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Jessica's Appinion 'Milk and Coffee & Stamp Art Fever'


Milk and Coffee

Milk and Coffee are two things that should never be separated and the same holds true for this adorable game. Milk and Coffee are two cats that have been split up and must be reunited with your help. The goal of this game is to get Coffee (the black cat) to Milk (the white cat.) You can unite the cats by using the different aides that are provided on each level. Some of the widgets include a balloon that can be used to elevate Coffee, a fan to blow Coffee in the desired direction, arrows to signal which way Coffee should go and a pin to pop a balloon allowing Coffee to descend. All of these tools are activated with the tap of a finger. The real challenge of the game rests in how you set these tools up. You must strategically place them so that Coffee can reach her beloved Milk. Once you are confident with your setup you press play and watch the show unfold. If you arranged everything accurately then Coffee will reach her BFF. If Coffee is unable to get to Milk then you must try a new approach and rearrange your objects. Fortunately, you can keep your objects the same after each attempt so you don’t have to start from square 1. You can keep the items in place that work and make some tweaks to bring together Milk and Coffee.

The game is represented as a show and the cats are center stage. You get to playback your set-up and watch your calculated moves come together. There are plenty of acts to keep you busy and several episodes you can purchase if you have either no responsibilities or no self-control. The graphics aren’t anything special but they don’t need to be. They are cute and colorful and will inspire you to speed home to pet your cats. The widgets do exactly what you intend them to do and that is such an important aspect of the game. You spend all your time setting up the course so it is critical that the controls do their part, and they certainly deliver. The game isn’t the most exhilarating but it tests your patience and strategy. Adrenalin junkies are not going to be content with this app but I think people who enjoy cross-word puzzles and the Sunday Jumble will find this game entertaining. You have to do a lot of planning and your arrangement doesn’t always work on the first try. You have an unlimited number of attempts for each act which takes the pressure off. However, I think it would have been wise to impose a limit to add some intensity to the game. This way you only get a certain number of attempts before you have to start the level over from scratch. Milk and Coffee isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy a good challenge and you have some sort of appreciation for felines, you will be very happy with this game. Milk and Coffee is a winning combination!


Stamp Art Fever

Stamp Art Fever is a game that revolves around collecting and managing stamps to make your collection the most valuable. I have never been much of a hobbyist unless you count that phase in middle school where I collected “Got Milk?” ads for a week. That being said, I thought I would give Stamp Art a chance and see if I could potentially get into the digital version of collecting. You start the game with 100k coins to finance your stamp gallery. You can start at the Philately shop and buy either a single stamp or blister. You can also purchase additional services such as, protection from robbery, insurance, a strongbox for your stamps or coins to boost your work. Who knew stamp collecting was so dangerous? Once you own stamps, you can start managing your collection. You can sell stamps in the shop or Black Market if you’re not feeling them anymore. However, you must be careful because you can buy fake stamps and get totally ripped off. I knew I should have learned my lesson from that bogus Gucci bag I bought in China Town! This app relies on Gamecenter and OpenFeint to allow users to truly share their extensive stamp collections. Via Gamecenter you can exchange with collectors from all over the world. There are other cool features including auctions, lotteries and collector challenges that will help you enhance your collection.

As far as stamp collecting goes, this app has everything you would need to satisfy your hobby needs. There are a variety of stamps to choose from and all have a unique design. However, you will not find your gaming fix here. For some people it’s enough to have their collection out do an opponent’s but for me the element of competition is missing. I just don’t understand how this is a game. There is no real challenge in buying and exchanging stamps. Most people are going to need a bigger goal to reach than simply having the most complete collection. I don’t think there is enough gratification in obtaining a unique virtual stamp to keep users entertained. This app is more of a leisurely pursuit and passing it off as a game would be misleading. As a game, Stamp Art Fever is boring and repetitive. If you are looking for a digital alternative to stamp collecting then absolutely download this game. But if you are looking for a good game that will stimulate and challenge you then this is not for you. Unfortunately, Stamp Art Fever does not get my stamp of approval.


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