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Is the Xbox One really going to be THAT bad? Come on!

Xbox One Gob Come On!

It's funny. Mere minutes after Microsoft wrapped up its presentation of its Xbox One console on Tuesday, the negative commentary began flowing on Twitter, Facebook, and especially reddit. Many were complaining about the lack of games. Others were wondering why Microsoft didn't show more. Most folks were disappointed that a price wasn't given – though more answers are undoubtedly coming after E3.

And the negative vibes continue to flow in, with bits and pieces of unconfirmed information indicating that, according to these naysayers, the Xbox One is going down the tubes. "No backwards compatibility!" "It doesn't support old games and peripherals!" "One game activation per system, on your account?" "I can't show my friends? F this noise!" "Microsoft has nothing on Sony!"


In hindsight, could the presentation have been better? Sure. As you saw from the humorous little YouTube clip that summarized the mentions of "TV", "Sports", and, well, everything except games, it's easy to pick on the Xbox One because it's built more as a general entertainment machine rather than a full-on game console like we've gotten used to in this market. But people are already writing it off before even getting a look at what's ahead at E3, including some new game reveals (remember, guys, 15 exclusives – that’s nothing to scoff at), as well as the return of a "historic" Rare franchise. We're betting even money on Killer Instinct, but you never know.

The truth is, we haven't seen the whole picture yet. Have we seen a good amount of it? Yes. But Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed every single little detail yet. Sure, Phil Harrison said this and an exec hinted at that, but before you jump the gun and kick your Xbox dreams out the window, just remember that everything still has yet to come into view. And who knows? With the focus going into games for E3, Microsoft might just have saved the best for the other presentation – the one for us gamers.

Sure, there is some news that's distressing, like the lack of support for Xbox 360 games and peripherals, the requirement to have the Kinect activated or, worse yet, a full-on online connection, and so forth, but Microsoft is waiting to answer these questions when it's good and ready.

Of course, that leaves the door open to speculation, but it's mostly the negative kind. Is there really anything wrong with saying, "What if?" As in, "What if this console isn't the heart-wrenching experience we're making it out to be?" Because it just might take you by surprise.


Sure, it looks gimmicky with Snap Mode and being able to talk your Xbox One into switching services. And there are some who just plain hate the name, insisting they already own the Xbox 1. But Microsoft is going all out to add new features to this system that could change up your experience.

And it didn't forget games, guys. Make fun of the dog in Call of Duty: Ghosts all you want; it does look impressive. And Forza? You had to wipe away some of the drool in the office here after we saw that. There are prospects for some damn good game experiences here – though it would be nice for the company to show some indie support rather than slamming the door outright. But who knows? It could confirm something at E3.

Steven Spielberg's Halo television series (which was announced during the event) could easily be one worth waiting for (finally, someone who gets what video game-related programming is SUPPOSED TO BE), and some of the games could live up to their promise. Remember all that speculation that went into Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake, and it turned out to be awesome? Same could easily go for Quantum Break. Give it a chance.


Just leave your minds open a bit. Sure, talk about this and that, and whatever Wired posted in terms of unconfirmed info about what the system can and can't do. You have the right to vent if you feel the need. But don't go off and say, "Xbox is doomed" until you have all the facts – or, at the very least, play the damn Xbox One and then decide if it feels right for you.

We'll see what we'll see at E3...

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