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Jessica's Appinion 'Ramses II & Finger Slayer Wild'


Ramses II

Ramses II is a tricky memory game that is both challenging and amusing. The objective of the game is to help the Pharaoh find his hidden treasures that are concealed within the pyramids. The player that discovers the most valuable treasure cards at the end of the game wins. The treasures are distributed on the board randomly. The top card of the deck is turned over and this is the treasure to be found. Considering I am a gold-digger in training, this game was right up my alley. All you need to do is select a pyramid with your finger and move it to the empty space next to it. Sometimes you will find nothing and other times you will find a treasure. It remains your turn until you find a treasure. If you find a treasure that doesn’t match the card, your turn is up and a new card is in play. Your opponent will then have the opportunity to make a match. You can compete against up to 4 players for the ultimate challenge. Your success depends on your ability to remember which spaces you have already uncovered. Your memory is your biggest asset in this adaptation of the classic card game.

This game isn’t the most exhilarating but it is very appealing to those who enjoy solving mysteries. (All you Casey Anthony trial followers, I‘m talking to you.) There is not a whole lot of action going on and it can get boring simply moving pieces around the bored. That being said, the game is a total mind-f*&$. It’s all about remembering where the treasures are located and it is extremely rewarding to uncover a match. This is by far one of the most challenging memory games out there.. There are some other neat features that make the game more exciting when played on the iPad and iPhone. When you play solo, you can uncover a sandstorm card that shifts the board around and throws off your sense of direction. In multiplayer mode, a scorpion card will force you to give a treasure to your competitor. You can also gain superpowers that will leave your opponents in the dust. The graphics are high-quality and the Egyptian theme is really cool. It is definitely a refreshing twist on classic memory games. Usually the only kind of mind games I like to play are with men but Ramses II has won me over.


Finger Slayer Wild

Finger Slayer Wild is a simple game with a great concept but the controls are beyond frustrating. The objective is straightforward: put your finger in the mouth of a ferocious beast and move it as fast as possible before it’s snatched off. The game should be very simple but the controls prove to be very annoying. The directions seem easy enough to follow but there is somehow a lot of room for error. The directions read, “After ‘3, 2, 1 & Go’ Release your finger. Next time put your finger after ‘get ready.’’ I am not the brightest bulb in the box but I do think I have the ability to follow simple directions. Instinctively, you want to put your finger in the animal’s mouth right away but that causes an automatic loss. Other times, it is hard to tell if you are waiting because the animal hasn’t snapped yet or because the controls just haven’t registered that your finger is there. The longer you wait the better score you get. This is the downfall of the game because you wait for a long period of time only to learn you weren’t playing that entire time. There needs to be some kind of indication that the game is live. I thought the sequel to the original Finger Slayer would have made some improvements in this respect. The new edition does have 3 different modes to keep the game interesting.

When the game does work the way it should, it’s a grand slam. Finger Slayer is the perfect mixture of anxiety and challenge. It is the best game out there to test your reaction time and reflexes. The graphics are really awesome and the blood splatter effect is legit. However, the controls are just way to unreliable to call it a success. This game had so much potential and could have been extremely addicting if it weren’t so unpredictable. The concept is there but the core structure of the game is lacking. Unfortunately, Finger Slayer Wild was not as thrilling as I had hoped for.


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