just don't like it here). After gaining the three things, go to the center and interact, choose Sanguine(for optimum results) and go to Rond Farm and then back and deactivate the device and back to Rond Farm.

In Tala Raine you will meet Faitir who's family of Faer Gortae are after him to fulfill an ancient curse. We need to three items of his ancestry and conduct a ritual by which the curse can be broken. Go to the door of Dolve Wayle with him and kill the Faer that are nearby. Inside, meet up with Faitir and move along till you come to the room with the bell. If you have enough skill to persuade him then he slips his tongue and gives us a glimpse of his true intention (something about leading them to batt.. err peace). He will meditate for a bit while some Faer come at attack you. Next up, the "Skrivener", he's a powerful Grota but he's toast if you have levelled up and distributed all your points properly. Use any and all potions at your disposal. After you kill him you need to fight a few more Grota. Next, if you persuade him again he will tell you that he added his name and that he will explain everything later (if you check in one of the drawers here you will find a death notice to Frea Almar). Finally you 
meet with the first Scaith and the pieces fall together, If you choose to help Faitir, he will raise a personal army under his command and protect Tala Raine. If you choose to give Fairtir away then you will help to release the curse from his Ancestors. Either way, you will get a key to a treasure trove (you cannot unlock the chest in the corner right now).

Wow a spoled brat even in the game   wasn't exoecting that. Niahm was tasked by the Warsworn to completely eradicate Tala Rane of it's monstrous dwellers. But, being as rich as he is and lazy. he wants us to do the job for gold, well, we can't get any happier can we?
The Kobolds are marked on the map and they are rouges so be prepared for some bombing. Just kill them all and get back.

Culn was destroyed and turned into ashes by the Tuatha and the soon to be mayor Cras is trying to rebuild the city into New Culn. But he needs money and to obtain that we need to get him the five great treasures of Culn so that he may sell them and gain enough to rebuild their home. Go to Bitter Cove where you'll find five treasure scattered throughout the place. Take them and go back.

Azo Raemund was a famed merchant and they say that he she was buried with many jewels and that left people searching for her grave. You will meet one such person Idwa Widfrond fighting off a freeman in the east Forsaken Plane. The locations are all marked on the map but a funny thing happened to me, I actully and accidentally found some of Azo's things on someguy (I really don't remember) before I started searching the graves. So, I'm guessing that he probably looted the graves beforehand and we need to look for them after we take a look at the graves.

You will come to a coastal refugee camp in the Forsaken Plains and ther you will meet Ommer Vogard (yes he was pissing). His family was lost to him and now he only has his newfoound love Lyra. He asks us to search for Lyra who went to the old soldier's cemetery. You'll go to the Orieator's Tomb. You'll face traps inside so dodge carefully. You'll need to go back and deactivate the traps for everyone to leave and then that's it.          

They Walk Among Us  

Elrod Edmand, leader of a refugee camp in west Forsaken Plains (just outside Emaire) believes that there are three Thuatha spies in the Plains of Erathell. He also asks us to hunt them down. If you have enough skill, you can persuade all three of them out of spying.            

Unlucky Charm  

In Emaire, you will come to a house named Oddities and Curiosities and the owner Wane Emundas. He believes that two Freeman have stolen a rare item from his collection and wants us to get it back to him. The place is just beside Shardfall caves in the Cradel of Summer. I expected a fight too, but well, it'll have to do. We are now cursed, so let's get to Syl and get it cleaned. Head back to Emaire and be done with it.          

The Valley of the Blessed  

As soon as you walk a bit into Galafor from the Forsaken Plane, you will come to a broken house and a barren farm. Nearby, you will find two people who are the owners of this place. Serabel Nareen fears that if the land continues to stay this way, then they have to relocate but they don't want to do that. So, if we can help get her the Paling Wand from the hollow, she can work things out again. When you go towards the valley then an assistant of the Priestess will come and ask you to handover the wand to her (for a price of course). Let's head to Adarus first and kill the hordes of enemies and get the wand, after that, decide who you want to give the wand to.            

Tirin's Secret  

In Tirin's Sanctuary in Tirin's Rest of Galafor, You can head into the Burren Cove by a door. Inside, you will meet Adar, a Fae who has been locked away by the Priestess and Nil Kern. We need to get that key and learn the magic words to be able to free him. The two people are always in town square or nearby; the priestess won't give you the magic words but you can persuade the guy to give you the key and then head to the marked location (that's the Sanctuary) and go upstairs to read the book which has the spell. Now we have what we need, let's get to save the poor sod and that's it.            

Out of the Ruins  

Anela, daughter of Atheof Cergren has led a band of Refugees into some old ruins and has not come back. Her father wants you to seek her out and find out what happened. WHen you reach the place you need to go into the basement and then a new location. Virki is an old fortress which was taken over by Thuatha recently, so get there and get in. Inside, you'll meet Anela (sooner than I expected) and team up with her to drive all the Thutha out of this world. After shutting down the three gates, go back to Tirin's Rest.           


If you speak to the Innkeep in Tirin's Rest, she asks you money for the troops, if you spare the gold she asks (I don't see why not) then you are given a purse of collections and asked to deliver it to the sanctuary. She also mentiones a thief so we are to be careful. After placing the purse inside the box, see it it's night (theres a priestess here and if she is sleeping in the next room it's night, if not then go to the inn, rest a few hours and come back). There are stairs in this house, go up them and overlook the box at night and after waiting for a long time (I waited about 5 mins doing nothing), the thief shows up. Go to him when he is kneeling over the box and speak to him. You can choose to report him or not to tell anyone.           

Deserter's Deserts  

When you go above the Tywili Coast towards Rathir, you'll meet Maedrigal Finn of the Alfar Army. It seems that five groups of new recruits has made away with new armor and weapons, but he does not care about them, the real problem is the Bogstaunch they took with them. He wants us to get back the five bottles of Bogstaunch to him and we will be compensated for services rendered. All the locations are marked and all you need to do is kill some guys and get back the Bogstaunch and that's it.             

Family Arms  

The army has people being called from every corner of Dalentharth and Clyeth Arne has been summoned too. But, he isn't eager to go without his family arms and we are to recover them for him. We need to gain entrance to Dolve Arne first though by means of a pass (stolen or forged). If you already finished broke the siege at Mel Senshir then you are allowed to go in after speaking to the guy upfront. If not, try stealing it from him or speak to him and persuade him to give it to you or stealing is your last option. Inside, you can just go and pick up the two items (Rats!). If you want to keep both items then you can lie to Arne.               

Sisterly Love

In the Cradel of Summer you will come across alchemist Lila Jacnik who wants Sativa Fibres and even mentions the place where there is a patch of them. Just take as many as you want to her but be sure to kill all the spiders.

NOTE: When you get to the place with the spiders, if you have a high enough detect hidden skill, then you can see a secret door nearby in which you can get the Alchemy Skillbook. Here's the pic           

Rivener Tarsus  

In the center if the Cradel you will find Lord Callor who is disgusted at mortals because they have stolen three staffs of incomrehensible powers and forged them into other weapons. We must take the staff, salvage the core parts and remake the original staffs. The first is in a house, the second with a Fae whom we can persuade and the last is in Mull Rane with a guy who wants 5000 gold for it. So, now we need a bit of blacksmithing skill to salvage the core from all three staffs and procure some other common items to make the three staffs   too much work for a sidequest...


As you go into Rathir, to the left is Rhiad Guth who gives you four notices of Duty to deliver to people. All of them are in Rathir so this is nothing really. Go back and get your gold after everything is done.              

Every Sparrow Fallen  

In Rathir, you will come across a wounded man bleeding to his death, his final wish is for you to find Selni in the lower tunnels and tell her "We are Betrayed", go do that and then if you are persuasive enough, you can prevent her from spreading the news all over town. Go to the City Watch and read the notice on the table when the guards are patroling away from the room. Go to Dunn and then back to the Sparrows and finish the betrayer.

Good with Locks  

Wyl Werrenir needs us to find an old ledger locked within a chest in an old storeroom. Just go thru as many chests as you can and you can take everything and sell them or keep them. After getting what you want, go back to Wyl.

A Second to a Duel  

You'll find Walen in Rathir's tavern. He's in a fight and we are his second, but it seems that we are to cheat our way thru this one. Go to Gelphyne in the Wending and buy some "Rose of Shadows" and then put it on the opponent's blade in Officer's Club. After you get the Rose of Shadows from the Lower Tunnels, go to Officer's Hall and poison the sword and return to Walen and then deliver the message (but you meet his mother outside and you can ask her to go away or help her out. At the docks, choose what you want to mention and be done with this.             

Mixing Business  

You'll find Carasta Arawyn in the Officer's Hall and she wants us to strike a deal with Gwalchmai and to appease him, we are to use a bottle of rare wine. You can persuade the merchant here and then go back to Carasta.               

Bad Blood

When you go to the upper city of Rathir, you'll meet with a servant of Lady Coriana whose child has been poisoned. The maid asks us to speak to the lady herself for further information. Head into house Anwon and she asks us to get some Lapidus Root. Go to the place, pluck the plant and get back to Mallion and give him the root. Then you get to pluck the weed who put the poison but first to visit the local alchemist who points us to the city guard. After reporting the matter, get to Aberghast's house where you can persuade him to death (HA!) after all that, get back to Corion and end this.              

The Orision  

The Priestess of the Temple of Lyria in Rathir's Upper City gives us a task if we are to earn Lyria's blessings. There are three tasks and the first is to take the amphora to three blessed springs and fill it with water from each. The three are wide apart and after filling them return to the priestess who asks us to deal with a blasphemer in the lower tunnels and after you meet him, you can just persuade your way thru all three dialogue lines or choose the proper things to say and then you have a choice to make to either choose to lose experience or a great deal of money, either way, nothing matters apart from the quest being completed. (I had enough gold ;p)                

A Page Turner  

Idris Theonen, the Librarian of the Scholia Arcana in Rathir will give you a special training course. Your quest begins in the courtyard and he also gives you a book to consult. After getting to the statue, you need to read the book and then it will take you to the Bridge and then Mel Aglir (you need to keep reading the book each time) and then near Tam's Wagon and finally back to where you started and that's it   by the way, the answer is "Principle of Observation".              

The Lord Kandrian  

Eli Tems (Mel Aglir, East Kandrian) wants us to steal the ring of Lord Kandrian from Kandrian Keep. He tells us that Kandrian keeps it at his bedside while sleeping. The ring was just lying there for me to take and no one was around, so should be the case for you too. Get back to Tems and he asks us to take the ring to an altar in Kandrian. You'll be attacked by a few Gorta but that's it. Now go back to Tems and he reveals that we need to kill Kandrian but we don't need to get our hands dirty, we just need to restore the ring to it's place and that's it. But, we can't be seen in the castle so we need to take a secret entrace which is beneath the castle. After going in, do anythign you want and place the ring and get back to end this.              

The Best Defense & The Tinker's Daughter  

You'll find Corpral Ivar suffering in west Kandrian (Tam's Wagon). He wants us to kill Conovar and his followers and is willing to pay for the work. Also, here is Bardan Tan whose daughter was captured by Cannovar's men and he wishes us to get her back. After killing Cannovar, go down to Caer Tosai down the hill where you can rescue Julia Tam and several others from the Freeman Assassins.

Martin Hawkins is having premonitions of death (Drag me to Hell?), he also says that the humanoid form of Death is beneath the Broken Tower but warns us against going there.  But we go into the tower and then into the basement and well what do we find? It's just some weird B**** doing some weird shit. Well, you can atleast choose to kill her or Hawkins, I killed her because I came all the way down here for nothing. It turns out that Martin is actually nutty...           


In Mel Senshir, you'll find an Alfar solder meditating in seclusion. If you speak to him, he tells us that a Varani merc sacrifised his life in the battle for him and wants to find his remains. His remains are past a field of Spiders, get the Book and go back to Tyr to end this.            

Rite of Honor  

In Mel Senshir, you will come across Bronwen Senn in the fighting yard and she asks you to face some challengers from her company. The First is the merchantile trainer Enion Gaius, he is strictly a melee fighter and then comes Tarrick Smith, the blacksmith. Then finally Sephedra and Aedran and Ragna and finally herself. After all that you get a measely blade... BAH.            

Eyes and Ears  

Just outside of the gates of Mel Senshir, you will meet Captain Drefan of the Ariad, commander of the scouts. He asks us to find evidence of the death of his men in cursewood and also tells us that there is gold in it for us.

1) The first is in the front of The Seven Widow Mine.
2) The second is in front of the Shattertier Mine and he's alive. He wants us to kill Deadeye, a Tuatha legend who killed hundreds of Almar in the war. This is continued below.
3) The last is on top of a waterfall overlooking the Proving Halls.
Speak to Drefan to end it.             


Elias Hurk has been tracking Deadeye to Shattrier Mines. He wants us to kill the assassin who has taken the lives of hundreds of Amlamr soldiers. Go inside Shattertier mine and you'll find Deadeye with a ton of Bolgan, go back out after this and you're done.             

A Time to Reap  

When you get to the scout camp in the Midden, you will see a Fae and a soldier fighting and the mortal is killed. If you speak to the Fae, he wants to fight us and if we beat him, one of the soldiers will come and ask us if we are willing to beat the Fae once and for all. She asks us to meet the Headsman and duel with him. The Headsman is in Tinehil, he confronts you earlier on but asks you to meet him at the heart of Titenhil. You'll have to make your way thru this place and you'll fight Boggarts and Sprites (lot's of them) before you reach the Headsman. Get this, if you persuade him, he actually         spoiler       , Go back to the camp after this and you're done here.           

Elf's Best Friend  

Zenvil Whit, An Alfar Captain wants us to find Venris by following the wolf that was his friend. The wolf is here itself and you can start following it. The wolf takes you thru three waves of spiders and Leanshe and then to the body where you can find the report and take back to Whit.             

Witch Knight of Ghenning  

If you make your way to Ghenning in The Keening, you will come acroos Audra Firan who is guarded by three Jottun Runelords and two Tuatha. If you speak to her she tells us that she was imprisoned by the Jottun Runelord nearby. She wants us to get the key from the Runelord. After getting the key, we get to the main part. There's a Witch Knigh (general) of the Tuatha in Ghennig nearby and we are to help her slay the Witch Knight. You'll face atleast about 20 Jottun inside and there's all kinds of them so read the Enemies section of the main walkthrough for tips. The Knight fights like a regular Thuatha Knight and that's about it.              

Spawning Pools  

In the Drowned Forest, you will come to an Alfar camp where you can meet Sinon Carrag. He asks us to destroy three Banshean and their spawn in the Forest. The three Banshean are nearby and after you kill all of them (along with all the Murghan with them) go back to Carrag for a not so impressive reward.                 

Artifacts and Castles  

You'll meet Ariel Perien in the Downed Forest. She is here on behalf of a Gnome Templar and is on a mission to recover an Artifact. Her porter Deod Dungaras was dragged away by Murghans and she needs our help in getting back her stuff and searching for the artifact. Unfortunately, Deod is near a group of Murghans and a Banshen and is not that alive. After getting the pack, go back to Ariel and then head in Bonnolach. You'll face a lot of Murghans and some Banshen inside and that's about it. After recovering the artifact, talk to Ariel to finish this.           

Brun the Bard  

You meet Brun the Bard in Odi's Camp when you enter the Caeled Coast from the North. He wants to tell a story but before he can do that, we need to kill some Bolgan who are nearby. There are two Bulgans nearby, you can kill them easily. Go meet Brun after this and he tells us a story. For the next story, you need to kill more Bolgans near the castle nearby. After you get rid of all the Bolgans (there are many here, I hope you have enough experience with Bolgans   see the enemies section of the main walkthrough for tips on Bolgans). The last stop is the coast and it's the same routine, after you are done, the Bard sings is final tale (with us that is).            

Worthy of Chernobog  

You'll meet Aloff the Hunter in Caeled Coast (just to the right of the roda that brings you to the coast from the Drowned Forest. He tells us of the Bolgan champion   Chernobog. To face Chernobog, we have to kill ten Bolgan, take their eyes and place them near it's lair, only then the beast will appear. You'll find dozens of Bolgans throughout the Caeled Coast, so keep exploring the whole coast till you can kill and get enough eyes. Note that not all Bolgans drop their eyes when killed. So you'll have to kill more than ten Bolgans. But atleast they are not hard to find around here. After you have all the eyes, go to the lair of Chernobog and activate the two altars and out comes the huge Oaf. The hunter is here and that makes things much easier (apart from the fact the Chernobog is a Brute and has no shield). Read the enemies section of the main walkthrough for tips on Bolgans.           

The Lady's Children  

Uda Janara is in the Caeled Coast with Captain Ansilla in search of valuable treasures. One of these treasures are Lady Ansilla's dolls. There are five of them and we can get the dolls for Janara. 

1) One of them is in Castle Ansilla in the room where we pull the first lever, we can get this in the Lost Squad quest below. 
2) The second is also in the castle and in the Throne room where we fight Ticneri in the lost squad quest.
3) With a Thuatha priest guarding the castle's front door.
4) With a skeleton behind Ansilla's camp.
5) In Seawatch in a bookshelf in the room where you meet Bryn Elgar.
Go back to Use to end this.             

The Blades and the Seal  

Drewn Ansilla is the heir to Caeled Coast but to take to the throne, he needs two family artifacts but they are in a lockbox and the key is with the enemy family the Gastyrs. We need to somehow persuade Hillared Gastyr to give us the keys. But this quest is bugged and since Hillared has her own quest   The Last Gastyr, you cannot even pickpoket her (since she is an important NPC who we must not kill). Try not to take this quest first and just do the Last Gastyr even before you speak to Ansilla and accept this quest, you better go to the last save if you already accepted this quest and if you cannot go to the last save then hope that your game is not bugged. Go speak to Hillared and ask her about the key. You can then persuade her to give you the key and go back to Seawatch. Find the lockbox and then deliver the two items to Drewn to end this.               

The Lost Squad  

While we were fighting in the war, there were some soldiers who attended to other matters in the Caeled Coast. One of the tems was of General Fynn. He went to Castle Ansilla to procure it but Tuatha started to establish their stronghold in the castle. We need to get in from where the general came out and take control of the situation. The only way in is the pipe and you'll be directly inside the castle when you go thru the pipe. Inside, you will meet a host of Thuatha Priests, sometimes opnly one and most of the times, many together so it will not be a breeze. When you get to the area with four priests and a Zealot, you shold see a person in the prison here whom you can speak to. Also, you'll meet Gautliffe in the next chamber fighting a group of Thuatha and when you speak to him he speaks of a madman in the castle, Ticneri. The next room has a lever to pull and you can continue on after that. Eventually, you'll meet Ticneri and kill him but you'll be cursed the moment he dies (no avoiding this). Gautliffe 

will then give his assistance in locationg the cure in the castle. The cure is titled "Mysterious Cure" and is in a warded chest in the lab. You'll meet with two groups of Thuatha while going down there. Go back and meet with the general after this to get your reward.            

Ghosts of Seawatch 

In Seawatch, you'll meet the head steward Byrn Elgar who tells us that since the House Ansilla no longer stands, we just became the owner. But, we need to gather the staff and the first is Connie, a gardner and alchemist who as taken prisoner by some Bolgan. If you remember, she is the one you spoke to in a cell in the earlier quest. after speaking to her, you need to find the key which is located further down in the castle, go get the key and release Connie and speak to here and we have our second member.

Go back to Elgar and next on our list is Erion Odi (yes we met him too earlier in his camp). Odi wants Private Cornall in his absence and we need to fetch him, you can just persuade him and tell him he's the right person and then return to the Seargent and speak to him and then go back to Seawatch.
The last is a merchant, Astor Colliani whose in Mel Senshir and like everybody else, he needs his back scratched, so head to the Tavern. You can persuade her or just pay 250 gold (this is nothing   Ha!). Then talk to the Gnome and go back to Seawatch and speak to or steward to end this and get a palace of our own   Hell Yeah!

The Last Gastyr  

Inside the Castle of Gastyrs, you'll meet Hillared Gastyr who wants to free her house off the Tuatha taint and asks our help to clear the place. There are a lot of Bolgans leading to the guy and that's about it. Nothing much to say, speak to Hillared after all of it.

True to the Cycle  

Liordran wants us to put Alleia's ring on an altar inside Rahnil. And we do what he says (hypnotism!!!); anyway, the place is "infested" with Boggarts, Sprites and Thresh but it's not a large place so you can be happy about that. You'll find the altar at the end of this place and you can go back outside after you place the ring. Speak to Liordran to finish this.


In High Flugen's camp moondown when you speak to the captain, the camp will suddenly be invaded by Thuatha soldiers. After defending the camp, go back and speak to the captain and she asks us to rescue their healer so that the wounded soldiers can fight again.
Also in Camp Moondown, you will meet the Knave of Pride who asks our help in disposing three Bolgan masters.

The Killing Ground

Desiderus Trav is the commander of the Ariad and you can speak to him in the Ariad Camp while travelling from High Flugen to the Shadow Pass. He wants us to kill the Tuatha sentries so that he may continue his assault.

You'll meet Aluck on your way to Gadflow after the Shadow Pass. Long story short, you need to kill two witch knights in the Tuatha camp. Everything else, after that.  


You can meet Ost Ordura in the Gorhart Inn and when you speak to him, he asks if you want to join the Warsworn. If you agree, then the puts forth an offer of gold and agrees to give a commendation for us to make it easier to join their order. He asks us to get the daggers of the Krast Brothers - two red legion captains who live on the outskirts of Gorhart.
Activate this quest and you will see two yellow circles showing both our tagets. As you get near them, you will face members of the Red Legion. Whenever you are against a group, target the archer first. Both targets have nothing special about them. Whenever you are against one of the two brothers then be sure to concentrate on them, you can take on the rest of the later on. Go back to Ost and he will give you his commendation.

After you get the commendation, you are to speak to Tine Delfric in Shieldring Keep. Tine then points you to the direction of Didenhil where you are to meet Wyl Rendig and go on a patrol with him to make sure the road is safe for merchants. Wyl is in the Healer's cottage in Didenhil and he asks us to report to Warden's bridge. You will now need to go to each marked place on the map and interact to inspect the clue there, as you keep doing that, the mystery will unravel. You will learn that the Niskaru and pushed base into Dalenthart. Ost will lead you to Brigan Hall Caverns where you get to fight more of them. Keep going thru all the traps and soon simething dramatic happens. At last, the dumb fcuk who summoned the Tyrant gets killed by it and the Tyrant gets killed by us and we also pick up the strange artifact that looks like a heart. Go to Shieldring Keep after that.

After speaking to the in charge of Helmguard, we need to go thru Tala-Rane into the Vault and speak to Gwyn Anwy. Inside the vault, you will find more mages who have a fake key with them. Go back to Grian and report this. It seems that Gwyn was locked up. If you can persuade her twice then she gives you the key (otherwise possible too). Then we need to pay a visit to Tarion in Tirin's Rest. After speaking to Tarion we get to know that there was an insider's hand in all of this. I really can't  believe Fennan fell for that (DOH!). Now to find Elbin Meroch who's near the moon camp and then he asks us to go to the Custom's House. Fight the boss in the catacombs and go back to Gwyn.

Head to Eamonn's Fortress and search it. You will face dozens of enemies and in the last chamber, you need to fight three waves of enemies of growing power before you can get to the Mural. Then back to Shieldring and then for the Hammer. The hammer is in Eagonn's Tomb in Detyre's Hollowlands, loot the tomb and head to Ironfast. We need to get to the Hall of the Firstsworn to reforge the hammer. There is something truly mystic about this place but also a lot of enemies. You will come to the door of fate in the end and we fateshift the door to get thru. After Re-Forging the hammer we move on to Cloudcrest.

Cloudcrest is of the Legends. If you looked around the place before you started these quests then you will know the significance. We have to get to the top of Cloudcrest for the crown to emerge. When you get to the last place, you will see a red finger like thing barring your path and when you use anything but the Mystic Hammer on it you will be thrown back. Use the Mystic Hammer on it and get past onto the peak. There are five more pillars to destroy and you will face Nishkaru at each pillar. You will finally come to Anru Besin in the end and that is out boss.
Mad Boss: Anru Besin
He is not at all dangerous, but the Nishkaru he summon are really bad for us. In the first part of the fight, he will stay behind a barrier and will show himself only after you kill his team of mages. He immediately summons three Nishkaru and going after him while the NIshkaru are here is a bad idea but if you kill all the three then he will summon three more. So, the best thing to do is kill two Nishkaru and dodge or block the third one while hitting Anru. He wastes a lot of time with all those summonings. Also, he will heal the last Nishkaru so let him do that, it's easier to dodge past one than three. So do your thing.., or you can just go into Reckoning and kick his ass before he can do anything - simple. Now, Khamazandu will speak to you, you can either aid him or turn him away. If you turn him down then Gwyn will ask you to get back to the Hall of the Firstsworn. If you wanted to aid Khamazandu then look at the quest below. At the Hall of Firstsworn you will be rewarded for your deeds and that's all for the Warsworn.
NOTE: You can probably go back to Khamazandu after this but I did not try it, you might as well.

After killing Anru, you will speak to Khamazandu and if ask him to make you his vessel then he will ask you to kill Gwyn as a mark of alliegance. After killing her, the Lord Nishkaru will ask us to kill all the leaders of the Warsworn who are in the Hall of Firstsworn. After that, take the key to the Vaults and recover the Heart of Sibun and there ends the history of the Warsworn.


Ballad Of Bloody Bones (available after "Song of Sir Sagrell")
Hallam will redirect you to the Oratory where King Wencen is expecting you. Get to Uduath and meer Farrara. He asks us to open five cells which are guarded by wild creatures. Go to Bloody and kill him and then revive Farrara and go back to Wencen.

Note: This is linked with the lorestones in Orduath.
Tenhwa wants us to find five Fae Cairns in the Sundur Caverns (one is outside on a dead body). The other is with a Fae knight you meet inside and the third is guarded by some Barghests. The fourth is just laying about and the last one is guarded by Nix. Go back to the library and listen to the tales and the answer is "You are human now, Go". And it seems that Wencen was Faenapped.

The Father is in St.Eadric's mission's Bunkhouse. After seeing him, you will need to speak with the monks. Go thru the well to get crystals. Three are with Kobolds and you will meet Wulf finally. Go close to the exit of this place where you should see another small piece of land like the one Wulf was on, stand here and use the whistle from your inventory and the crystal comes up, pick it up and go back to white.

Go near the wall of thorns and free the two ballads from their thorns. Go into your inventory and wear the armor (the whole set) and then pass thru the Wall of Thorns. You will need to resurrect and again kill as guy called Eswin (HA!) then if you can, dispel the curse of the other Fae standing guard near the cave to Summer's End. Go thru to summer's end.

After speaking to Sagrell, you need to use the whistle to locate five crystals and destroy them. But the crystals hide after a little while of blowing the whistle, so keep blowing and looking into the map to get to the next whistle. Also, note that all the creatures which are friendly now will turn hostile the moment all the crystals are broken. The next thing is to Ring-a-ding the bell and then run to the castle gates and enter.

We now have to save four important people from the ballads, so start running and saving all those people. And you will finally meet up with the maid who keeps summoning all the crap. It's not going to be easy to kill her but you get to make a great choice at the end. You can either kill her or rule with her.

Grim Onwig asks if we would like to join their camp. He's at the exit of Haxhi leading to The SIdhe. You should go to the Star Camp if you want to progress further in this quest. In the star camp you meet with the leader who asks you to pray at Hierophant's Shrine. When you do so, Hierophant tells us that in order to accept us into the Wanderers we have to steal three treasures and bring them to her. THe first is the medallion of Grilricas and the second is St. Eadric's Remains and the last is Draug's Toothpicks. Note that the leader of the camp points us to two trainers in the camp who can teach us the skills necessary in order to go thru with the crimes. It is better if you speak to the two people (look in the "TRAINERS" section of the main guide) Elayen, Hiroen and get yourself upgraded or you can do without them but it can get very very tricky.
You can travel to St.Eadric's Mission which is in The Sidhe (to the west near the exit to Haxhi), and head into the chapel and loot the remains. But there are probably people around here so you need to go very close to the ruins and go into sneak mode (default "C") and wait till their awareness gets low and loot the remains when the percentage gets atleast near 50. But be sure to quick save before you try to loot so that you can re-load if you fail to take the remains without anyone noticing.
The next is in Vorm Lodge on the upper level.
The final is in DIdenhil's inn, just pick the guy and make a run for it and fast travel the moment you get far enough from the village.
The daggers are also in the Sidhe.

Great, now we are boot thieves...the things we go through eh...
After speaking with the Fae maid, head out to Arduath. This guy is a maniac, every time you smack him, he teleports to another location inside Arduath. Look into your map (M) to know exactly where he is. He stops teleporting at the fourth time. Take the boots after that and you are good.

You'll need to meet Grim Onwig in Ohn's Stand which is a jail, I'm sure you figured that out. Meet him inside his cell and you'll learn that you can either recover his tools or the book. The tools are with the key so the place where you see two circles are the tools and the other is the book. Go whichever way you want and then get Grim out of there and go back to Crilgarin.

You'll now need to get three items from Rathir...
I just paid all the fines since I had over 2 million in gold and I did not want a head ache. But if you cannot pay, then you'll need to either fight everyone or just go out of Rathir. Also, try to steal the things even though the guards are after you. The Chalice is with a guy in the inn in the middle city.... The other two are in the upper city.

Go to Rithen and then help out your partner as he helps you out by going to the marked locations and interacting with the levers and stuff. Finally, you'll join him and then he gets cursed... as you go out, you'll meet Grim and he gives you a shard so you can pass it on to Phasmer.

NOTE: This is a good time to get your Detect Hidden maxxed - vist a Fateweaver if you need to.
Yes, we are going to take down that wretched statue....travell to the Blackened Hall and pick up the stash. This is going to be tricky. The boots will turn into dust within a certain time after you wear them, so you cannot rely on them to traverse the Aisle of Flames. You need to disarm all the traps in your path and go across and you can do this only if you have the Detect Hidden skill upgraded. Also, after the first line of traps, you can run past the next two but fire will be thrown at you and you will need to dodge that. After you get across all three, you will get to a sigil stone which when activated will disarm all the traps you came thru. Continue ahead onto the Black Maze, this maze sometimes closes the path ahead but there's always an alternative path and check you map to be able to move forward. Be careful while fighting the Nishkaru though. The last one is the Guardian - a Tyrant, you need to take it down then plant the ring on it and take out the ring immediately or it will keep coming back to 

You now have to steal the Master Pick from adessa. If you ask the ALchemist in your home then she points you to the Armory. If you are quick enough, no one in the Armory will catch you and you can go back to Argine. She asks us to free the pick by going to the Motus Mining HQ. After you sue the apparatus, head back to the Sun Camp.

Go to the Convict's Cavern and take the key and then onto Snaketail Grotto to get the remaining parts of the key, then go back to Argine but you will run into Grim again.

Talk to our friend and then enter the vaults thru the manhole beside him. There are Gnome sentries you may have to fight but the place is really large. Get the shrouded book and go back to Grim.

Grim tells us a very elaborate plan. GO to the camp and thru the casket and into the Lair of the Hierophant. She will offer you a new deal and wants you to kill Grim instead. You can choose whatever you want while speaking to Crilgarin. If you are killing the Hierophant then you will need to get a bag of winds from a guard and go to the sentry and use it near the location marked on the map to extinguish the fire and blind the sentry. Then get into the Sanctum and this is where you will need to choose a wing, Grim is in the eastern chamber and Hierophant in the west. You should take the wing based on which person you want to kill. Go there and drop their health to zero and immediately interact with them to place the missives and when the Gnome come, don't fight, jump down the ledge nearby and run away like hell to the location marked and keep going till you get out.

Note: You will face very powerful foes and if you are doing this early in the game and your level is below 18 then you should cary a lot of potions for this one.
You'll find Bisarane while going to Drowned Forest from Cursewood. He'll ask us to help the House of Sorrows, if we agree, then we need to go to the Proving Halls. After speaking into the mic, you'll be attacked by three Curdoks. Then you can go thru the door to the right. Next up, a Winter Fae asks you to help he out and then you'll be attacked by a powerful Warpriest. Some Boggarts and Leaneshe in the next area and also another mic to speak into. If you can persuade the next guy, he will tell you that Bisarane poisoned him - hmmm, you should kill him by the way.  The next place has a Bog Thresh and you will meet Bisarane finally, tell him that you will help the house to continue in the Faction.

You can meet Malathon in the house. He asks you to get rid of a foul Ancient Leaneshe Meathgra in the Midden. He also asks you to cremate any fresh corpses so that the Leanshe will get hungry and return to her dwelling. All four bodies are shown on the map, so you will not need to look for them. Head into the den next and kill the beeyatch.

Go meet Bisarane and he asks you to take Taibreah to a body Cadaroc killed. Taibreah can check the sorrows on the body and then know where Cadaroc is so we can confront him. Taibreah is beside Meathgra's Den. After speaking to her, she will lead you to the corpse. While she is working on the corpse, you need to defend her. It seems that Cadaroc is in Siorans Crypt. You will have to deal with a ton of creatures before facing Cadaroc who is by no standards a bad fighter himself.

Woah! A Coup... We need to get to Bisarane from the proving grounds so head there and into the house, the grounds are filled with Barghests and Bolgans. Bisarane wants us to go to the Fallen Halls and help the poor guys out. As you get in, Saturnyn locks himself inside and we need to activate three Sigil stones to open his door. There's a stone here itself and the other two stone are very heavily guarded. After activating all three, get into the room and confront him and as you are about to kill him, he escapes - the Runt! Go back to Bisarane.

It's time to wake up the oldies!
Go to Damalroc and you will come to The Scale, which is a sigil stone. When you hit it, some enemies will appear and if you defeat them, one of the three doors opens. Go thru and meet with the elder Fae. The you can reunite him with his love by going back to the scale and repeating the process. Then choose one of the two elders and head to Sinsear.

Now we need to find all the votives which will lead us to the key and that is the key to the place where the Sorrows are. After taking all the Votives (which three creatures posses), head to the crying eyes and activate the levers (in any order) and
To destroy the barrier which Bisarane put up, we need to deavtivae four Nexus which are guarded by four powerful beings. The first is Calderoc with two Ancient Leanshe. Next is Alarane and you'll meet the others like that. Lastly, you'll get to Bisarane and note that this Bast*** has the most health out of any enemy you'll fight in the whole game. You will be done with the house of Sorrows after this and will also get a great magic staff (probably best in game).


You will get this in the Reliquary inside the territory of the brotherhood in Gorhart. All books are marked on your map, so jsut collect them when you are nearby their location on your travels.

You'll meet the traveller Penri Kell along the main road from Gorhart to Yolvan, here's a pic...
There are no fixed spots for the Antelops to appear. You will just have to look around this place but don't go too far since you are sure to find four if you check thru the breadth of this place. Go back to Penri and she asks you to mount the four heads on a pillar nearby. Go around the pillar and mount the heads and you'll see that Lekka the Corpulent comes right at you without delay. It's just like fighting any other Troll so read the enemies section of this guide for help. After Penri comes, you can choose what to do with the ring.

You will get this quest when you discover some bones of a person who supposedly has been eaten by spiders and his remains have been spread apart (wtf?). You need to find all of the six remains (Head, Torso, 2 Legs, 2 Hands) and give him a proper burial. His remains are spread all over the place (look like spiders like to share). But you'll find them eventually and be done with it.

In the Vauner House in Canneroc, the village healer Syllareta Vauner is having trouble keeping up with the antivenom for spider bites and she wants you to collect 15 spider glands from dead spiders to help her along. You'll meet plenty of spider and so, their glands will be no problem at all.

When you travell from Menetyre to Apotyre you will find a group of local bandits desecrating a corpse. If you search the corpse (We aren't doing any better than the thugs are we?) you will find some documents pertaining to Motus Mining Corp. You should collect the four reports to know what they are up to.

You will get this quest from the Bone Wall in Apotyre's Whitestone. You just have to go to each of their mines in the area and kill whomever you see... that's it.

This one's a riot... The Thirsty Wench has run out of food and the namesake innkeeper wants us to get some for her... You will find a group of Rats to the west of the village. Here is where you can find them. After killing them, loot them for their meat. You'll find rats all over Amalur and my record was over a 100 before I turned them in for the first time.

Loutre Gent is the Head Staffer of Motus Mining. You can find him in the Domus Politica in Adessa. He mistakes us for a courier and well, we don't really mind.

Courdan Passant is about to lose his head (job really!) for giving an important letter to a courier who never delivered it. You need to go to Traveler's camp to get it for him.

When you go into the Lab in Adessa, Daedinnear asks us if we can dispell chests for him. The chests are upstairs in the lab and we get paid for each chest we dispel.

You can accept this quest from the Job board of Ayten. If you take an armband of each bandit you kill and give it to Fynwick Iver, he will give us gold. There are tons of bandits to be found and my record is over 70 before I turned them in the first time.

On the edge of Ayten a beggar-like looking vagrant - Ratofer intends to buy his passage to the frontlines of war and need help selling all of his belongings. If we are kind enough to buy them from him and sell them to various people in Ayten then he can continue. Various people in the village can buy each item that you have so don't worry.

You will meet a scholar in Emaire's inn who is searching for a set of notes to complete his book, but their locations are unknown.
1) You can find Kalla's Notes in the north most area of the western Forsaken Planes (as you go up from Emaire) here is the pic of the location. It's in a abandoned camp.

Just past Tirin's Rest you will come to some Fae ruins and a corpse with a journal. If you read the journal, you will learn the the person was actually trying to summon a Boggart but something went awry and well, you see waht happened to him. It's up to us to find out what he was trying to do and what happened. Blue in the urn near the body, Purple in the Urn where the head of the body is pointing and the last stone in the third Urn - this combination will summon a Friendly Boggart.

You will meet and Almain missionary - Kreger the Devout in the scout camp in the Midden where he asks us to recover earrings from the corpses of all the Alfar brethren in the Midden. You'll find earrings on the dead bodies lying around in the area, take as many as you want and give them back for a good bit of money.

Vulgar Donnoh is the costume designer of Moon Camp and is in desperate need to cloth. You can steal of take clothess from any house in Amalur, so just keep going to houses and look for them. Try the villages like Didenhil and Gorhart and others for more luck.

Go into the Crafting Hall to meel Murdoch Hain who asks for some Reagents to craft fire potions. You can get back with the things he wants at any time later, so there is no need looking for them specifically, you'll just find them during your travells.

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