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Is Skyrim the Best Glitched Game Ever?


When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launched, many hailed it as one of the best games to ever be released.  There's the massiveness, the freedom, and the charming yet ridiculous glitches--like flying 1000 feet high after a giant hits you.  All of it combines to be, what many consider, the ultimate RPG.

Skyrim wasn't without bugs at launch, however.  PlayStation 3 users encountered lag issues due to massive save files, Xbox 360 users experienced horrible texture issues when installing the game to the harddrive, and every platform contained quest bugs.  Still, fans overlooked these problems and enjoyed the game for what it is--a fun, open-world adventure where you have the freedom to virtually do anything and kill anyone.

Now, Bethesda released patch 1.2 for all platforms, and many players hoped this would solve everything.  The bugs were fun while they lasted, but fans were ready to say goodbye to them and have a clean game, void of any glitches.

Let's be honest, though, no game will ever be bug-free.  Anyone in the gaming industry knows when you make one change and fix something, something else goes wrong.  Take into account that Skyrim is mostly unscripted, and you can begin to understand why it's so hard to ensure there are no bugs in the game.

Despite its glaring problems, ridiculous flaws, and annoying bugs, those who have actually played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will generally admit that they love it.  Ask anybody what they love about the game, and many might agree that it's the funny glitches they've noticed. 

In theory, bugs like the ones we've seen shouldn't be happening in games.  If any other game had the glitches that Skyrim has, fans would pitch a fit.  To be perfectly frank, it's inexcusable, but these glitches are also what helps make the Skyrim gaming experience what it is.  You can spend hundreds of hours playing the game and still find things to laugh about and enjoy in the game.  Odds are, whether you encounter dragons flying backwards, the Ice Form Shout on inclines, or one of the many glitches recorded and uploaded to YouTube, you will still find enjoyment in playing the game.

So I pose this question to you: Is Skyrim the best glitched game ever?

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