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Killzone 3's Retro Map Pack


Killzone 3 has been out for a couple months now, and anyone who's played the game should be well aware of the great downloadable opportunities already available. If you need a reminder, the first content made available was the Retro Map Pack: Reclaimed Territory, a duo of multiplayer maps taken from Killzone 2 and updated to suit the needs of Killzone 3 players. Once a bonus for those who preordered the game or bought the Helghast Edition, the Retro Map Pack is currently accessible to every player. Even more, new trophies are ripe for the picking, making the pack a must-play for Killzone 3 players.

So you tell me you’ve got a fresh copy of Killzone 3? And you’re wondering what you’ll get in this retro-themed goodness? Players will receive the maps “Salamun Market” and "Blood Gracht," which have been renovated for the newer game. Killzone 3 has plenty of multiplayer modes, and these maps have been smartly designed and finely tuned to fit in strongly with Killzone 3’s game types.

Salamun Market was one of the largest levels in Killzone 2, and that huge space has been brought back for a new round. Using the Warzone mode, this long map stretches into the shape of an “S” and can get very intense. Just about any class will do here, and while the arena itself isn’t terribly new, Salamun Market has new features such as fresh starting areas, spawn points, four exoskeletons, and a brand new time of day setting. Salamun Market has a brand new feel, and the new objectives in the Warzone mode make this a map returning players need to experience.

The other stage, Blood Gracht, takes gameplay in a completely different direction. With multiple tiers and a tightly designed urban environment now running over with Helghan plant life, up-close assassinations are a common occurrence. Updated with Guerilla Warfare in mind, smart players will work together to control points, allowing for easier and better kills. Players who have not tried Blood Gracht or who haven’t seen it since the Killzone 2 days would do well to check it out.

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